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Part 23: 3: Nothing to Do but Wait

And now, the conclusion:

Chapter 4-3: Nothing to Do but Wait

Sidney: We're using the samples Derek collected to create a serum.

Cybil: But, will it be done in time!?

Sidney: I don't know. We just have to put our faith in Victor.

Cybil: I can help! There has to be something I can do.

Derek: Try to stay calm, Dr. Meyers. I'm sure Victor can handle it.

Cybil: Stay calm? How the hell can you say that when your mentor is dying in there!? If you hadn't been gone-

Sidney: Stop it, Cybil. This isn't his fault.

Cybil: I-I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. I need to go lie down.

I like how everyone important in Caduceus is apparently crammed into this office.

Sidney: Cybil and my brother have some history. I can understand why she's so emotional. Don't hold it against her, Derek.

Derek: Of course not.

Derek: (This must be how patients' families feel. It's hard entrusting the life of a loved one into someone else's hands.)

Cybil: Who knew waiting could be this painful?

Sidney: ......

Victor: It's ready, chief. We're administering the serum via IV. He should start to recover soon.

Sidney: I see. That's good news.

Victor: But, the GUILT's still inside him. You plan on removing it, right?

Sidney: We should do it right away. Dr. Clarks, can you operate? I'd like Derek to assist you, as well.

Clarks: I'll do my best, sir.

Derek: Understood.

End of chapter 4-3

That was actually fairly brief for one of those plot chapters.

Chapter 4-4: Stepping Up

Derek: Huh? But I thought you were scheduled for that procedure.

Greg: I asked him to switch with you, Derek.

Derek: Why? Dr. Clarks is an experienced surgeon, I'm just a-

Greg: I know you told my brother you couldn't operate on me. I'd like to know why not.

Derek: Well, what if I did something wrong? I mean, you'd-

Greg: Are you worried I won't make it?

Derek: Of course not! You're going to-

Greg: Then make it happen. It looks like I forgot to teach you a very important lesson. You've developed your skills, but something is still holding you back. Sometimes, a doctor needs to ignore his personal relationships. A friendship should have no bearing on your surgical ability. Once someone is in the operating room, they're your patient and nothing more. You're their doctor, so you save them. That's all there is to it.

Derek: But... I'm still human... I...

Greg: This is especially important because you have the Healing Touch. I won't let you end up like Robert.

Derek: Dr. Hoffman?

Greg: I'll explain when the time comes, but, for now... You just need to focus, Dr. Stiles. I know you can do this. Think of it as a trial. The final test before you can call yourself a doctor and really mean it.

Derek: Dr. Kasal...

Greg: Well, Doctor... Can I be cured.

Derek: Yes, I anticipate a full recovery after the procedure.

Greg: Who's going to be operating?

Derek: I... I will.

Greg: You don't sound very confident.

Greg: That's the spirit, Derek. Remember: I believe in you.

Derek: Yes, sir.

There's nothing new about this operation, but I Googled "Kasal" for a laugh and learned that it is apparently the Filipino term for wedding and marriage. This has no bearing on the game whatsoever.

Clarks: Okay, Dr. Stiles. I'll be explaining the details of this operation. As you know, Tetarti is a very dangerous strain of GUILT. They function in groups of three, and produce a harmful pathogen. In other words, the Tetarti itself acts as one poisonous mass. But, if we administer our antibody serum, the GUILT should die. Victor just completed that serum, as I'm sure you're aware. So, there's just one objective in this operation:

-Kill the GUILT cells in his liver by injecting the correct serums.

As we discussed, the Tetarti will weaken once you inject the serum. There's a different serum for each one, so pay attention to colors. Remember, the Tetarti cells are synchronized with each other. You have a limited window of time to inject all three serums. You'll need to be accurate and fast. Of course, all surgeons should be. ...Dr. Kasal is a fine surgeon. You trained under him, and now you have to save his life. Do your best, Derek.

Derek: I plan on it.

Clarks: Good luck. Now, let's begin.


Todays operation is the world's lamest GUILT. Despite this, it was still made easier in general for Second Opinion.

Angie: I want him to believe in you the same way I do.

Under the Knife required you to either memorize which sac is which, or wait for them to grow a bit before you could tell what colour they are. Apparently, they will release poison if they reach maximum size. I'm not sure what that looks like, because it's honestly never come up.

There are actually three serums, and this GUILT is based around colour-matching. As if the other types didn't scream "this is a video game" loud enough.

Since each of these needs to be removed like a tumor, it's a good idea to cut them all out, then remove them all at once, apply the membranes at once, and restore vitals before gelling them.

After dealing with the diverticula, you can fight the GUILT directly. You can only see their colours for a few seconds before they fade.

Your goal is to inject all three with the right type of serum. To keep track of colours, I just pick one and hover over it until I can inject, while keeping an eye on the nearest one, remembering its colour. Once I have two, it's process of elimination for the last one. If you take too long, they'll hide again without taking damage. If you hit one with the wrong colour, they'll make new diverticula. They still release gas of their own colour, so it's easy to keep track.

...And that's it. It never really gets any harder, and the only thing likely to keep you from a good score is the fact that they sometimes change directions quickly, causing you to miss with the syringe.

Angie: Dr. Kasal will be proud. Let's finish up here.

Clarks: The rookie surgeon who trembled before Kyriaki is gone. I think Dr. Kasal will be proud to call you his doctor.

I don't recall ever trembling before Kyriaki... yet.

Well, that was pathetic. Dr. Kasal should be ashamed for almost dying to that.

As usual, No Mistakes and MAX CHAIN are essentially the same thing.

I must confess that I made a mistake on my first recording and only got a B-rank. That recording got corrupted, so I had to do it again, and got this rank.

Derek: I removed all traces of GUILT tissue. Now we have to wait, and hope that serum takes care of the toxin.

Angie: I can try telling Dr. Kasal he needs rest, but knowing him, he'll want to return to Hope Hospital immediately.

Cybil: He needs to recover first!

Derek: GUILT is just about the only thing that could bring Dr. Kasal down. I'm sure he'll be back to normal in no time.

Angie: Dr. Meyers, it looks like they're a little understaffed. Maybe you could help with Dr. Kasal for a bit?

Cybil: Me? Y-yes, of course. I'd be glad to.

End of Chapter 4-4