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Part 27: 10: Prolonged Struggle

Chapter 4-10: Prolonged Struggle

Note: UtK name was "Doctor's Struggle."

Sidney: Secretary Anderson is getting weaker and weaker every day. It seems hopeless, but I don't think he'll die. I've never seen anyone fight so hard to stay alive. So, all we can really do is destroy the GUILT that's killing him from the inside. Don't think about anything but the operation at hand. This is serious. Victor, please explain our plan of attack.

To summarize: "We need to get rid of all this GUILT, you guys."

Victor: Okay, pay attention.

You probably haven't noticed, but Anderson has been losing weight since the first operation. It's a nice touch.

Victor: I developed a new type of laser for use in this procedure. Last time, we found that a single core unifies the cells. Even if most of the tissue is lost, the core can just reboot everything. But even when we destroyed the core, it just restored itself. A meme for core regeneration must exist in each individual cell. In other words, this GUILT has a wicked contingency plan. So I thought up a little contingency plan of my own:

-Use the nanomachine to lure out the core, just like last time.
-Use our new laser to destroy the core as it tries to regenerate the tissue.

Yeah, not that different from before. It should be easy.

Sidney: Victor, how sure are you that this new laser will work?

Victor: It leaves less than 1% of the core protein behind. A lot less. It's guaranteed to work, even against this bastard. But, the laser will also cause serious damage to any human tissue it comes into contact with. You're going to have to be really careful about that.

Sidney: Understood. There's not much time left. You can do it, Derek.


Here we go: The absolute final (finally) showdown with Pempti.

What he said.

Actually, things remain the same AFTER the core appears as well. Things only change once you get it with the laser.

Angie: Something's not right. If the core was destroyed, then why hasn't the tissue receded?

This is the point where you realize you're in for something really dumb.

These guys don't come out well in screenshots, but they're Pempti's first attack. It shoots these red cores out one at a time. You need to laser them quickly or they'll make a large laceration. Luckily, the new laser can be used infinitely without needing to recharge. Once you're finished with the red cores...

Angie: This must be an adaptable mutation.

Derek: What does that mean?

Victor: It's a mutation that lower life-forms develop, if they're lucky. Some bacteria can alter their tissue as protection against heat or cold. They can adapt to pretty much any extreme environmental condition. Adaptable mutation is all just theory, though... Until now, I guess.

Angie: Except this isn't a defensive mutation-it's offensive!

Attack number two. These cores are by far the worst. They all come out at once, and it's impossible to destroy them all before they attack, at least on hard.

They do damage by "washing over" the lung and leaving a bunch of these small tumors. If you let them attack again, any existing tumors will break and start bleeding. I actually tend to let that happen so I can keep on the offensive, but it will break your chain and ruin your score, so it isn't really the best idea.

The third and final attack are these smaller cores. They spin around the main core and will eventually start doing damage. It's easy to kill them off before they do, though, and they don't leave any lasting wounds.

Angie: Wait, if the Pempti is reacting this drastically, then we must have it cornered! The laser's working!

Only once you've had a demonstration of all three attacks does the fight begin for real. Pempti will become vulnerable and start using the attacks at random. Your job is to defend as best you can, and keep attacking the main core.

Inevitably, you'll fall behind. When you do, it's time to use the Healing Touch so you can restore vitals. You can easily defend against any of the cores while it's active.

After enough punishment, Pempti explodes like a true video game boss-with lots of little explosions.

Finally, after five operations, it's over.

Seriously, we've finished. Pempti is gone. We win.

Until the rehashing starts, of course.

I missed the essential chain bonus, which requires a huge combo of 100. You also need to make sure you get Cools for an XS in this stage. That means letting some red cores by.

Since I couldn't even manage the bonus, I'm stuck with this lousy B.[/I]

Victor: Secretary Anderson was doing all the work. I'm surprised he held out so long.

Sidney: Victor!

I'm not really sure why he gets so angry at that.

Victor: What? I was just being honest.

