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Original Thread: Welcome to the Game Grid. - Let's Play Tron: Evolution [VLP]



Let's Play Tron: Evolution

Tron: Evolution is a really good licensed game that takes place before the events of Tron: Legacy. We play as an anonymous System Monitor put in place by Flynn to keep peace between the naturally-evolved "Isomorphic Algorithms" (ISOs), and the man-made programs. The contrast between free will and pre-determined thinking/routines often put them at odds. It's a pretty good struggle with some philosophical implications, but the game focuses more on the bigger pictures.

The gameplay is almost strictly platforming/combat, but I find nothing wrong with that simplicity. The combat is styled like a beat 'em up, but plays and feels somewhat unique, due to the addition of the Light-Disc. You use mostly ranged attacks, but it feels nothing like a shooter, either. The platforming is styled after Prince of Persia, but is a lot speedier. The platforming also gives you more options in combat.

About This Let's Play In Particular:

I have already purchased all of the character upgrades and gotten all of the collectibles. Much like another game I recorded -Force Unleashed II- this is to make watching the gameplay a lot more bearable. Some games have character progression as an inseparable piece of game design that cannot be removed without significant detriment to the overall vision. This is not one of them.


That's all! Thank you for watching!
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