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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 39: 5: Original Sin

Chapter 6-5: Original Sin

Derek: Some doctor, right? Heh, I don't think I could even lift a scalpel right now. Did you need anything, Director Miller?

Miller: No, you can rest. There was just something I thought I should tell you.

Derek: Oh, about Dr. Kimishima? You don't need to worry. I already know. She told me about her past.

Miller: Yes, well, I hope you understand. She's become a valuable part of our team here. But that isn't what I wanted to speak with you about. This is something you don't know. Are you okay to walk? Please, follow me.

Derek: Sure, okay.

Derek: This is...!?

We didn't get to see him previously, but this is Adam, the head of Delphi.

Miller: The source of GUILT's evil is sleeping right there, in that capsule. He no longer breathes, and blood has ceased to float in his veins.

Derek: He's dead.

Miller: Well, he isn't alive. So technically, yes. We're preserving him at very low temperatures. Don't worry, he can't be revived. The strange thing is, his body shows no sign of putrefaction. We've been researching GUILT and Adam since the raid on Delphi's ocean fortress. Those studies were the basis of the regenerative treatments we showed you. We felt the risk was justified, if it meant saving more lives. But, there are times I wonder... are we continuing along Delphi's path?

Derek: Why did you show this to me?

Miller: I'm not exactly sure. I just felt you had the right to know.

Derek: How did you expect me to feel? All the work I've done, and now this!

Miller: If it motivated you in the fight against GUILT, then I wouldn't regret a thing. The neo-cells our treatment is based on came directly from Adam's body. His bodily fluids are being used in a unique new serum we're developing. We risked out lives on that ship, battling the evils Delphi had unleashed, but we also found a great treasure onboard. We've earned that bounty. I'll be going into further detail during the upcoming conference. I'd like to hear your opinions on the subject then, since you're such a valuable figure in the field on medicine.

End of chapter 6-5

Chapter 6-6: The Future of GUILT

-Caduceus Europe, Conference Hall-

Owen: Near-complete recoveries were reported in every one of these cases. I hope this demonstrates the effectiveness of the neo-cells, or Z-cells, as we call them. However, I'd like to convince you further by bringing up one of our Z-cell patients. Thank you again, Mr. Heigl, for your willingness to take part in this demonstration. There will be a short break as we set up for the next segment of the conference.

Miller: I understand your sarcasm. However, I went to a lot of trouble convincing the military to let us show even this. If we continued to conceal research, we would have lost our international support.

Hoffman: Regardless of my opinion, the results are impressive. I'd like America to research similar methods, if only to keep an eye on them.

Miller: Our country was generous to supply funding for our research, since they found it useful. On the other hand, it was given on the grounds that we'd be treating wounded soldiers.

Hoffman: Soldiers? What happens to them once the treatment is finished.

Miller: They can't return to duty. I assume they become civilians.

Hoffman: You mean your treatment takes all the risk out of sending men to war.

Miller: ......

Is this game seriously trying to insinuate that saving the lives of wounded soldiers is a bad thing? Because that's hosed up.

Owen: We're ready to begin, if you'll kindly return to your seats. I would like you to take a look at the screens. This was Mr. Heigl's condition before he arrived for treatment. As you can see, his abdomen was severely damaged by a bullet wound. Dialysis was the only thing keeping him alive. But once we implanted the Z-cells... come out, Mr. Heigl. You can see that he's doing quite a bit better now.

Nobody bothered drawing Heigl, so your imagination will just have to suffice.

Owen: Although he still has scars from several surgeries, internally, he's fully recovered! If we pull up a diagnostic image of his body's interior, you can clearly see that it's been restored to its natural condition, pre-injury. Followup treatment is simple and intrusive: we simply administer a serum semi-annually. This aids in the formation of tissue and helps to stabilize it. If Mr. Heigl will excuse me, I can demonstrate this treatment, as well.

Naomi: Even though, for all intents and purposes, it's just the eighth GUILT?

Angie: You're against it then, Dr. Kimishima?

Naomi: Your father told me there was no way to control that monster. He studied it for years. Created it. Even he was afraid of GUILT. I don't care how much research they've done with these Z-cells. If GUILT is involved, it's going to backfire. I just hope I'm not there when it happens.

Well, she said it. Three, two, one...

What's-- I don't *cough* Ugh... arrrGGGHH

Derek: What's going on?

Naomi: It's GUILT. This strain must be airborn. It's being released from his blood!

Help me!

Something's wrong, I... what is this?

Miller: No, this can't happen! Not in front of all these people!

Hoffman: We have to evacuate the attendees before everyone is infected! But, how can we...

Naomi: It seems a little rude to say I told you so. Think you can handle this, Stiles?

Derek: I'll do my best, but what about you?

Naomi: GUILT survivors develop antibodies to protect against further infection. Didn't they show you the research? In these conditions, anyone who operates on these people is going to get infected. Except that you're immune. Looks like you need to get ready.

Derek: I understand. Angie, will you be alright assisting me?

Angie: I'll be fine. We need to move the infected attendees to an operating area, stat!

Miller: How could we let this happen?

Owen: ......

Another Grey's Anatomy name. Katherine Heigl plays Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens.

Derek: What's going on here!? GUILT shouldn't be able to present this quickly!

Angie: Calm down, Doctor! We need to focus on treating the patient.

Derek: You're right, Angie. I just need to calm down. This one is going to take serious concentration.

Angie: I'm worried about your condition, but here are the test results. They were expedited, so the notes aren't complete.

Derek: But they're sure it's GUILT?

Angie: That's what the report says. In his right lung. By the look of these Chiral reactions, I'd say it's the Pempti strain, which gives us one objective:

-Destroy the Pempti core.

Once the core is gone, the fluid should go away naturally, as always.


This is just what you expect, and I don't have much to say about it. One thing I forgot to mention(but was reminded of in the Viddler comments) is that the special laser you get for Pempti does a lot of damage to vitals if you use it on the wrong part of the patient. So avoid that.

What you're looking at here is the only damage Pempti was able to do in the entire operation. I swear there's something about this one that makes it easier to deal with, especially the tumor cores. In the first operation, I could never destroy them all before they attack, and here I can do it with ease. Anyway, I completely wrecked this GUILT. Technically, if I wanted an XS, I would have to allow some lacerations to be made so I could gain the extra points.

Angie: But there are still people who need our help. Let's hurry.

I didn't get the chain of 90 I needed for the last bonus, and even with it, I would not have had enough points since I hardly let any wounds through. On the other hand, I hardly let any wounds through.

End of Chapter 6-6

There's no outro in this chapter for some reason, so I'll see you in the next operation. Without giving anything away, I hate it with every fibre of my being and don't want to have to do it again.