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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 10: Fax 10400

No.10400 K
So it seems as though you really have no
intention of stopping. Since implementing
the bugs, Juvenile and I have been on the
run for close to 30 years. But the time to
finish this once and for all may be near.
We will begin making our own

However, if you, too, are prepared to see
this game of death all the way through to
the end, then in order to make sure you
don't make the wrong final choice I've
decided to let you in on the secret of the
DDMKII you've been playing. The
controllers for the DDMKII are loaded
with a horrible gimmick. They read the
player's personal data at the DNA level,
and create clones with increased
abilities and power, for the purpose of
creating powerful clone soldiers. These
clone soldiers are installed with a special
AI, turning them into murderous weapons.
If the hardware could be sold all over the
world, then data can also be gathered
from around the globe. Juvenile and I
have made every effort possible to
prevent this.

Juvenile's home country is Ukraine. She
lost her parents to the after-effects of
the Chernobyl disaster, and saw her
hopes and dreams destroyed by the
tyranny of the government.

Travis extraordinary
assassin, and a genius gamer. I've heard
that you're a lazy, selfish, overly
opinionated, fucking otaku - but also that
you're just, kind to cats, and a man of
your word.

This short letter contains our desperate
prayers. I just hope it reaches you