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Part 32: Chapte 5-5: Infiltation

Chapter 5-5: Infiltation

Cybil: I think so. We managed to contain the GUILT before it could spread. It's all over the news, though. If Delphi expects to catch us off guard again, it's going to take a lot more work.

Angie: What about Director Kasal?

Cybil: You mean because he sent that medicine? I'm sure he'll be fine. He did what needed to be done and averted a major catastrophe. And I guess someone tipped off the press about what really happened. They can't fire him now, he's a hero-politically.

Tyler: I wonder who tipped 'em off. What do you think, Victor?

Victor: I find it intriguing.

Derek: I hear even the Counter Terrorism Unit is getting involved.

Tyler: S'bout time, huh? The president's going to be here next week, supposedly. Hope nobody wanted a vacation any time soon!

Leslie: I had to cancel mine. I could be scuba diving right now.

Tyler: Don't hold back on our account, Leslie. How do you really feel?

I admit that I really like the idea of everyone(important) at Caduceus gathered in the hall gossiping. But, anyway.

"All staff return to your stations immediately to await further instruction."

Derek: Do you think it's someone from Delphi?

Sidney: We've contacted security, but...

Tyler: We can't just let 'em get away! Chief, we should be looking for these punks ourselves!

Cybil: We're defenseless, and we don't even know if they're armed.

Tyler: Well, we don't have any leads on Delphi's location, do we? Letting them walk out of here would be like letting hundreds of people die!

Sidney: Dr. Chase has a point. It's dangerous, but we need to find them. Those of us who can defend ourselves should pair-off and start looking.

Tyler: That's what I'm talking about! The ladies should stay back here where it's safe...

Cybil: Slow down there, Tarzan. I used to be a cop, remember?

Angie: I have studied Aikido.

Derek: You have!?

Angie: What? We live in dangerous times. Let's begin the search.

Angie: All the rooms are locked, and this hall ends up ahead.

Derek: That's a relief. We probably should head back-

Derek: Huh!?

Angie: It's one of the Delphi-

Ah, it's ol' shadowhead.

Angie: But... how?

Derek: There's nowhere to run! What's wrong, Angie? We almost had him!

Angie: ...No... it couldn't be...

Cybil: * gasp * I think... he got away...

Weren't they supposed to be working in pairs? I guess cop women are so bad they don't need backup when dealing with armed assailants. Or she got paired with Tyler, who probably ran into a closet at the first sign of danger.

Derek: I'm sorry, I...

Cybil: Oh well. He had a gun, so it's probably for the best that I didn't catch up with him. Let's head back. We need someone to examine this evidence.

Derek: Evidence?

Cybil: It was pretty dark, but I tried anyway, see?

Derek: A camera? You managed to take a picture that fast?

Gratuitous cleavage shot.

Derek: What's wrong?

Cybil: Ahhh no... don't tell me...

Derek: T-this is bad! Quick, someone! We need help over here!

End of chapter 5-5

After some exciting action and unsubtle foreshadowing, we now have the set up for the next operation!

Chapter 5-6: Infection

Sidney: It's GUILT, Derek. You'll need to operate immediately. We found a needle in her leg. They must have injected it somehow.

Derek: Which strain is it?

Sidney: We don't know. It could be a new one. Victor's analyzing it as we speak. We'll start when he gets back to us.

Derek: Understood.

Angie: ...

Derek: Tell me what's going on, Angie.

Angie: Huh? I'm sorry. It's nothing. Don't worry. We should prep for the operation, Doctor.

Paraskevi: Friday, also meaning "Preparation." After a long GUILT-work week, it's good to kick back on the GUILT-weekend.

Victor: I checked the files, and it looks like we've got a 97% match. This one's fibrous, which basically means it's going to be a pain in the rear end. You'll need to operate right away.

Fibers are materials that are made up of elongated pieces, like lengths of thread. Something fibrous is, naturally, made up of fibers. This usually means it's tough.

Derek: Huh? You haven't explained how to operate on this fibrous thing.

