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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

by ArclightBorealis, Kaboom Dragoon

Part 17: Fax 10601

No.10601 K
Even now, I pray that the United States
will open its eyes, do away with the very
option of using military force, and
advance the project for the move to
Mars. However, Juvenile plans on
launching an assault on the US. She's
going to take over Langley, and then
subsequently take over the entire US,
from the internal systems outward. She
plans to nuke our own country.

I know as well as anyone just how
powerful a nation the United States of
America is. However, over the past 20
years, we've greatly enhanced our
networks, our technology, and the
technology of those who support us. We
already know about the CIA's plans to
renovate each of their own systems.
Because of those renovations, Juvenile
will be able to slip into the US easily.

I love her with all of my heart. But at the
end of the day, I am an American, and I
must protect my homeland, my family,
and my friends. Having lost everything at
the hands of the government, I cannot
blame her for her actions nor her
decisions. But she has gone mad with
rage toward the idea of "government"
itself, and I must stop her from hurting all
those innocent people who simply love
and follow their own country, for the sake
of preventing her legacy and honor from
being forever ruined.