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Troubles of Middle-Earth

by TooMuchAbstraction

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Original Thread: There is a Roguelike Megathread here, open it? [ynq]



Alright, let's play ToME! No, not that ToME, the other one. The old one.

This is ToME 2.3.5, from back in the day when it was still an Angband variant. It's way too frickin' huge (Angband is already probably too long, and ToME 2 is even longer), with quests, an overworld, multiple dungeons, a skill system, all that other stuff that you expect from a modern RPG. Except with its own twinkish twist on things.

If you want to download the game, you can find it here, along with a whole bunch of prior versions. You want version 2.3.5; 3.0 is its own weird thing and not really complete.

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