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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 4: Fax 10200

No.10200 K
Travis Touchdown,

If you've come this far, then allow me to
congratulate you on clearing the game.
You're the first human to ever manage to
clear two Death Drive games, and
honestly, I'm pretty surprised.

I've been sending these over and over
hoping that you'll give up and turn back,
but the fact that I'm about to run out of
paper apparently means that you have
no intention of doing so. In that case,
hopefully telling you who I am will provide
my message with a bit more authority. My
name is Klark. I'm Dr. Juvenile's lover.
What comes after clearing these games
is nothing short of a tragedy for the
entire human race. I just pray that you
don't end up becoming the one to pull the
trigger on this tragedy.