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Part 36: 1: An Invitation

Due to the final chapter beginning with two long story-sequences, there will be no operation this update. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Now, let's get you all up to speed.

Professor Blackwell pledged his full cooperation with Caduceus in the ongoing investigation. Although it was his daughter's kidnapping that forced Blackwell to cooperate, he maintained that Delphi's actions would have been impossible without his research.

Basically, they needed people to cultivate GUILT. Only certain people could be used, though, and Angie was one of them. Delphi threatened Angie to get Blackwell to work for them.

When offered a formal pardon, Blackwell insisted that he serve out his term in prison. HE thanked Derek and Angie for giving him a second chance to atone for his mistakes. The professor's testimony provided a clearer of the international terrorist organization known as Delphi, and shed light on their intentions. Delphi held to a dangerous ideology preached by their leader, a mysterious man who called himself Adam.

Adam's real name is Erich von Raitenau, born in Austria in 1897, making him 121 years old when all this takes place. More on that in a moment.

Their financial backing came primarily from holdings they absorbed from a number of international pharmaceutical conglomerates such as Eidoth Corporation. The major world powers combined resources in a massive search for Delphi's headquarters. It wasn't long before they located it: a fortified vessel in the Atlantic Ocean. Dr. Stiles and Nurse Angie were asked to accompany the British Navy on a raid on Delphi's aquatic facility. A horrifying discovery awaited them inside the vessel; one which demonstrated the cruel lengths to which Delphi had gone to develop their GUILT. They had kidnapped children from all over the world to serve as hosts for the original subspecies of GUILT. Dr. Stiles and Angie operated on these victims, who were taken into protective custody once they were free of the virus.

This is the plot for the final chapter of Under the Knife, titled "Original Sin." The seven children hosting GUILT are labeled "sinners," and you operate on all seven. This means the game ends with you doing every type of GUILT again. It is not a very good climax.

Although, having absorbed GUILT into his own body, Adam had become scarcely more than a corpse. The vapor's present in Adam's chamber were enough to momentarily incapacitate Derek, though british forced soon located and revived him. At last, the mission was complete. Adam's GUILT-infested remains were comfiscated by the British Navy, and their whereabouts are unknown. For all intents and purposes, Delphi has been destroyed.

There are a few oddities in the finale. Firstly, Adam actually mentions an eighth GUILT, called "Bliss" before making Derek pass out. This is never brought up again in any of the games. Secondly, there are the unlockable post-game operations, called the X operations. They are set in Adam's chamber, where Derek operates on the most difficult form of all seven GUILTs in his body. It's not clear where they fit in, but they probably didn't really happen, being special levels. I'm sure not about to discuss Trauma Center Canon.

Anyway, Under the Knife ends with Derek receiving thank-you letters from the seven children he saved, and heading out to fight new diseases.

Several months have passed since that time. Caduceus USA has continued its battle against intractable diseases. They have seen many members come and go, but their mission to research new treatments has continued, with Dr. Derek Stiles at the forefront. Thanks to the vigilant efforts of Caduceus USA, memories the plague known as GUILT have started to vanish.


Chapter 6-1: An Invitation

Victor: Well, I'm not usually one to brag. Let's just say I expected nothing less than perfection.

Tyler: Shouldn't you give some credit to Blackwell since he, you know, thought of it?

Victor: There is a fine line between theory and creation. I question your abilities as a doctor if you don't appreciate the difference.

Clarks: Alright, Victor. Blackwell thought up a method of treatment, and you made it work. Can we drop it now?

Victor: Whatever. I still made it work.

Tyler: It kinda sucks that we're the only one's who will ever know Blackwell had anything to do with it.

Clarks: We're fortunate he agreed to help us while paying his debt to society. The world needs Professor Blackwell's research more than anyone will ever know.

Leslie: That Pochy was delicious. I'm such a slave to Japanese treats.

This really doesn't matter, but I think Pochy is the same as otaku nerd snack favorite Pocky.

Angie: Glad you liked it. We didn't have much time to appreciate Tokyo, though, since most of our time was spent on conferences and hospital visitations.

Derek: I think I'm still a little jet-lagged.

Leslie: * sigh * Can't you at least try to act like you're a world-renowned super-doctor?

Angie: Have you heard back from Doctor Myers? I'd like to hear how she's adjusting to Hope Hospital.

Leslie: Oh, I forgot! The director wanted to see you two as soon as you got home. It must be tough being so popular, huh? You better head up to his office.

Angie: Well, thanks for letting us know.

Derek: Think there's a chance he's going to give us a vacation?


Angie: Will I be going as well?

Sidney: Yes. They asked for both of you specifically. They're in the final stages of some project and asked that our most skilled doctors participate.

Hoffman: We were hesitant about their proposition, but, considering they finally decided to ask for our help after months of silence, we agreed.

Sidney: Caduceus Europe will also be holding a conference there, in about a month. We'd like you to attend that as well, and director Hoffman will be joining you. Like he said, the British have been quiet about their research since the raid. Now, all of a sudden, they're asking outside organizations for help with some project.