Sidney: Well, we all fought hard. Secretary Anderson included.

Victor: I'm taking off. My work here is done.

Hoffman: I don't know. It's a miracle in itself that his body was able to withstand three operations. Apparently, the Pempti strain focuses its attacks on the nervous system first. Can you imagine what kind of pain Richard must have been in?

Yeah. Weren't you supposed to help with the briefing?

Hoffman: But, pain killers would have interfered with our test results. So he hid the pain. He fought against GUILT all by himself.

Angie: Is he going to wake up?

Hoffman: God only knows. The only thing we can do now is pray.

End of Chapter 4-10

We'll be closing off this chapter with some plot. Enjoy.

Chapter 4-11: Incurable Disease

Three days later...

Sidney: What!? I'll be right there.

Sidney: We were worried, Mr. Secretary. There was a chance you'd never regain consciousness.

Anderson: I'm sorry that I caused you all so much trouble. Sidney, please do me a favor. Could you call Robert Hoffman in? There's one last thing I need to discuss with him before he returns to Hope.

Angie: Mr. Secretary? What are you saying?

Uh, that he wants to talk to Dr. Hoffman?

Sidney: Angie, contact Dr. Hoffman. Also, please assemble the GUILT team.

Sidney: With your experience and knowledge, Angie, you should already know. That last operation took quite a toll on the Secretary's body...

Angie: But, we found a treatment! It's not fair!

Anderson: I'd almost forgotten to ask you about that request of mine.

Hoffman: That's right. I remember you mentioning it.

Anderson: I'm... leaving Caduceus in your hands.

Hoffman: What are you talking about!?

Anderson: Is that okay with you, Sidney?

Sidney: Dr. Hoffman was a very skilled surgeon, but-

Hoffman: Exactly-that's all in the past. I haven't performed an operation in years. I couldn't... keep taking responsibility. What good is a useless doctor like me to Caduceus?

Anderson: Why did you stop operating? You told me that your greatest joy was being able to help patients. You're the last person I would expect to turn his back on a patient in need.

Hoffman: ...My hands... they've grown too heavy. I can heal people; there's no doubt about that. The Healing Touch let me save patients that nobody else could. But, it's impossible to save every single patient. That burden is too great. I can't bear it.

Anderson: Still trying to do everything alone. You haven't changed at all. Can't you see all the doctors and nurses here, ready to support you? Doctors like Derek and Greg. You don't have to fight alone.

Hoffman: That may be, but I...

Anderson: The patients you operated on asked you to fight by their side as an ally in that battle, even if they ended up as casualties. Nobody understands that better than I do, now. Some people may be disappointed that you couldn't save their loved ones, but nobody is pleased that you stopped trying.

Hoffman: Richard...

Anderson: I remember something you told me back in our college days. You said that people should never have to hear that their condition is "incurable." There are doctors here, like Derek Stiles, who feel the same way. But, perhaps you have changed.

Hoffman: I...

Anderson: Tell me, then. If that isn't what you believe anymore, then I understand. But, if you still want to save the unsavable, I want you to lead Caduceus in my place. Treat the injured, and save the weak.

Hoffman: Richard...!

He's building to a crescendo, here.

Anderson: Caduceus is a group of people who refuse to believe that some illnesses can't be cured.

Hoffman: We should discuss this after you've recovered and left the hospital.

Anderson: I won't be leaving. My place is here... with Caduceus. I hope you'll stay, as well. Even if I'm... sleeping. * cough * Ah... the sunset is beautiful here...

What suns-


Hoffman: I remember everything, and I still believe what I said. Nothing's changed. What have I been doing all these years?

Anderson: I'm glad to hear it. I knew you hadn't changed, Robert. That's why you recommended Derek. You knew that he could help Caduceus. Please... take care... of Caduceus.

Hoffman: My friend... I promise. I'll work hard to bring our dream to life. Count on it.

End of Chapter 4-11

That's a wrap. See you in Z-4.