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Part 10: To Live On

Is he making progress?
The African kid? He's a tough one. No need to worry. I had him help me with three heart operations with electroanatomical mapping, and he still wanted more. He's a great guy to train.
I agree.
You want to help train him too... That's what you're thinking, right, Dr. Stiles? Why don't you invite him to watch one of your PGS operations sometime?
I-I guess I could do that.
Anyway, aren't you getting a little carried away calling yourself "The Demon," Tyler?
Well, for a laid-back guy like me to get a tough rep, I have to be creative. By the way, he was thrilled when I lent him a recording of you using your Healing Touch. I hear that he's watching it all the time.
If you just ask him, I'm sure he'd be delighted to come watch you work, Doctor.

Yes? Oh, Dr. Clarks. How can I help you?
I've been looking for you.

His only role is to take over when Derek failed an operation. He's so forgettable that the guy who rip the sprites forgot to rip his.

It's about my PGS patient that was admitted today... When I checked her charts, I saw that she was a patient you operated on back at Hope Hospital.
Really!? Who?
She's a young lady named Linda Reid. Do you remember her?

Well, duh. She's the only GUILT patient from Derek's time in Hope Hospital.

Dr. Stiles... I believe she's psychologically exhausted. Would you mind seeing her as soon as you have the time?
No problem! Angie, let's go.
Right away!

But the root of her instability was, in truth, her GUILT infection.

There's a few things the game isn't mentioning here.

First, the localization ages her up into 17 from 14. This causes Linda to get caught up in anime time and stay 17-years-old for 3 years.

Second, Linda is 150.4 cm (59.2 inch) and 95.2 lbs (43.2 Kg) but she calls herself fat. It can be explained either by Linda's depression or by Japan being Japan

Third, Angie flat out told Linda to kill herself.

Yep. Thankfully Derek manages to calm Linda down soon after and cure her of that GUILT.

Hopefully Angie'd be better this game now that she has a counselor friend

Doctor, I... I've lived my life to the fullest ever since you treated me... I reconciled with my parents... I made it into high school... But still... Why!? Why am I being put through this again!? Please tell me, Doctor... Have I done something wrong!?
Linda... You've done nothing wrong. Nothing whatsoever! The reason for all this is that disease you contracted three years ago. You're not to blame!
Then, please, treat me, Doctor...! Please, get rid of this disease once and for all! I beg of you!
Linda... I promise! I will completely eradicate it this time! I won't lose to this disease.
...According to the examination, there are tumors in her lung. The reason for their onset hasn't been ascertained yet, but we can almost certainly connect it to PGS. She's emotionally unstable at the moment, and that's likely due to the illness as well.

On one hand, seems like everyone in this place never heard of depression or something. Maybe the war zone isn't the only place that could use a counselor.

On the other, nobody would be happy if their lung started acting up.

She had similar symptoms when she was suffering from GUILT the first time too...
I see... Then, we have to be cautious. Since she's developed so many tumors, we should operate on her as soon as possible.

I-It hurts! Doctor, m-my chest... hurts...! Help me, Doctor!
This isn't good, Derek! Angie, bring in the sedative!
Right away!
D-Doctor! It really hurts!
Dr. Clarks! Her blood pressure is dropping!
Alright! Get ready to begin an emergency operation!
It's okay, Linda! I'm here with you! Hang in there! Dr. Clarks! I have a favor to ask of you!
What is it, Dr. Stiles?
I don't mean to overstep my bounds, but... Please allow me to perform this operation!
Dr. Stiles... I had a feeling you would say that.
Then... you don't mind!?
She's always been your patient. I think it's best that you handle this procedure.
Thank you very much, Dr. Clarks!

The patient's lung was infected with the "Kyriaki" GUILT three years ago. But, due to Post-GUILT Syndrome, abscesses have now formed inside her right lung. There are two objectives in this operation:
We're going to be dealing with the regular tumor, not the vital-draining regenerating kind.

Dr. Stiles... Let's cure Linda for good this time!

Operation Video

Let's begin the operation. Please open her up carefully...

There's pus seeping out of the tumor! First, we have to treat the toxicosis though!

The game forces us to inject the sedative before letting us do anything else.

Toxicosis has subsided! Now we can continue with the procedure! Please drain the pus.

Pus is the liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria. It's gross.

Inflammations have occurred due to the accumulation of pus. To treat these inflammations, we'll inject an anti-inflammatory into them.

From what I've read, inflammations create pus and not the other way around. But having pus creating inflammations if left too long is a good gameplay mechanic, I guess.

Inflammations will slowly but surely drain our vitals. Injecting them is a nightmare on the Wii games (especially NB), but it's not bad in the DS games.

The inflammation treatment is complete. Please start extracting the tumors.

The pus will stop forming after we remove the tumors, but the game like to throw one right at the wound just to piss us off.

Needless to say, if we put the membrane on top of the pus, the game will count that as a Miss.

We can use the pus to determine the location of the tumors without memorization. We need to do this to get some Cool ranks.

We've completed the treatment... But her vitals are still unstable. There may be tumors we haven't found in a wider area. Let's use the magnification tool to look around.

In UtK/SO, the magnification tool replaces the ultrasound for a few operations. In other games (including this one), they both can be used simultaneously.

Once you have the magnification tool, use it anywhere on the operation field... Then, keep holding it down while you slide it in the direction of the area you want to check. You can scroll around the operation field for as long as you have it held down. To use the ultrasound, press the operation field where yoiu want to check, just like normal. Use the magnification tool and the ultrasound to find the tumors!

Hope you didn't get 'Lucky' and have the start of the sliding spot be right where the tumor is! If that happens, you'll lose your Cool rank for that tumor. This matters only if you're going for XS rank.

Anyway, we have four more tumors to deal with; two on each end of the lung. This is a good time to pop that Healing Touch.

Another disadvantage when playing on the DS: sometimes the graphics will screw with you. For example, you can't put the membrane on the left wound because the game will think you tried to put the membrane back into the tray but miss it (and thus giving us a Miss).

This means that we have to waste time using the magnification tool. It's minor but it can add up in hectic operations.

For whatever reason, using the Healing Touch will also makes the transitions go slower. The timer doesn't decrease during these transitions, so all it'll do is waste our time.

Operation complete. Good work, Dr. Stiles.
Back at you, Angie. Do you think she'll be fully cured now?

Like I said, you need to get Cools on those tumors to get XS.

It's actually gotten considerably better, Doctor. I can't wait to leave the hospital and get back to school.
It'll be just a little longer. You'll be able to go back soon.
Really? I'm so happy to hear that. Dr. Stiles... Thank you. Now that I think about it, you've operated on me three times, right?
Yes, that's right.
Was my operation helpful?
Huh? What do you mean?
This hospital is researching GUILT, isn't it? I was hoping you might learn something from my condition. I've caused a lot of trouble up till now, so...

Well, you let us pretty much experiment on your lung, so I'd say you're VERY helpful.

Please, don't blame yourself... I'm sure your case will help us out. It won't be long now before we find a cure for PGS. I'm positive.
You've become such a fine young lady, Linda. I'm proud of you.

And Linda was never seen again in the series. Which is good because that means she doesn't fall ill again