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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 14: Fax 10501

No.10501 K
We have spent such a long time fighting
against the restoration of the Death
Drive, but the times have changed,
bringing new advancements in AI, and the
system itself has evolved greatly. Up till
now, the system ran on programs
created by man. But now, we've reached
the point where AI is able to learn
independently and repair itself. And it has
created an AI that can connect to and
sync with the human brain. Apparently,
the mother machine beneath CIA
headquarters has been connected to the
brain of the recently dead, legendary
game creator, John Winter.

John Winter was our teacher, and it was
he who created the first version of the
Death Drive. I had believed that it would
be impossible to prevent the system's
restoration, but then you showed up. It
seems that however advanced an AI may
be, the condition of having to clear all six
games was crucial after all. Whether or
not you end up clearing the games, the
CIA will likely find a way to work things
out eventually. This means that we have
no choice but to go up against them now,
while the time is right.

I will continue this later.