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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 38: 4: Second Opinion

Chapter 6-4: Second Opinion

And so, we've reached this game's title chapter. I feel it really embodies the spirit of chapter 6.

Owen: I knew there was something odd about that last patient!

Miller: There's no precedent for this. If it's reached his heart, he shouldn't even be concious!

Derek: I guess I was careless. I didn't think-Hng!

Miller: We've wasted enough time talking about it. If we don't operate immediately, he'll die. I wish we had more imformation to go on, but we've run out of options. Dr. Kimishima, you're the only person qualified to handle this operation.

Naomi: Of course, Director.

Miller: I've contacted Caduceus USA and recieved their consent to proceed. I don't need to tell any of you how crucial this surgery will be, but Dr. Stiles is no ordinary patient. He's the medical field's national treasure. Nurse Thompson, I would like to you provide full support to Dr. Kimishima.

Angie: Yes. I'll do... my best.

Naomi: Director, may I speak to Dr. Stiles... I'd like to speak with the patient, alone.

Miller: If you must. We'll be right outside. Let us know as soon as you're ready to proceed.

Naomi: Are you sure she can handle this?

Derek: Don't worry about Angie. She's the best there is.

If you're wondering, Derek has no special art here. He even still has his caduceus uniform and night-vision goggle things.

Naomi: She's Professor Blackwell's daughter, right? I hope she's as tough as her old man.

Derek: Huh?

Naomi: I took a few jobs for Delphi back in America, under an assumed name. I can't stop time or anything, but my Healing Touch was enough for them to pay top dollar. They needed me to keep GUILT subjects alive long enough to complete their research. In a way, that GUILT inside you wouldn't exist without me.

Derek: Why are you *cough*

Naomi: After you raided Delphi's American Eidoth facility, I cut a deal with Caduceus Europe. I gave them a GUILT sample and my Healing Touch in exchange for full immunity. This is how I've chosen to atone for my sins.

Derek: No... why are you telling me this?

Naomi: Trust is a crucial part of the doctor/patient relationship.

Derek: Yeah, but it's usually *cough* the other way around.

So he doesn't consider it important to trust the person who's about to slice you open?

Naomi: *chuckle* You may have a point. I had my reservations, of course. Doubts... about whether I deserved to keep operating. Look at us. You've saved countless lives, and you'll die if I don't save yours. But, I've realized something: as long as I'm still needed, I can be a doctor. I want my life back, just as much as you want to live. We both need to keep fighting.

Derek: I believe in you, Kimishima. *cough* I can trust you with... my life.

Naomi: See you on the other side.

This patient's initials are D and S, just like the Nintendo DS. His last name also sounds like "stylus."

And yes, the gimmick is worse than any of you guessed: two at once.

Naomi: Here are the test results.

Angie: This Chiral reaction shows two distinct patterns...

Naomi: Yeah. He's been infected with two different strains of GUILT at the same time.

Angie: Then, it's too late.

Naomi: There's no reason to assume the worst.

Angie: You're right. I'm sorry. What types, er... do we know which strains of GUILT are involved?

Naomi: The tests say Kyriaki and Paraskevi. You already know what the effected area is.

Angie: Derek's Heart. Kyriaki's lacerations are going to present a serious danger to his vitals. And if we give Paraskevi an opening, it will burrow directly into his heart. We won't be allowed any mistakes, so we'll both need... complete concentration.

Naomi: That's more like it. Just hold together, alright?

Angie: Saving Dr. Stiles will require two steps.

-Exterminate the Kyriaki.
-Exterminate the Paraskevi.


Today's operation is a tough one. You'd be unlikely to clear it first try, but once you know what's coming you can do it. It's a matter of working quickly and effectively.

No deep lacerations this time, just a handful of normal onces. Vitals start at 50 but max at 100, so make sure you get them up before you finish the last cut or you won't stand a chance. Once you do, Angie gives a quick confirmation of your objectives which I won't transcribe because it's all repeated info. Suffice it to say, you can't let Paraskevi burrow even once here.

Both GUILTs will attack at once, though you aren't likely to realize Kyriaki is there at first, since they can't be seen without ultrasound. Paraskevi is more dangerous, so you should deal with it first. As you can see, you don't have a full worm to deal with here. Instead, two worms that are already at the smallest size pop out. Simply remove them. After that, two more will appear immediately. Remove them quickly and deal with vitals/wounds as needed. Around this time, Kyriaki will be starting to make cuts.

You have, I believe, 5 Kyriaki to deal with it, with three appearing at once. You can't keep up with wounds and vitals while still attacking, so it's best just to keep wounds minimal, restore vitals to 50 between attacks, and try to wipe out as many as you can at once. When Angie says the reaction is weakening, you've finished them all. That's your chance to pump vitals again before the last section.

The "boss" for this operation is one mature and one ordinary Kyriaki, combined with two worms of size 2. That means you need to split them each before removal, for a total of four small worms. It's a tall order, which is why my strategy is to split the worms and activate the Healing Touch.

HT will keep vitals up which you take care of the worms and the cuts, and you can probably kill the small Kyriaki as well. By the time it runs out, this should be well under control.

Angie: Thank you.

Good to have that over with. These screenshots, by the way, are from a different run than the video. I did more than one for practice.

My incredible sloppiness under pressure and dealing with tighly-bunched cuts means I miss the chain again. What else is new?

Miller: Caduceus Europe would be ruined if Dr. Stiles had died on our watch.

Owen: You are truly a blessing, Dr. Kimishima.

Angie: Thank you, Naomi. I'm sure Derek will get well soon...

Naomi: I'm just doing my job; no need to thank me. But, why would you want to hide your tears from him? You think he doesn't already know? The man deserves to see how you feel.

End of Chapter 6-4

Expect the next one to be slow coming. After that, we'll fly right through to the end.