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Part 105

Music: play track 2

I open my eyes to the morning light.
Even though my body still feels heavy, probably because of yesterday's anemia, I feel pretty good.
...... How many days has it been?
How long since I had a morning so free of unease?
And today is my school's Founder's Day.
There's no need to prepare for school like I usually do, so I can enjoy the morning calmly.

Then, I notice.
Though I thought there was no one in the room, someone is asleep by the bed.
As if she has been nursing me all night long, Akiha is sitting on a chair, the top half of her body collapsed on the bed.

"...... Mm."
Akiha turns over weakly.
Sleeping, she has none of her usual strength.
Her defenseless sleeping face hasn't changed since she was a child. Because of that, I can close my eyes and vividly recall the Akiha from back then.

Akiha's path must be the color path.

"Nn... Nii... san..."
As Akiha murmurs to herself, I wonder what kind of dream she's having.

For some reason, on impulse, I lift the sleeping Akiha's hair.
While I watch her sleeping face, my heart becomes calm.
...... It makes me want to watch over her forever if I could.

"...... Akiha."
...... I remember.
When we were children, I always thought about it.
That day I vowed to hold this girl more precious than anyone else.
The Akiha who would cry as she held me.

"...... But it's no good, is it? The image from back then is gone. She's a proper young lady now."
I murmur, gazing at Akiha's sleeping face.
I let her long black hair fall.
"...... I'm...... sorry."
Knitting her eyebrows painfully, Akiha whispers in her sleep.
"...... I'm sorry...... I'm sorry, Nii-san......"

Akiha's breathing is irregular.

Oh god I don't want to know what she's dreaming

With her long black hair sliding off the bed, Akiha slowly lifts herself up.

"Good morning, Nii-san. Did you sleep well last night?"
...... As if she hadn't slept here at all, she greets me calmly. Just like Akiha.
Her guts, or I should say her response, is not normal.
"Yeah, morning. I slept well, thanks to you. It's been a long time since I had such a pleasant morning."

"Really? Is your body completely recovered, then?"
"No, it still feels kind of heavy. Today's a holiday, so I'll just rest quietly."

"Why Nii-san, it's unlike you to say such things. Usually you disappear off somewhere before anyone notices."
"Please don't say that. I'll be staying at home from now on, so you don't need to worry."

"Yes, yes, I'll accept half of that statement."

Smiling happily, Akiha gazes at my face.
...... If our faces stay as close as this, it'll be a problem.
Akiha's features are very beautiful, and if she keeps pointing that cheerful smile at me, I might go crazy.

She's your fucking sister! No... she is a sister that is not for fucking!

"---Please don't say stupid things like that.
You're my brother. And even if you don't act like a good one, nothing would change."
"...... Well, I suppose, but...?"

"...... It's nothing. But, it's true. I don't mind having to nurse you every day, so please, don't worry about it."

Akiha walks quickly to the door.

"Well, excuse me. I shall be out during the morning, so if you need anything, please ask Hisui."

And with that, Akiha leaves the room.

Ten o'clock comes around.
Although it's good to rest, lying in bed like this all day is boring.

"...... Ahhhh..."
...... But even so, it seems my body hasn't slept enough yet.
My body's still sluggish, and if I walk around and end up like yesterday, Akiha will get angry.
"...... Akiha will be back in two hours. And I promised her that I'd take today off, after all."
Telling myself this, I throw the sheets over me.

Two hours is plenty of time!

Music: stop

He must have masturbated quite vigorously.

Just a little.
I guess it's okay to go out to get some water.

"...but it's not like that makes me a vampire or anything, right?"

...... The detached building seems to waver in the sun.
My vision dims completely, like I'm in a hot desert. White.

...... There's a clatter.
...... From the detached building.
...... