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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 8: Fax 10301

No.10301 K
To help you to understand the nature of
our work, I'd like to tell you about
Juvenile's background. She was originally
born in Ukraine and raised by a single
mother. She survived the Chernobyl
meltdown when she was small, but lost
her mother. After that, she was adopted
and sent toAmerica, where she gained
US citizenship. It's never been proven,
but there are rumors that her father was
a high-ranking US government official. We
do know that her adoption was facilitated
by the government. They say that her
genius intellect was inherited from her

We first met at the HAZRE lab. We were
just barely ten years old at the time.
While we both had extremely high
expectations placed upon us due to our
intellects, we were still just children. We
were also lonely. She was like a little
sister to me, and while dealing with the
mental and emotional strain of being
stuck between heavy responsibilities and
an excessively luxurious environment, I
devoted myself to development.

The project for the transfer to Mars was
extremely crucial to the US, and was
meant to finally reignite America's
worldwide stardom. It was literally the
American dream. But the project
required vast amounts of money. The
cutting-edge system came as a set,
along with tools for profiting from war.
While I did have some inkling of what was
going on, That was America's business -
not mine. I turned the other cheek.

I myself am an American citizen, and I
was as happy as anyone for the US to
regain its glory. But she was different.
The Soviets had contaminated and
ruined her Ukrainian homeland, and her
anger and disgust toward government
tyranny and oppression knew no bounds.
When she found out about the CIA's
project using the DDMKII technology to
develop weapons for assassination, her
feelings of utter hopelessness and rage
caused her to shut herself away in the

She planted bugs throughout all of the
games and made it so that those
entering the mother machine would be
unable to come back out. When she
barricaded herself in the lab, she was
prepared to die if necessary. Being one
of the top minds even in the US, my
superiors asked me to convince her to
stop. If possible, the government wanted
to get things under control the easy way
and get her back on their side. Me, a
proud American, and Juvenile, who hated
the very idea of "government" from the
bottom of her heart. We were torn
between our differences in nationalism
and patriotism, and our affection for
each other. It was hard. I'll continue
this story later.