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Part 30: 3: Shifting GUILT

GuavaMoment posted:

Now please, for my sanity, fail the next Triti operation repeatedly. If that video is shorter than 20 minutes I will feel bad. I have never raged at a game like I have at the point you're at next.

Four minutes.
If it makes you feel better, I had just as hard a time with it until I got lucky. Then came Third Sin.

But that's another story.

Chapter 5-3: Shifting GUILT

Derek: From GUILT?

I think we can take a wild guess.

Cybil: The tests haven't come back yet, but judging by their symptoms... Anyway, you need to help them immediately-Chief's orders!

Derek: We're on our way!

Now that I look at the map, they don't look very suburban. Just a thought.

Derek: What's the situation?

Tyler: The tests came back positive. It's definitely GUILT. But, these symptoms don't match. It could be an all-new strain. And, if you want my opinion, this one's airborne.

Don't get excited; it's not really new.

Derek: Airborne!?

Tyler: We need to collect GUILT samples while treating these patients. If this strain manages to spread, it'll be a total disaster.

Tyler: Good call, Leslie. We have to minimize damage wherever possible. It's in your court, Derek. I don't have the skills to handle this one. I'll take care of the old-school GUILT patients. Good luck, man!

There was a character in House for a few episodes named Edward Vogler, played by Chi McBride. Given this, I'm pretty sure that Hugh refers to Hugh Laurie.

Angie: Our tests indicate this is a mutated Triti strain. According to Dr. Niguel, this mutation is far more contagious than before. The thorns become highly toxic when vaporized.

Derek: So we'll need to drain the mist before the infection can spread.

Angie: Correct. Please be very careful, Dr. Stiles.


This one is a little special.

This is your Triti pattern for today(After I took out a few thorns).

Now, I have an additional Triti strategy to discuss in addition to the one I was planning-some say that if you treat it is a series of diagonal rows, and remove it row-by-row, you'll eventually back it into a corner and win. For example, in this shot I have the first "row" ready to remove. I'm totally sure on the specifics, and as far as I'm concerned it's inferior to the "proper" way for score and the "fuck this shit" way for speed, which I'll describe shortly.

Removing the first row caused the Triti to look like this, and some vapor appeared shortly after. It moves very slowly, so most will just drain it long before it escapes. You probably think that you lose if the vapor escapes. In reality, this happens...

Giant Dr. Kasal appears to bail you out, and tells you to move on to the next patient. The game actually boots you all the way to the map screen, where you move to the "Residential Area" and get a short scene of them bringing in another patient, then you move on to another briefing.

On replays, if you choose to skip the story, you'll just be kicked to this second briefing immediately. If you fail at this point, you'll restart on this second chance, instead of the first. It's a separate operation, so you can still get an XS on this operation, and it'll count for the chapter. It's really funny that they put all this in, considering most won't even see it. You only need to complete one operation to pass the operation.

Incidentally, this guy is named after Dr. John Carter from ER.

Angie: Dr. Kasal was able to contain the vapor that escaped. Thank goodness it only infected one other person. This operation will be another mutated Triti, like before. No... it's too strong... this must be Triti's true form. There aren't many doctors who could treat something like this. We have to stop it now, before it causes any more damage!

If this was really Triti's true form, it'd have angel wings and we'd be operating in space for no reason, so I'm fairly certain this is just it's gimmick form.

This is the pattern for the second operation. My first time on this chapter, I spent hours trying to beat this operation until I just happened to let the gas escape, and I was taken here, where I was finally able to win. The moral of the story is that this pattern might be easier than the original, depending.

So, what happens if you let the vapor go again?

Giant Angie kills and devours Derek!

Or Hoffman saves you. Take your pick.

After that, you go back to the location of the original operation.

I think this one is referring to Noah Wyle, who plays the afformentioned Dr. John Carter on ER. There's an extra vowel, but it was the closest match I could come up with.

Angie: We're lucky the effects of the toxic vapor haven't been more serious. You need to be careful. Think of this as your last chance.

Since we're thinking of this as our last chance, letting the gas go a third time is instant failure. As such, it's time to reveal my secret final strategy. The trick is...

The Healing Touch! What else? First, remove EVERY thorn. Then, remove every triangle. This strategy requires you to have fast enough hands to actually pull it off before your Touch expires. I find it helpful to clasp the Wii remote and nunchuck together with both hands, so you're handling one mass with both hands instead of two separately.

It's not exactly elegant, but it works.

That's the last Triti operation in Second Opinion. Sort of.

No Healing Touch is always a bonus for Triti operations, and the game is merciless if you use it.

Of course, you're probably just happy to have finished at this point.

Leslie: Great work, Dr. Stiles. Do you think this will be over soon?

Angie: Doctor! A case of the Tetarti strain has been confirmed nearby!

Derek: ...Well, it's not over yet. Tell them we're on our way!

End of Chapter 5-3

Since I was asked, here's a video of the XS solution to the operation: