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by Opendork

Part 40: 7: Fallen Heroes

Chapter 6-7: Fallen Heroes

Yes! Johnson's back!

JOHNSON: Dr. Ashton has been confirmed infected. Mr. Alex Yang is also infected. Professor Ritz has been infected. We've confirmed Dr. Maffouse, as well. There are 22 others who are confirmed to be infected, 7 of whom show full Chiral reactions.

Miller: This is a disaster! GUILT is going to destroy modern medicine in one fell swoop!

Hoffman: Panicking isn't going to save those people, Langston. We're going to stop this if at all possible. I'll be helping with the operations.

Miller: Thank you, Robert. Dr. Stiles, Dr. Kimishima, I need you to operate on the four patients the Sergeant just mentioned.

Derek: Understood.

Naomi: We need to get started.

Miller: I understand this is a dire situation, but I sincerely appreciate your help. Where is Dr. Owen?

JOHNSON: Sir! There has been no sign of Dr. Owen for at least 30 minutes!

Miller: What!? Unacceptable! He shouldn't be abandoning his duties at a time like this!

Hoffman: How does this affect the situation?

Miller: We extracted samples from Adam in order to create a serum to combat GUILT. Dr. Owen is the only person who has access to them!

This strikes me as a pretty major security flaw.

Hoffman: Mind if I try to get more?

Miller: Hm... you might be able to. This is the only guaranteed cure, but you know there are certain risks when handling GUILT. I'll explain the procedure, but you must be careful at all times. Please follow me, Dr. Hoffman. We'll send the serum as soon as we can, Dr. Stiles! Do your best until then!

Angie: I have a plan. Dr. Stiles, Dr. Kimishima... you will both alternate treating these two patients. In other words, you'll each perform two procedures. The patients are being brought in...

Derek: Let's get to the operating room, then. There isn't any time to waste!

There are four patients this time, and four names.Alex Yang is named for Dr. Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy. I couldn't find anything for the other three. There are plenty of people/things named Ritz, though, so some localiser was probably thinking of one of them.

Angie: There are a total of four patients who require immediate treatment! You'll both alternate patients so one of you can keep an eye on the other three.

Derek: Got it.

Angie: While Dr. Stiles is operating, you'll need to prep for your next procedure. Please adjust your routine accordingly, Dr. Kimishima. Once Dr. Stiles closes his patient up, we'll move onto yours immediately.

Naomi: Understood.

Angie: Take time between operations to calm down and focus on the task at hand. Each of you will have two patients, meaning we'll complete four procedures total.

Did we mention that there are four operations yet? Oh. Well, did we mention it three times yet?

Derek: This is like the time we had ten minutes to treat ten GUILT patients. Remember, Angie?

Angie: This time there are only four, and we have two doctors, so I'm going to be optimistic. However, judging by this GUILT data and patient information, this is an entirely different situation than before.

Naomi: Even with two of us, we're going to have our hands full.

Angie: We're running out of time. Derek... Dr. Kimishima... we have to save these people.


This is, without a doubt, the worst of the new operations, and a huge pain. I went down to normal because I really didn't want to have to deal with it. The time limit isn't too bad, but you have four GUILT operations to deal with, only one of which can be considered trivial. Oh, and the first?

Triti. I haven't yet managed this one perfectly, but this is a good start point. If you're willing to give it up, you can also cheat through with the Healing Touch. You have two at your disposal in this operation, time slow, which you can use on either of Dr. Stiles' segments, and healing, which you can use on either of Naomi's patients.

I try for this as my second step, but I wasn't fast enough prevent the thorns from regenerating. If you can manage it, though, you can break the remaining six into pairs and do it in three steps. Just be sure to remove the bottom left and right-middle thorns you see missing here. I had to add a few extra steps because I made mistakes. There's a special bonus for preventing triangles from growing, so it's important that you do this one correctly.

Operation 2, with Dr. Kimishima, is Kyriaki. If you've made it this far in the game, this part should be trivial. The serum arrives after this, but it's just part of the plot and has nothing to do with anything.

Number three: Deftera. First, you have to drain this blood.

This one is probably the hardest of the four, and a horrible dick move from Atlus. You only have to do the second part of the operation(two pairs) but blood will continue to pool periodically. If it pools over Deftera while it's going crazy, you won't be able to cut it out until you drain the blood, and you will take an absurd amount of damage thanks to the lost time. For this reason, Healing Touch is useful to have saved from Triti. I actually got lucky and didn't need it at all.

The final operation is on Paraskevi, but there's another twist. The worm has already reached the heart, so you have no safety net for this one. It's the last gasp of a horribly evil operation, but the Healing Touch you should still have will help. You can easily have at least 5 minutes going in, so time isn't an issue.

Aaaaahhhh I'm so glad to have that over with!

Naomi: That's the last one, right?

Angie: Yeah. We have confirmation on that.

Naomi: Good. I'm glad we were able to treat all four of them. It's a relief.

Angie: Yes, but we can relax now, at least for the moment. You both did an amazing job.

I missed the one for chain, and limiting the number of times Triti grows.

And that's the end of that. No closing story sequence again this time.

End of chapter 6-7

Next time: The Final Chapter