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Part 30: - Second and Third sins, Deftera and Triti

30 - Second and Third sins, Deftera and Triti

(Music: On the Cutting Edge of Medicine.)

"They used the innocence of these kids for their own twisted ideals. ...Doctor, it's another child!"

"....I see him."

"He already had respect, money, a family... It doesn't make sense."

"He didn't have a choice. Delphi only used children with a specific DNA composition. ...Angie has that DNA pattern. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"They held Angie hostage...?"

"It certainly worked. He had to help them, in order to save his daughter's life."

As we learned in the beginning of the game, Professor Blackwell had discovered Delphi, and knew that they were starting to create GUILT. He would have had them all arrested, but the day his wife gave birth to their first child, his baby girl was kidnapped from the hospital. Delphi promised Blackwell they would use her to create GUILT, and would eventually kill her if he didn't keep silent. In the end, Blackwell agreed to join them, not only to see his newborn daughter safe, but to have a full 8 years to spend watching over her until she was past the age Delphi needed. After those years were up, Blackwell was forced to leave his family and develop more GUILT.

"Any parent would have done the same... But another child was sacrificed in his daughter's place. He had to live with that guilt, and it ate him alive."

That's a very dark thought. This whole chapter, really, is a parent's nightmare.

"...That's terrible..."

"We'll have to work quickly. Help me carry him down."

(Music: Patient Profile)

"The patient is unconscious, but I'm sure it's still painful. Be careful."

(Watch This Operation: Mission 6-3, S Rank.)

(Music: Gangliated Utrophin Immuno-Latency Toxin (GUILT))

"This must be the Deftera subject... it's the same GUILT Amy had. Hurry, Dr. Stiles. We have to save this poor child!"

This is only our second time fighting Deftera, and it is not much more difficult than the first time. In fact, I would call Deftera the easiest GUILT.

The vitals didn't even drop below ninety, excellent. Let's see if we can keep this up the whole way.

"We've finished treating the first area... Hang in there! Proceeding to the second infected area."

...I can explain. For some reason one of the Deftera got stuck in its "entering a circle" dance, but there was nothing else there to join with. So it just kept spinning, around and around, for about a minute. I couldn't help but stare. That's never happened to me before. It distracted me from the vitals.

As soon as I hit record to make a gif, another piece collided with it, so you're just going to have to take my word for it. Sorry.

"Once they shut this facility down, the world won't have to fear GUILT anymore. Let's do what we can, Dr. Stiles."

"We've operated on a lot of GUILT victims together. I hope that after today, we never have to operate on one again."

"Roger that, Doctor!"

"We need more antibiotic gel, and we're out of blankets!"

"Got it!"

"We'll continue searching for the other kids."

Incoming Flashback...

"...I know why my father joined Delphi."

"Angie, he was only trying to-"

"What he did was unforgivable! I understand that better than anyone else could! I can't blame people for hating my father. ...Half of his sin is my responsibility."

"Delphi is responsible for that! It had nothing to do with you!"

"No. Not since Father made his decision."

"Another child died in my place! And I have to live with it!"

"They deserve real lives back with their families."

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry my father was such a fool!"

"You can still make it up to them, Angie. I'm here to help."

(Watch This Operation: Mission 6-4, S Rank.)

"I'll be here to support you. We have to save them..."

This Triti actually isn't too hard to deal with, since it's on one continuous piece. Much easier to wrap your head around and come up with a plan.

Frankly, Triti, I just got over a flu that left me in bed for a week so I don't have time for your shit today.

"Triti excision complete. Well done, Doctor. The nightmare's almost over.."

"Yeah, I'm afraid so."

"...I was... just thinking about my daughter's first cold. I would have done anything to make her feel better! I'm starting to understand why the two of you are risking your lives to do this."



"...Go on, hurry! The next child needs you!"

Next Time: We're still just at the tip of the Atlus iceberg.