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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

by Opendork

Part 41: 8: Vulnerability

Chapter 6-8: Vulnerability

JOHNSON: Dr. Owen has been taken into military custody. We found him in the underground parking structure, attempting to escape.

Miller: Why were you trying to run, Owen?

I think he was trying to escape this game. The plot sure has.

Owen: Unlike the rest of you fools, I know the future of medicine will not be a happy one. Who provided for me when I had nothing? Who made me a medical researcher? It wasn't your government. No! The man who created me is sleeping in your prison!

Miller: Then, you're one of Delphi's...

And so, the UK learned to run background checks.

Owen: Struggle against fate as much as you like. With an army of 7 billion, mankind will only defeat itself!

Miller: Shut up, Owen. After what you did in there, you expect us to listen to this nonsense? Humanity will continue to thrive well into the future. We're making that possible. Strip him of his rank and take him away!

Miller: The laboratory!?

JOHNSON: Adam's chamber, sir.

Miller: Oh no... Robert!

Derek: Then, they were actually taking the serum directly out of Adam's body?

Either Derek wasn't paying attention when they explained that several times, or he just assumed they were trying to mess with him.

Naomi: This GUILT is going to be a pain. It can genetically mutate at the drop of a hat. At least, according to the data we've been given. It might be even worse.

Miller: Yes, thanks to Dr. Stiles and Dr. Kimishima. They're goign to save you as well, Dr. Hoffman.

Hoffman: So this is how you find out if you were a good surgeon. No matter how many lives you save, it's impossible to save your own...

Derek: Don't strain yourself, Dr. Hoffman.

Hoffman: Listen to me, Derek! These may be my last words. No doctor can operate on himself. I suppose that is our fatal flaw. It's a test... when you're dying. *cough* I have to depend on the ones I trained... On you, Derek. It's the only way to *cough* know... was I a good doctor?

Angie: You're a good man, Dr. Hoffman, and an excellent surgeon. You passed on a lot more than your skills. Like your passion, and your kindness. Dr. Stiles should be all the proof you need. You're a great doctor!

Derek: We can continue this conversation once you're recovering.

Hoffman: Yes... we will...

Miller: Then, let's get Dr. Hoffman to the operating room and begin administering anesthesia. Stiles, Kimishima... I don't want to take any risks. I'd like you both to operate on Dr. Hoffman together. I'm sure you're exhausted, but the Healing Touch may be the only hope that he has at this point.

Derek: Of course. Losing Dr. Hoffman isn't an option. I'll do whatever it takes. Let's work together, Dr. Kimishima.

Naomi: I won't let you down.

It's the final operation, and the condition is... a mutant Savato? What will the difference be?

Angie: The tests came back positive for Savato. However, there is a high probability that this is a mutation of the strain. The points to focus on will be:

-Use the scalpel to destroy Savato's nest.
-Neutrilize its defensize layer with the laser.
-Once the Savato is vulnerable, attack it with the scalpel.

Let's just hope it's that simple. The Savato may travel to other areas during the procedure. In order to counteract this, you'll bothe need to be involved in the surgery. If you work together, I think we can save director Hoffman.

Derek: Understood!

Naomi: I see. Having two Healing Touches should even out the odds.

Angie: If you're both ready, we shouldn't waste any more time.


And so, the secret to this final operation is that-

It's the same as the last one. Yeah, no real changes here, just a little extra difficulty. Atlus couldn't be bothered to come up with a new boss.

Okay, there are a few changes. You can see that this Savato looks different. It also has different music for the operation.

Over time, his webbing turns red, reseting each time you cut a strand. If you leave it alone it eventually does a large amount of damage. Technically, this could happen in the first Savato operation, but it took much longer, so you wouldn't usually see it.

Sections of the operation on the lower heart are carried out by Naomi. There isn't any cool down where you need to remove the wounds before chasing Savato, because it's assumed the other doctor does so while you're busy in the other section. This also means you don't get to use that break to raise vitals.

I'm pretty sure you're allowed to use Naomi's Healing Touch, but I could be wrong, and it's not terribly useful anyway.

I wish I could say more, but it really is that much of a dissapointment. Eventually, you can inject the serum, and Savato counters again. You want to be anywhere above 30 vitals when this happens.

