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Part 34: 9: Death Awaits All

Chapter 5-9: Death Awaits All

It's... a guy! Whose face we were not previously allowed to see for some reason!

Derek: I'm a doctor from Caduceus. You're going to be okay, sir. We need to operate immediately. Please don't resist.

Blackwell: Heh, I think you're confused. But no matter, it's too late.

Derek: That isn't true. We saved your colleagues. We can save you.

Blackwell: Yes, I was disappointed by how quickly you stopped my GUILT. You found ways to treat all six strains. You've definitely proven your surgical ability. But, the GUILT inside of me is unlike anything you've seen thus far. Now that Savato is completed, this facility means nothing to them. So, I'm ending it all before Delphi can. Go! A pathetic sinner like me isn't worth saving.

Derek: I'm a doctor. Helping people fight off disease is my job. You can worry about your sins after I save your life.

Blackwell: None of us are allowed to die. It's exactly as he preached. But that doesn't matter. I've made my choice.

Angie: Why did you create GUILT!? You threw away your reputation, your life... even your family! Why, father!?

Blackwell: Angie... I was afraid it was you. I wanted to die, so you'd never find out about this.

Angie: Just tell me why!

Blackwell: Angela Blackwell's father died 13 years ago. I'm just a ghost. Please let me pass on.

Angie: You can't do this!

Angie: It's my job to help people, and I'm proud of that fact. I refuse to watch you die.

Blackwell: As you wish. But you cannot defeat Death. It is not of this world.

Derek: Begin the anesthesia. We'll start operating as soon as it takes effect. Get ready, Angie.

The Saturday GUILT, finally. It's name, Savato, means "Sabbath." This briefing doesn't mention the name, but it was just given in the preceding scene. We beat the prototype version of this GUILT last time, but this will be much harder.

Angie: The chiral reaction seems to be coming from his abdomen. The spectral analysis indicates this is the same GUILT as before.

Derek: Angie...

Angie: ...I saw a lot of my father's back. I can still see him sitting in his desk in the study. If I tried to speak with him, he'd say he was too busy. His own daughter, and he wouldn't even turn around to face me. And then, he left us. He turned his back on us once and for all. Was this what he left us for? Was this worth abandoning his own family? He abandoned us... but he's still my father. Please save him, Doctor.

Derek: You have a lot to answer for, Professor Blackwell. Those are sins you'll have to deal with yourself. First, I'm going to make sure you survive this!

Full disclosure time: I went down to normal difficulty for this. I can, or at least have, completed this on hard, but it can be very annoying and long if you have bad luck, which I did when I tried recording. Basically, if you want to know what hard is like, just pretend everything takes longer and is less fun.

This is a good video to watch, though.

Viddler part 1 part 2
Dailymotion part 1 part 2

To reinforce that this is the final GUILT, there is no music at the outset. Once the operation starts, Savato has it's own theme that plays in only this operation and the first six secret ones.

Angie: We just received Dr. Niguel's analysis. Let me read it.

"Essentially, the Savato's 'nest' directly nullifies the victims heartbeat. It steals that pulse to create energy for its own purposes. So, basically, Savato is a parasitic form of death itself. At the moment, I can't think of any way to actually stop it, but we might have one possible counterkmeasure. The GUILT depends on energy from it's nest, so if we destroy that..."

Doctor, destroy the nest! That could be our only chance!

Welcome to Savato. No surprise, but this operation has multiple stages. The first requires you to destroy these webs with the scalpel, thread by thread.

Oh, and if you play this for yourself, do NOT use the Healing Touch.

The web actually melts each scalpel, making for a short wait between each cut. While you wait, you'll want to restore vitals, take care of anything Savato throws at you, at possibly chase him around with the laser. I've heard that doing so can prevent him from attacking, but I don't think it's actually true. When slicing, aim for a point where two strands intersect, and you'll be damaging both at the same time.

Savato's only attack during this stage is to make new strands of web, which also releases the small Savatos from the previous operation. They can still form the large spiders, so you should take care of them as soon as they pop up.

Savato doesn't make new webs very often, so this section is very easy.

After you finish one web, Savato escapes to another part of the heart and you need to repeat the process after dealing with any remaining problems. This is one major way in which Savato was made easier for the Wii, as the DS game had the whole operation take place in one area with no breaks.

Let's skip to after removing three webs.

"That should allow you to neutralize its corrosive protective layer."

Welcome to part 2. Savato is now weak enough to attack directly, but he has two attacks. One, shown above, involves make one large cut which releases a large number of bugs. He loves to do this multiple times in a row.

The second is to make three normal lacerations, as demonstrated.

To actually attack Savato, you need to use the laser. It takes several seconds of sustained fire to actually count as a hit, and it takes a few hits to completely eliminate the barrier(you can tell by the fire surrounding him). Also, he's totally invincible while attacking. Maybe this gives you an idea how frustrating Savato can be.

With the barrier down, the laser isn't effective. To weaken Savato any more, you have to ship out the scalpel and stab him with it. Afterwords, it escapes, as before. This time, you'll really appreciate the chance to raise vitals before continuing.

As before, you have three rounds of this. However, we'll skip till after the second one.

Angie: Victor? Chief!? When did you get here?

Victor: We rushed over to give you this.

Sidney: It's medicine for Savato. The researcher you saved helped us to design a serum that should stop this thing.

Victor: He collapsed right after that, but hey, we got what we wanted. I guarantee this'll work, though. Inject it into the GUILT.

Like I said, this happens after the second of three rounds, so you have to stab Savato one more time before the serum does anything.

After the third stab, Savato can barely move, and it absorbs any stray bugs for energy. All you have to do is finish it off with a full vial of the black medicine!


Derek uses a Healing Touch automatically, but it still isn't enough to get Savato, as it starts moving extremely fast. There's only one solution.

Use ANOTHER Healing Touch. I hope you didn't use it in the operation, or you can't win here.

With the second one, time stops completely. You can take as much time as you need to restore vitals and suture for points, but all wounds disappear when you finish Savato off, if you don't.

That's all.

Victor: It took you long enough, Stiles, but you earned that Healing Touch.

Angie: I'm proud to be your assistant, and... I'm proud of you, Dr. Stiles.

The final GUILT is defeated. So, what's in store next? Something even sillier?

My continuing streak of Bads cost me the chain bonus again. I probably wouldn't have gotten enough Cools if I was on hard, either, as it requires 25.

Angie: I didn't cry. Yesterday, you said I was much stronger than you, so I forced myself not to cry. I'm your assistant, Dr. Stiles. And, an assistant has to support her doctor. Thank you for allowing me to see my father again.

Derek: I'm proud of you, Angie.

Angie: Doctor...

Derek: We still need to carry him out. Then it's finally over.

End of Chapter 5-9

The only thing "over" is the UtK content of this game. Starting next, we forge ahead into new territory. Stay tuned for the toughest operations and the exciting conclusion in chapter 6. But before that, the last of the Z chapter.