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Part 9: Fax 10302

No.10302 K
There's one extremely important thing I
need to tell you. this is something tied
very closely to Juvenile's worldview. Her
adoptive American father was actually
the main character of Life is Destroy -
the game you cleared - and real-life serial
killer, "Doppelganger."

Until he adopted Juvenile, Doppelganger
was a good man - a social worker who
worked hard for the sake of society. But
Juvenile's mind-boggling intelligence
caused him to develop a psychological
complex and excrutiating stress, which
apparently drove him insane. Try to
imagine it: a small child instantaneously
able to work her head around university-
level studies, who is fluent in multiple
languages and zooms through the ranks
at school. She had a bright future ahead
of her. Yet Doppelganger spent his days
dealing with the futureless, the hopeless
- the poor and unfortunate people
deemed unfit by most of society.
Doppelganger's wife, finding Juvenile to
be creepy and frightening, was extremely
violent with her. Doppelganger himself
continued to slide further into insanity.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, he
murdered his wife and took advantage of
his position as a social worker to murder
numerous people who were striving to
return to society. It's difficult to say who
the real victimes and perpetrators were, I
guess. What's important here is that
Juvenile has seen her own life hit rock
bottom a number of times. And she has
lost her parents not once, but twice. So
her commitment to "family" is even
stronger than most other people. For
better or for worse.