Both doctors get an auto-Touch here, so you can keep suturing cuts for awhile to get points. Naomi's power means that you'll be gaining more vitals than you lose. When you're ready to finish it, you need only draw another star.

This Savato dies the same way as the first, and any wounds you didn't bother to treat go away automatically.

Derek: You saved us again, Dr. Kimishima.

Angie: You both made this operation a success. Two doctor's with amazing abilities were able to save a third. The Healing Touch will be handed down, just as Dr. Hoffman wanted.

There is a bonus for chain, as usual. The rank is no problem if you get all the bonuses and do a lot of suturing at the end.

A solid rank to close off the final operation.

End of chapter 6-8

All that's left is to watch the ending.


Miller: I see. Dr. Stiles, Nurse Thompson, your flight home has arrived.

Derek: You didn't have to organize all this for us.

Miller: On the contrary. I wish I could do more for the heroes who saved us all. I know a lot has happened, but I do hope you'll forgive our insolence.

Angie: You should apologise to the people you treated with Adam's cells.

Miller: That's very true. We've recieved orders from Parliament to cease all GUILT research immediately. Caduceus Europe is under investigation, and only operating on a provisional basis. We will probably be tried for our actions.

Derek: GUILT was designed for the sole purpose of wiping out mankind. You should have realized it couldn't be used for anything else.

Miller: Doctors learn from their mistakes, and we're no different. I won't let this happen again.

Derek: You have a lot of skilled people to help you, sir. Good luck, Dr. Kimishima.

Naomi: Same to you. America's in good hands.

Derek: Thanks. Hey, you should come visit us some time.

Naomi: I can't go back. I've left America behind me. I bargained for Amnesty in Europe, but I doubt your country is so willing to forgive. ...Take good care of him, Angie.

Angie: Huh? Oh, of course. My stay here was an emotional one, but I learned a lot from you, doctor. Seeing you and Dr. Stiles working together inspired me to be a better assistant. Thanks.

Miller: Now that we've said our goodbyes, let me accompany you both to the airstrip.

The treaty was ratified by most world governments immediately, requiring that any GUILT-related studies be approved and disclosed to avoid further outbreaks. In addition, participating countries would be granted a Caduceus-appointed Medical Director who could act without executive approval. These directors became guardians of national health, moving toward a brighter future and ever-vigilant against new threats. Thus mankind banded together to share knowledge and resources in the fight against GUILT and medical terrorism.

Tyler: Are there any countries we haven't sent 'em to yet?

Leslie: I hope Angie isn't too homesick. Then again, she gets to see all those neat places and eat exotic foods.

This woman likes her snacks.

Clarks: Angie will be fine. I'd say Derek is the one you need to worry about. At least he has Dr. Chase here to take care of his workload while he's away.

Tyler: Ha! Don't dump that on me. But seriously, those two deserve a nice, long vacation. All this work hasn't left them much time to spend with each other.

Leslie: What do you mean? They're working together all the time.

Tyler: Oh, come on. You know what I'm talking about.

And we now rejoin Sidney and Dr. Hoffman standing around the Director's office talking about Derek, already in progress.

Sidney: The education division wanted to have a word with you about next month's training course. Something about the cirriculum, I believe. Do you need me to handle that?

Hoffman: Ah, thanks for letting me know. I should be able to take care of it myself. They invited a neurosurgeon from Germany to lecture for a week or two. I just need to modify the course structure accordingly. This is the first education seminar Caduceus has offered, so there's a lot to worry about. But, if we're going to provide medical care to the entire world, it's an important step to take.

Sidney: I understand. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Hoffman: Thank you. Speaking of which, I need you to mail this for me, addressed to one Dr. Derek Stiles.

Sidney: What's in the package?

Hoffman: Letters of gratitude we've recieved from his patients all over the world. Stiles deserves to know he's making a difference, don't you think? I decided I should send him some readdin material for the plane ride home.

It was extremely difficult to get clear shots of the credits as the scrolled, but here are just a few of the names of those to blame.

With that, we can close the book on the one point fifth Trauma Center game. If you own either of the appropriate consoles I recommend the two installments that came after, New Blood and Under the Knife 2. Both of them do a lot to fix the issues with the original, and have lots of new operations and features.

Actually, there is one little thing remaining. After you complete the game and save your clear data, you can reload your file to find a surprise waiting for you.

Oh God.

Please not again!