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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 29: 1: Caduceus in Action

In the previous chapter, Derek Stiles operated on a couple of new types of GUILT. One was so pathetic that we're going to ignore it. The other one claimed the life of Secretary Richard Anderson, so now Caduceus has a new leader in Dr. Hoffman. I assumed that it was always the Secretary of Health who headed it, but I guess not. Unless the director of some hospital can come to occupy that condition in about a week.

Chapter 5-1: Caduceus in Action

Hoffman: I'd like to say a few words. The late Richard Anderson was a truly extraordinary man. Though he was a politician, his true passion was in the medical field. Which, of course, led to the formation of Caduceus.

Sidney: Secretary Anderson was a man of incredible vision.

Hoffman: Yes, and without his organization, the world would be powerless against medical terrorism. We would all be cowering in fear of GUILT. I plan to continue his work, and fight back against that menace. That has always been the mission of Caduceus, and it will not change. I hope that I have your support in striving towards the future together.

Angie: So, Caduceus will continue in honor of Secretary Anderson.

Clarks: I finished compiling all of our GUILT treatment data, but...

Sidney: Delphi's actions seem to be more and more deliberate. And, we don't have any idea how far they're willing to go. We'll need to construct full-scale countermeasure scenarios.

"We've received a number of reports indicating possible GUILT victims. There is a risk of an outbreak. All emergency teams must respond!"

You can't hear this, but there's an alarm playing throughout this. Like the kind you'd hear in a James Bond movie or something.

Tyler: Well, well... speak of the devil.

Sidney: Everyone! Gather your supplies, and get out there immediately!

Sidney: I want three teams! Start treating the most advanced symptoms first! Dr. Clarks, find out which hospitals have received GUILT victims. Cooperate with those doctors and instruct them on proper treatment.

Clarks: Understood.

Sidney: Dr. Stiles, Dr. Chase-get ready to operate! Dr. Meyers, assign two teams to handle anesthesia!

Derek: Yes sir!

Tyler: Here we go...

Cybil: Understood, chief.

Hoffman: My medical license has been an ornament for far too long. It's time I made good on the Hippocratic oath.

Sidney: If you're sure you can operate, we'd welcome your support. As far as treating the GUILT-

Hoffman: I've memorized the surgery footage. I know what to do.

Sidney: Then... good luck, sir.

Hoffman: My surgical skills haven't rusted over yet.

End of Chapter 5-1

The next two operations were real problem spots for many people in Under the Knife. One of them because it involves Triti. The other is coming up next.

Chapter 5-2: Under the Knife

Note: As you can guess, this was the title episode for the original version of the game.

Sidney: Well done, Dr. Hoffman.

Tyler: There's no way. How'd the old man move so fast?

Derek: Amazing! That must be what it's like to watch the Healing Touch. Do I look like that, too?

Angie: Dr. Stiles! We're ready for the procedure.

Derek: Yeah, I'll be right there!

Angie: There are five patients with Kyriaki being transported here. Everyone get ready-it's going to be a long day.

Technical difficulties with this one made me split it in two. Together, they're around 8 minutes long. That's not really long, but it's huge for an operation video.

Viddler: Part 1 Part 2
Dailymotion: Part 1 Part 2

Five patients. Ten minutes. There're no frills here, but you're dealing with Kyriaki, and on a very tight time limit. Even if you finish the first operation in under two minutes, the later ones are harder, and Kyriaki is stronger than it was the first few times. This was one of the major stumbling blocks for people on the DS, and it's not hard to see why.

That said, it's easier than it sounds, and the difficulty was toned down for Second Opinion.

These operations follow the same formula as the operations in chapters 2 and 3-you have an initial large gash and lacerations, then two waves of small Kyriaki followed by a final wave with a big one. The mature Kyriaki take four hits to kill now, compared to the three it used to take.

You won't gain any bonus from vitals for the first four patients, so don't bother doing any more than keeping them alive. If you can finish the first in about a minute, you're on-track. Angie will let you know if you're doing well or not, but she bases it on a 2 minutes/operation average, which isn't really accurate.

The second operation features a wave of three small Kyriaki at once. Provided you can handle that, it should be fine.

Here's why this chapter is easier than it seems: You only need to complete three of the operations. If you run out of time after that, you'll be made to finish up whatever you're doing, but you'll pass. You can finish three operations, and wait out the timer without even opening up the fourth, and you'll be fine. Of course, to get XS, you need to finish all operations in time.

Number three has another new twist: An additional small Kyriaki will appear with the large ones. I'd recommend getting rid of it as soon as you can.

It's totally possible to be doing this well as long as you work fast. Keep in mind that you should probably be going a little slower and making sure you get Cools on the suturing. If you're sloppy, like me, you'll get a Bad and break your chain.

The fourth doesn't pull any new tricks, so the clock should be the only potential obstacle.

It's worth doing well just to see Angie freak out like this.

The last operation is the toughest, but not by much. You might as well use the Touch just before triggering the final mature Kyriaki.

Angie: This won't mean much now, but I knew you could do it. Dr. Stiles... you were really amazing!

This is a fitting title operation for the original game. It's difficult enough to turn people, and involves doing a previous operation repeatedly.

I missed out on the 200 chain requirement. I finished the operation very fast, but a better balance of speed and accuracy is what you really need.

Or else you'll only get this.

Sidney: I know it's tough, Derek, but prepare for the next patient.

Derek: Understood!

End of Chapter 5-2