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Part 35: Chapter Z-5: Sayonara

Chapter Z-5: Sayonara

This links off of "Delphi" on the chapter-select, so it's taking place shortly before Derek and Angie arrive at Eidoth with the FBI.

Seal all but the main entrance! Stand by for further instructions! I repeat...

Nozomi: I assume this facility is finished, considering how many people know about GUILT, now.

Delphi Agent: The Inner Circle is discussing how to proceed. However, you still have work to do.

Christ, would it have killed them to give him a name at some point?

Nozomi: You want me to take care of the GUILT responsible for this mess, I assume?

Delphi Agent: The researcher you're responsible for seems to have a GUILT located in his small intestine. His symptoms point to the GUILT strain called Kyriaki, but... we're still waiting on lab results. Professor Blackwell printed up some information that might help you prepare.

Nozomi: Understood. So, the Kyriaki strain causes multiple lacerations. Hm...(This is insane! How can I treat a body they've turned against itself?) Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Still, I've never lost a patient-I'm not about to start now.

This guy is named after Dr. Richard Webber of Grey's Anatomy. The actor's name is James Picken's Jr. I guess J could conceivable stand for James.

Speaking of that show, IMDB says one of its working titles was Under the Knife.

Delphi Agent: Professor Blackwell will be observing as well. Don't let us down, Weaver.

Blackwell: We're in a critical situation here, but try to concentrate on the patient.

Nozomi: Yes, Professor. I read the packet you provided. You believe the patient has... Kyriaki?

Delphi Agent: The tests weren't conclusive, but everything we've been told seems to indicate Kyriaki, yes. This is a weird case-make sure you don't get infected with it too.

Nozomi: Understood. I think I can handle it. So, there's really only one thing I need to do here:

-Expel the Kyriaki.

(What the hell is going on?)

I hadn't realized how long it's been since they actually gave an operation objective.


Today's operation is a pretty minor one, actually, but is has a sort of new gimmick.

The first step is a wave of Kyriaki. I trust I don't need to explain how that works.

Suddenly, a trio of Savato bugs appear (two of them are standing in the same spot, but there are three. Trust me.)

Blackwell: His vitals... all his graphs are spiking!

Nozomi: Professor Blackwell! What's happening to him!?

Blackwell: There were some uncertainties in the Chiral readings for this patient. I believe we now know why.

Nozomi: So what is it!?

Blackwell: If we continue the pattern, this would be called Savato.

Nozomi: This is another GUILT?

Blackwell: Yes. I'm afraid this complicates the operation procedures. I need you to collect a sample of the GUILT at some point during the treatment. Capture the GUILT, Dr. Weaver.

Nozomi: How on Earth am I going to do that?

Blackwell: I will prepare a drug that should restrict the GUILT's movement for a moment. I will need some time-please continue to treat the patient without harming the GUILT.

Nozomi: Don't kill it, huh? That should only be nigh-impossible.

Blackwell: Without it, we have no way of developing a proper treatment. I'm depending on you, Doctor. Will you be able to handle this?

Nozomi: I don't have much of a choice. Don't worry, I'll keep both of 'em alive.

Now, you need to continue treating the Kyriaki without harming the Savato. With three of the big bugs, vitals max out at 36. Technically, you only need to have one left alive to avoid failing this, but there is a bonus and a sense of accomplishment for saving all three. It's actually not hard as long as you keep vitals above 20 or so.

You have to deal with one wave of two Kyriaki, and then the boss.

Nozomi: May I proceed, Professor?

Blackwell: Yes. This drug should put it in a state of suspended animation. Temporarily, of course.

There isn't much threat left at this stage, but the bugs tend to move around a bit, so there is a risk of missing with the syringe. If they do move, it's best to wait for them to stop. With Savato gone, you're free to finish up.

It's an easy operation, for something that has you operating on GUILT.

I missed the chain again, but give me a break; it was clearly the shoddy detection on the triple cut giving me a Bad.

I don't think I'll be doing any better than this from here on out.

Delphi Agent: He's otherwise occupied. Also, they've issued orders for you to evacuate immediately.

Nozomi: What?

Delphi Agent: That's how they've chosen to handle the situation. I'm supposed to evacuate, too.

Nozomi: What about the other researchers? Who's going to operate on them?

Delphi Agent: I guess that's part of their plan, as well. They've already dispatched a cleanup crew. There's nothing more we can do it.

Nozomi: A "cleanup crew," huh? You guys really are fanatics! You don't even care about people's lives!

This seems a rather extreme statement of the obvious at this point.

Delphi Agent: Everyone here understands the risks involved in what they're doing. They all understand that sins have consequences and forgiveness is not easily earned. But, sacrifices are to be made if we're to be free from the shackles of medical science.

Nozomi: I suppose I don't have a choice. I'll agree to evacuate. This is no place for a doctor, anyway.

Delphi Agent: Understood. We will not meet again.

Nozomi: Good bye... And good luck.

And so nameless guy departs forever. Good riddance.

Nozomi: (But it's only a matter of time before the past catches up to me. It's a shame they forgot to ask me for that GUILT sample I extracted. ...Maybe the path of GUILT does lead to salvation, after all. Now that I have all the cards, it's time to ante up.) I hear Europe is nice this time of year.

Oh yeah. It's nice. Every country of it.

End of Chapter Z-5