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Part 42: Operation X: An Overview

Alright, I've been putting this off, but this won't feel complete until I do it. Consider this a bonus update.

Operation X: An Overview

Before ending this, I'm going to touch on the X operations. As you can probably guess, they're a series of special operations you unlock after beating the game, in which you face an extra-difficult version of each GUILT. I had them all when I showed you the screenshot in the previous update, but you actually need to unlock them sequentially. The X ops have their own special difficulty, called Extreme. They also allow you to choose which doctor you'll use to complete them, with a seperate high score page for each. If you pick the version on the left side of the chapter select, you'll play as Dr. Stiles. If you choose the right side, you'll be operating with Dr. Kimishima.

Storywise, these operations take place at an unknown time, when Derek and Naomi are called to finish eradicating GUILT by removing all seven strains from Adam's body.

Each operation briefing starts by giving a "title" to the GUILT. For the hell of it, I'm listing them here.

Deftera: Creeping Tumors
Triti: Contagious Nightmare
Tetarti: Synchronized Venom
Pempti: Armored Bacteria
Paraskevi: Arrow to the Heart
Savato: Face-off with Death

Adam, who is apparently not unconcious for this, rolls off some anime shit about how bad humans are. Your doctor counters with something like "But people also do good things!" and the operation begins. My favorite is the Deftera exhange, which I'll faithfully recreate here.

Adam: Man crawls on the earth like vermin, only breeding and fighting for all eternity. Yet you dare judge them... You, who lost the ability to die.

Derek: What's that even supposed to mean!?

Anyway, the operations have no new twists or anything. They're just harder. Adam even gets fat for the Pempti one. If you complete them all, you get a message telling you that, although you are quite good at this game, you shouldn't attempt real surgery without proper training.

No, that's really what you get.

If you want to see these operations, you can find them on Youtube, I'm sure. As for me, I couldn't possibly make them any fun to watch, so I'm not going to try. Thanks to everyone who watched. If I decide to do another of these, I can come up with a way to do a better job than this, and nobody else wants it, I might do New Blood some day. And then there's the upcoming Trauma Team. Until that magic day comes(or not), I'm out.