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Part 26: 9: Progress

Due to the structure of the following chapters, today's update is really short. A sacrifice had to be made somewhere!

Chapter 4-9: Progress

Note: In Under the Knife, this chapter is called "New Laser Technology."

Anderson: I'd think a doctor of your ability wouldn't have time to spare. Oh, are you here to visit your favorite student?

Derek: How are you feeling, Secretary Anders-!? Dr. Hoffman! When did you get here?

Hoffman: Derek wasn't my student, Richard. I didn't teach him anything. ...I've known the Secretary for a long time, and came to see him.

Anderson: I'm sorry that our visit had to be under such unfortunate circumstances.

Hoffman: It isn't your fault-this is not ordinary disease.

Hoffman: Sorry, am I in the way?

Leslie: It's fine, don't worry.

Hoffman: Pretend I'm not here. I want you to be able to do your job. Richard, I'll be honest. You're not going to be happy, but I took a look at your charts. I'm going to be taking part in the briefing as well. Is that alright?

Anderson: So, you've started practicing again?

Hoffman: Don't jump to conclusions-I'm only acting as an advisor, and only until you're discharged. I hope you can forgive my selfishness. Besides, Caduceus owes me, after taking one of Hope's best surgeons.

Anderson: Well, I had a request for you, as well. Even if I said no, it wouldn't stop you. Do what you think is best.

Hoffman: Okay. Is director Kasal here?

Leslie: He should be in his office.

Hoffman: I'll go speak with him, then. Get some rest, Richard.

Derek: Is this another puzzle? I hate those stupid things.

Tyler: Yeah, he may look smart, but Derek used to copy off my tests.

Derek: That was a long time ago!

King of academic dishonesty: Derek Stiles.

Victor: Seriously, it'll only take a few minutes.

Derek: Whatever. But I still don't understand how these things make any difference.

They pad the gameplay time, D.

Victor: I have two puzzles this time. They should be decently similar to the last one. I'm counting on you, Dr. Stiles.

I'm basically just putting this in for posterity. I didn't even comment, because there was nothing to say. I also didn't do a test run, but I still managed to remember the solutions fairly quickly.


In addition, Gamevee seems to be down or something. Dailymotion is my temporary solution.

Compared to the first puzzle, this one's just a little harder. Let's see...


That's it.

Angie: There's another puzzle, Doctor.

Derek: ......

Angie: Don't look so down. Come on, let's try the next one!

I consider the last puzzle to be the hardest. That depends on how you approach it, of course.


That's no good.


Got it!

Angie: You don't look well. Are you alright?

Derek: Ugh. I'll be okay.

My time was so bad, the game gives me 200 points out of pity.

Although, that's probably the fastest I've ever solved them without the solution fresh in my mind.

Derek: (Wow. That was almost a compliment.)

Victor: Overall, you only contributed about 1%. But still, thanks a lot.

Derek: * sigh *

Victor: I had all of Caduceus help out this time. That gave me more than enough data. I should be finished in no time.

Tyler: So can you really do it?

Victor: What are you, stupid? That's the reason I'm here.

Anderson: When I was younger, I was in much better shape. I never got sick. Now I understand. Having a disease is so painful. If Delphi is capable of creating something like this, they need to be stopped at any cost.

Angie: Of course, sir.

Anderson: But... I'm glad. I don't know how to operate on patients or how to research treatments. So, if the only way I can help fight GUILT is to be your test patient, then so be it. I'll gladly fulfill my obligation to Caduceus. Don't worry. I won't give up until you find some sort of treatment.

End of Chapter 4-9

Tune in next time for the end of chapter 4