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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 25: 7: Medical Research

Chapter 4-7: Medical Research

Victor: There's a section of its DNA that can be easily altered. By injecting a nanomachine, we can basically reprogram it-convince it to self-destruct. But, there's a part of the nanomachine I just can't nail down. One of the program strings is... complex. Therefore, I need your help.

Derek: What do I need to do?

Woah. Already?

Victor: All I need you to do today is help me with a simple puzzle. It's pretty easy, but I need to see how other people go about solving it. A genius like me would obviously settle on the fastest solution immediately, but I need someone like you, who's ... uh, you know, you're... Someone who's not quite as adept at maximizing his mental processes.

Derek: (If you think I'm an idiot, just say so.)

Victor: I'll be recording each of your solutions. Just relax. All you need to do is solve the puzzle. Good luck!

Even though I've done this puzzle several times, I always forget the solution by the next attempt, so my original plan was to post a video of me solving it in real-time. I didn't end up doing this because I solved it immediately, and I'm pretty sure you'd spend more time loading the page then watching the video.

All you have to do is arrange the pieces so every space is filled. Your score is based entirely on how fast you do it. If you take too long, someone shows up every thirty seconds or so to make fun of you, which shows how little anyone at Caduceus has to do.

Anyway, here's the solution.

You need to finish it in under five seconds for the best score, which is easy if you just memorize the solution.

Surgery is a lot like doing a puzzle. Like if Tetris bled all over you.

Victor: In that case, I just need to think backwards! Thank you, Dr. Stiles. I think I can use a simple program that shouldn't take long to code. (Dammit! I guess a group of idiots really could outwit a genius.) Let's get started right away! No sleep tonight, guys!

"Ahh, man..."

End of Chapter 4-7

Chapter 4-8: The Next Step

Victor: I have a few theories about this Pempti thing, and I've prepared appropriate countermeasures. I'll explain those now.

What? Again?

Victor: From the data we gathered during the last operation, it's safe to assume this thing is impossible to remove directly. But, the artificial DNA structure at its root has a distinct weakness. It collapses when attacked from a three-dimensional angle. So, I developed a nanomachine to exploit that very weakness. By altering its DNA, we can instigate necrosis. Basically, we'll drive it to suicide. I tried it on a sample, and it took effect immediately. Within seconds, its mass had been halved. Three seconds later, 91% of its mass was completely destroyed. See, this GUILT's rapid regeneration rate only transfers the suicidal DNA that much faster. If we can shrink it down that way, excision should be cake. So, our objectives are simple:

-Perform a lobectomy and inject the nanomachine directly.
-Then, excise the GUILT and any surrounding tissue.

So, that's the plan, Chief. Any objections?

Sidney: It sounds like our best option. Derek, prepare for surgery.


Don't miss today's operation: Pempti, part 2!

The first objective here is familiar: inject a liquid into the core of the Pempti.

To shrink it fully, you'll need to do three injections. After numbers two and three, you'll have some of these mini-tumors to deal with. They aren't especially dangerous.

Once you've fully shrunk the fluid, the core appears, and you'll need to attack it with the laser.

Victor: The core Pempti has to be controlling the rest of the cells. Agh... I screwed up, Derek. I might to apologize later. But, give me one more chance! I know I can figure this out!

Thus, you need to do the injections a second time. There are no extra twists or anything.

This time, after using the laser, you need to quickly excise the core before it recovers. If you take too long, you'll have to start over.

Victor: drat! Try it again, Derek!

Sidney: We have to abort the procedure.

Victor: No, Chief! I was almost-

Sidney: His body can't handle any more! You have to stop-this is an order.

Finally, it's time to close up without having fixed the problem, again.

Gotta love the strict adherence to that message even when you didn't save the patient, or there was no patient in the first place.

I missed the bonus for a chain of at least 70. All I needed to do to get it was laser more tumors, which isn't hard.

Victor: How could I be so stupid? They have an obvious flaw in their DNA, so of COURSE they have a system to reinforce it! Dammit! Stupid... I can't believe I made such an idiotic mistake!

Sidney: When are you going to grow up? We all make mistakes, Victor. At least Derek was able to retrieve a sample of the GUILT for us. Couldn't you use that to create a more effective treatment?

Victor: Of course I can! That virus is going to pay for making a fool out of me!

End of Chapter 4-8