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Part 33: 7: Delphi

Chapter 5-7: Delphi

Hoffman: We've found Professor Blackwell. He's up north, in Santa Balboa.

Derek: What's he doing up there?

Hoffman: He's apparently hiding at the Eidoth Pharmaceuticals research lab. The FBI's been watching him since late yesterday.

I looked up the word "Eidoth" to see if it had any special relevance, but didn't find anything especially interesting.

Sidney: Do you think Eidoth is sheltering Blackwell, then?

Hoffman: The question is whether or not they know they're sheltering him. I doubt the regular employees have any idea he's there, or what kind of research he could be doing.

Derek: They're going to raid the lab?

Hoffman: Yes, tomorrow. To reduce the risk of another GUILT outbreak, they want us to be there as well.

Sidney: Then, we're sending Derek with them?

Hoffman: That's really our only option. Can you accept the risk, Derek?

Derek: Of course. But, there might be one problem.

Sidney: What's that?

Hoffman: I think he's referring to Angie. She has as much experience with GUILT as Derek does, but, all things considered, taking her might not be such a good idea. Don't worry, I'll arrange for someone else to assist you.

Derek: I understand, sir, but I don't think Angie is going to like that much. I mean, they're going after her father. If I were in Angie's place, I'd want to see the truth for myself.

Sidney: It's a conflict of interest that could compromise the mission.

Derek: It might be painful for her, but still-

Sidney: Angie? You heard us?

Hoffman: You shouldn't be eavesdropping.

Angie: Angie, but I can make my own decisions. Did you stop to consider how I might feel about this? I'm not a child. I deserve a choice, at the very least.

Hoffman: You could watch them arrest your father?

Angie: Derek was right. I want to see the truth with my own eyes.

Derek: Let her go. Angie may just be my assistant, but she's a lot stronger than I am. I don't think I could have completed all those operation with her.

Sidney: What should we do, sir?

Hoffman: Let her go. I doubt we could even find a suitable replacement, and sending Stiles in without an assistant would be foolish.

Angie: Thank you.

Angie: Thank you for supporting me, Dr. Stiles. I'll be alright, but so much has happened over the last few days. More than anything, I just need to know the truth. I need to find out for myself. I'm going to ask my father why he joined Delphi!

Angie: My father disappeared right before I entered elementary school. He simply vanished-nobody had any idea what happened to him. There were times I hated my father. I'd ask mom why he left us. She never had an answer. Even after all that, I found it hard not to respect him. Nobody ever had anything bad to say about my father. He's the reason I started studying medicine in the first place.

Derek: I'm sorry about this, Angie.

Angie: Was my hard work all for nothing? I'm sorry, Derek. I'll be find tomorrow. But for now, I can't help it. I'm so sorry... * sob *

Derek: Angie...

End of chapter 5-7

We're on the final stretch of chapter 5, now. The coming operations are the most climactic of the game, despite the fact that there's an entire sixth chapter. So... enjoy!

Chapter 5-8: A Devil

Note: In UtK, this is simply titled "Devil."

"Local police have cordoned off a research facility owned by Eidoth Pharmaceuticals. This investigation may be linked to recent bio-terrorist activities.

That's MEDICAL terrorists.

"Investigators are now entering the building, and we'll return with more details as soon as they become available. Stay tuned to channel-"

Hoffman: So it begins. I wish we could have sent more than one doctor, but we have patients here that still need help.

Sidney: Good luck, Derek.

These guys pretty much spend all day in Hoffman's office talking about what Derek is doing. Today they decided to mix things up by doing it in Sidney's office, instead.

We're finally headed Nozomi's way, although a little south of where she was working.

-Eidoth Pharmaceutical Research-

"We have a biohazard here, guys. If you don't have protective gear, you'll need to get the hell out of this area."

Angie: That researcher, he's infected with GUILT!

Derek: Get the anesthesia ready; We'll need to operate immediately.

Angie: Yes, Doctor!

Derek: I'm-a-doctor... Do you understand? I'm-here-to-help.

I have no idea. Apparently Derek thinks sick equals stupid.

Researcher: Forget about me. I'm already dead. Those bastards... they... betrayed us! But, th-the professor...

Derek: Calm down. Try to conserve your strength.

Researcher: Help Professor Blackwell. He doesn't deserve to die like th-!

Angie: His vitals are dropping fast. What should we do?

Derek: If we don't operate right now, he's going to die. I'm going to administer painkillers. Hang in there!

Researcher: No! Save the professor!

Derek: Don't worry. We'll take care of him. The anesthesia is working. Get a table ready!

A tough one. An actress named Milana Vaynetrub had a part in 3 episodes of ER in 1995. Milan is the name of a province of Italy. I really didn't find anything concrete for this one, but I'm open to suggestions, if any of you have an idea.

Angie: I contacted headquarters, but there seems to be no matching data.

Derek: I see. Guess we'll be going in blind again. This almost seems like it was planned out.

Angie: What do you mean?

Derek: How could the researchers accidentally release this GUILT? They know how dangerous it is-they're the ones who created it!

Angie: Do you think they infected themselves as a way to hide the evidence?

Derek: That doesn't sound right, either. Delphi definitely seems to have a weird preoccupation with death, but I don't think they'd encourage suicide as a way to further their cause. Sorry, nevermind. We need to concentrate on the patient.


It's a simple operation, but there's a fair amount to talk about.

You've got some pre-GUILT to deal with at first, but that's nothing new or interesting.

I think Angie's memory is going.

The GUILT we're dealing with here takes the form of a swarm of tiny bugs or spiders, whichever you prefer to call them. They burst out of the organ, so you have to deal with those holes as well as the GUILT itself. The bugs just chew up the lungs and drain vitals a bit at a time, you can kill them quickly with the laser. They have just one trick to complicate things.

At any point, five of the bugs can start swarming around a central location. They're invincible while doing this.

They eventually scatter, leaving a big blue bug. It's important to note that they do NOT combine into the big one. The generate it, and then disperse, so you still have five small ones to kill after.

Anyway, the big guy actually lowers maximum vitals as long as he is alive. If you have more than one active, it's especially bad. For XS in this operation, you must not allow any big blues to form. This requires good use of the Healing Touch. In UtK, you weren't allowed to use it, so you needed to rely on memorization(of where the bugs spawn) and luck.

Other than the XS requirements, this is easy. Just kill all the bugs.

Angie: The laser is effective, so treatment is actually pretty simple. It was probably still in development when the authorities found this laboratory. So we found it just in time. Good work, Dr. Stiles.

That was easy enough, but I deliberately didn't go for the top score.

Besides the big bugs, I missed the speed completion bonus, which is easy if you don't have to deal with the aforementioned big ones.

Derek: Good. ...He kept asking us to save Professor Blackwell.

Angie: Then my father really is here.

Derek: He must be further inside. Let's go, Angie!

End of Chapter 5-8

Next time: the last operation of chapter 5.