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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 7: Fax 10300

No.10300 K
So you've cleared the third game. Simply
knowing the following information puts
your lives further in danger, so I didn't
want to tell you, but now I guess I have no

The military and the CIA were involved in
the development of the DDMKII. Juvenile
and I first met in the DDMKII lab. Barely
ten years old at the time, we were both
orphans, and were scouted by the
development team after our
hyperintelligence was noticed.

The DDMKII was originally developed for
a project to mvoe people to Mars. In this
project, the glove would collect personal
data, and then send the data to a
machine on Mars. There, a device sort of
like a 3D printer would create a clone of
the person, thus populating the planet
with human Martians.

However, the CIA repurposed the
technology for a different project in
which they planned to create murder
machines here on Earth. If drones could
be used to haul the printers to enemy
territory and print out soldiers there,
then they could pull off everything from
assassinations to full-on terrorism to
their hearts' content. The printers are
terrifyingly accurate, and can print up
everything from humans to weapons. In
order to stop this project from taking off,
Juvenile planted bugs in the mother
machine still in development, preventing
it from working properly.

Now you can probably imagine just what
will happen if you manage to clear all of
these games. That's right: the mother
machine lying dormant underneath CIA
HQ will reset, and the CIA will revive the
Death Drive project. Please, I beg of you -
stop and turn back now.