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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 13: Fax 10500

No.10500 K
Hacking the CIA led to a terrifying
discovery. We realized why almost 30
years of time passing had apparently
reawakened the DDMKII. Deep beneath
CIA headquarters sleeps the DD mother
machine - the DDAAA (Death Drive

This mother machine was an all-new tool
of war. After creating the clones, they
could be controlled remotely after being
sent into the field. THe clones were
loaded with filtered cameras, making the
opponents they faced in battle look like
nothing more than the bugs you've been
fighting inside these games. Erasing any
sort of guilt and doing away with both the
physical and mental damage sustained
by actual soldiers in battle, these drones
were the ultimate war machines. After
Vietnam and the Middle East, these
drones incapable of suffering PTSD
would prove to be the most amazing and
terrible solution possible to America's
miltiary issues.

Clearing six games will cause the DDAAA
sleeping beneath CIA headquarters to
reset and eventually restore itself. And
you are about to make this happen.
However, I want you to remember this: I
am in no position to stop you. Actually,
with such an accurate idea of the timing
of the system restoration, I should be
able to handle this. Crisis means
opportunity. We will fight for hope.