Victor: I'll explain it after you open her up. C'mon, hurry! As soon as that thing gets in the body, it moves directly to the heart. If it gets there, she's history.

Derek: ......!

Victor: Find it yet?

Angie: There's something in her stomach, near in the small intestine.

Victor: Sounds about right. It's quick, so we'll have to hurry.


As usual, you start by dealing with some simple problem caused by the GUILT. These two lacerations don't compare to what Kyriaki does, but rest assured that Paraskevi has a few more tricks than this.

This long worm here is Paraskevi. Besides the head and tail, its body is composed of sixteen segments. It actually doesn't do much but meander slowly around if left alone, but since you have to remove it, you need to stop it from moving with the laser. Like all worm-like video game bosses, you need to hit a specific section. In this case, it's the tail.

Victor: This GUILT is called Paraskevi, and it's fibrous in nature. So, basically, every part of its mass functions as a muscle. If we just extract the thing, there's going to be massive bleeding. It even burrows into organs to cause more damage elsewhere. My plan of attack is primitive, and maybe even a little rough, but just keep cutting the thing until it's really small. Then extract it. If you notice any of them start burrowing, get rid of them right away!

Victor explained things pretty well-stun and slice. After the first cut, you have two half-sized worms, and each half will make two quarter-sized ones, etc. You can extract sixteenths of Paraskevi. There are a few tricks to this.

Firstly, it's good to work systematically. Cut into halves, then make one half into quarters, one quarter into eights, and so on. Secondly, keep every piece stunned at all times. If one of the segments starts waving its tail, you know it's about to burrow, and you should laser it right away. Originally, there was no warning that segments were about to run, making it harder. Thirdly, and this is obvious, make sure to keep vitals up. Paraskevi only attacks by making two cuts every time you split it, so it's easy to keep under control.

I usually cut both halves into quarters and let two burrow. More on that in a moment.

Once all Paraskevi is gone from the area(either because you got it or because it burrowed) you'll be prompted to finish up and follow any remaining pieces to the next one.

Each time Paraskevi escapes, it'll go to the next area. There are four, with the last being the heart. Needless to say, you don't want to let it reach the heart. Even on hard, you're allowed to let it burrow once and still get your special bonus, so I let some of it go to reduce the number of segments I'm dealing with at once. It's convenient, but you can't always depend on it.

There are two places where it's easy to make a mistake. The first is when you stun two segments near each other, and either accidentally cut both, causing a lot of damage, or try to pick one up and grab the other by mistake, getting a miss. The second is when the stun wears off just as you go to grab. Neither of these should do more than prevent you from getting the S or XS.

Incidentally, I used Healing Touch towards the end of this operation, but it isn't really necessary.

Victor I'm not sure we could have found a replacement for her, anyway.

Angie: A replacement? How can you talk about her that way!?

Victor: Dr. Myers is one of our most skilled doctors. I don't think anyone could have taken her place at Caduceus. I'm simply relieved that my colleague is okay.

That's all.

I don't really like Paraskevi much, but at least it's one of the easier ones when done properly.

A couple of misses, and a few Bads prevented me from getting a max chain of 50.

Derek: I had to save her.

Sidney: We couldn't let anything happen to one of our best doctors. And I couldn't let my brother down, either.

Tyler: So, was that picture worth Cybil risking her life?

Derek: Oh! I totally forgot about that!

Clarks: Let's see...

Leslie: Well... he's very handsome.

That's her first thought. Wow.

Clarks: I remember that face. I've seen him before. Blackwell! That's Professor Blackwell! He went missing about ten years ago.

Sidney: Are you sure!?

Clarks: Yes. He was studying immunology. Before his disappearance, he was a big-name scientist. But, could he really be involved with Delphi?

Angie: There's no doubt about it. That man is Kenneth Blackwell. Blackwell disappeared 13 years ago, leaving his wife and daughter behind.

End of chapter 5-6

I'm not totally clear on why Angie's last name is Thompson if her father is named Blackwell, but I guess she just goes by her mother's name. It makes sense, seeing as how he disappeared.