Hoffman: They must be extremely confident if they're willing to break their silence on the issue, considering they were unwilling to share any information about Delphi only months ago. We would like you to keep us posted on their activities while you're there.

Derek: So, they're sharing their data? I thought you said they just wanted skilled surgeons.

Sidney: They made sure we understood none of their research was to be made public.

Hoffman: Director Miller is a good man, but I worry about all this secrecy. I can only assume the government wanted others involved as a security measure.

Sidney: Are you willing to accept, knowing that there's more to this than meets the eye?

Derek: I understand the situation, but if they need our help, I'm willing to go.

Angie: We accept.

Sidney: We've made preparations for you to leave in five days. You'll be on duty as usual until then.

Hoffman: I'll see you both in a month.

End of Chapter 6-1

There's our setup for the final chapter. It's a little like case 5 of Phoenix Wright: an extra chapter added for an upgraded port that doesn't feel like the proper place for an ending.

Chapter 6-2: Caduceus Europe

-Caduceus Europe, Director's Office-

Miller: I don't believe we've spoken since the Delphi raid! It feels good to see old friends again.

Derek: It was a difficult mission, but I'm glad everything turned out for the best. It's an honor to be invited here.

Miller: Ms. Thompson, please let us know if there's anything we can do to make your stay easier. After all, I'm sure Derek owes much of his success to having you at his side.

Angie: Thank you, Director... I'm positive Dr. Stiles and I will both learn quite a bit during our stay.

Miller: Allow me to introduce you both to Dr. Owen, our Research Executive. He will be supervising all the research you take part in while you're with us here.

Glowing red eyes, ugly tie which depicts the tortured souls of the damned... Yep, that's real subtle.

Owen: Your work on our project will be quite pivotal, I'm certain.

Derek: Nice to meet you.

Miller: Dr. Owen was actually the first person to recommend your involvement. He believed that only doctors of your talent would be able to complete these final stages.

Owen: You might think I'm being selfish, but this is something only you two can handle.

Derek: Hopefully we won't embarrass ourselves too badly.

Miller: Well then, if you follow me, I can fill you in on the details of our research.

I think this background is probably taking it just a little too far.

Owen: If I might be so bold, I'd say we're about to turn medical science on its head. As you can see, we transplant these neo-cells in hopes they regenerate the lost tissue. What's surprising is how quickly it occurs and the low rate of autoimmune difficulties.

Miller: This is only possible because of our advanced facilities and brilliant researchers. If we were as limited as the other branches of Caduceus I doubt our research would have advanced even half as quickly.

"Not to, heh, brag or anything."

Derek: Hey, I'm impressed. I didn't realize you guys were working on something like this. But... what does any of this have to do with GUILT research?

Owen: Most of the theories we've put into practice are based on what we learned fighting GUILT. I'm afraid I can't say more than that-we're saving the finer details for our conference.

Angie: You say you've already treated hundreds of patients with regenerative technology?

Miller: We'll be visiting those patients tomorrow. It will be easier to understand if you can see their recoveries for yourself. ...Ah, Dr. Kimishima! Have you finished your rounds for the day?

Can you imagine how hard it must have been to get through airport security with a vial of GUILT?

Miller: Your timing couldn't be better. Allow me to introduce you. Dr. Stiles, this is Doctor Naomi Kimishima. She's been working with us for some time. Like you, she specializes in miracle surgeries.

Naomi: A pleasure to meet you. Anata ga yuumei na Stiles-sensai ne. * chuckles *

Derek: It's, uh, nice to meet you. I'm afraid I don't understand what you just said, Dr. uh... Kimishima.

Naomi: Oh, my mistake. I was under the impression you had recently traveled to Japan.

Miller: She actually hails from Japan, originally. That, however, is not the point. She's been supporting our research in a number of ways with her unique talents. In a perfect world, she'd be able to work in your place, however... there's been a problem.

Derek: A problem?

Miller: There have been isolated reports of GUILT throughout Europe, even after Delphi's defeat. Unfortunately, we have no idea what could be causing them. There has been speculation that these outbreaks are occurring naturally, but splinters of Delphi are far more likely. The FBI has been investigating as well.

He mentions the American FBI being involved, but nothing about any European groups. I don't know if that's a mistake or if Great Britain is too busy being attacked by a new Doctor Who villain each week or what.

Miller: Dr. Kimishima has her hands full treating the GUILT victims as they're brought in. That is why we cannot have her working on research full-time.

Owen: We may also need you to assist her occasionally, Dr. Stiles. I hope that you understand.

Derek: Of course. I'd be glad to help.

Angie: I didn't realize that there were still GUILT outbreaks.

Naomi: It would appear Delphi's power runs deeper than anyone thought possible.

End of chapter 6-2

Alright, that's out of the way, and next we'll start business as usual. The next operation will be... something too horrible to mention.