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Chapter 5-4: GUILT Evolves

A better title: GUILT Does Not Evolve At All

Clarks: The Tetarti case is here. Derek's operating? That's a relief. This strain is too contagious to treat in an ordinary operating room. I'm moving on to the next hospital. Good luck, you two!

Today's patient is named for Scrubs character Dr. John "J.D." Dorian.

And he has Tetarti. The game is using the word "much" very loosely here.

Angie: Look at this skin. This was definitely caused by the Tetarti strain. The serum is ready, Doctor. Hurry!

I thought, originally, that I might try to record live for this. Then I discovered that trying to come up with something on the fly while playing a boring operation is not better than trying to come up with something after the fact. So what did I do?

Everything wrong that I could think of.


Playing while half-paying attention to other things, letting the diverticula explode, and waving my scalpel around for no reason are my main tools this time, and I still never come close to losing. Fuck Tetarti. I did get some new things in the recording, so we'll take a look at them.

If you let these grow, they spit out poison that does a fair amount of damage. If you someone let all three go, It'd be pretty bad. Angie tells you to use the gel, but it seemed to stop on its own after a few seconds.


This is what it looks like if you inject the wrong serum into one of the Tetarti.

Originally, I wasn't going to post a picture of me using the laser, since I didn't really focus it or cause any harm. But I thought this looked funny.

This got me a Miss.

Angie: Great job, Dr. Stiles. Let's return to headquarters.

I don't even know what I was doing.

Well, this confirms that the first three don't count. I missed a chain of 30, having three minutes left, and no misses. I've heard that the point requirements are strict here, so you need a good time and vitals. That's way more effort than I'm going to show Tetarti.

Sorry that wasn't very inspiring. Next time will be much more fun.

Sidney: We're receiving updated reports from Caduceus international. They've confirmed GUILT victims in at least four California cities.

Hoffman: How did you respond?

Sidney: I've sent medication and treatment instructions to hospitals in those locations. Hopefully the local doctors can take it from there.

Pretend you hear Sidney's phone ring.

Sidney: Hello, this is Director Kasal.

Secretary of Health: "Sidney, we're concerned about some of the decisions you've made today."

Sidney: We're in high alert, sir. I would ask that you please make this brief.

"I certainly appreciate your circumstances, but I'm calling in regard to the medication you've issued to a number of hospitals. I'm afraid you're going to have to abort those shipments."

Sidney: I beg your pardon, sir?

"You don't have the proper clearance to issue those treatments to public facilities. Most of them haven't even started the FDA approval process. If those drugs reach the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry won't be happy. If you insist on using those treatments, you're going to have to administer them yourself, at Caduceus."

Sidney: What the hell are you talking about!? You've seen what GUILT does! The patients would die before they even got here! We're cutting things too close as it is. I won't listen to this!

"I heard you were a difficult man, but you might want to think this through carefully. You've read the reports. We both know your funding is in jeopardy..."

Sidney: I've had enough of this crap. Excuse me, there are important matters which demand my attention.

Hoffman: The politicians seem restless. I assume Richard had been holding them back while he was in office. Now that he's gone, there's nothing standing in their way.

Sidney: They don't even understand what Caduceus stands for. Our entire purpose is to do what other medical organizations can't! I need to speak to Victor.

Sidney: "I need you to take care of something for me right away. Please send complete copies of our GUILT reports to all major US hospitals."

Victor: You sure that's okay? I mean, that's a pretty big deal.

"Don't worry, Victor. I'll take full responsibility."

Victor: Heh, I was actually expecting you to do something crazy like this. I already have the files ready.

"Then send them, Victor."

Sidney: I've never lost a fight.

Later, in a series of related scenes...

- Flight to San Francisco -

"Are you all right, sir? You don't look well."

Caduceus Guy: I have to deliver this as soon as possible. People's lives are at stake.

"Ah, I understand. I've seen that mark on your bag before, actually."

"Our expected time of arrival has changed. It is no longer 3:25 PM. Because of a... strong tailwind, we should be arriving earlier, at approcimately 2:45."

Someone with knowledge of planes tell me why they'd be going that slow, if they could cut 45 minutes of the flight time.

Caduceus Guy: Thank you so much.

- Community Hospital, San Diego -

Mary: It's good to know Derek is still working hard.

I don't know why this person gets full art that we will be seeing twice, and a bunch of other minor characters do not.

Mary: Alright. I'll get things ready. You should change your clothes. We also need to contact any doctors who are off-duty.

"It's going to be a long day, Nurse Fulton!"

Mary: He's here earlier than usual.

Nurse: Yeah, Dr. Jeager's never here on time. What's going on? This must really be serious.

Mary: Doctors always come when they're needed. Let's get started, shall we? I can't let my own pupil show me up!

End of Chapter 5-4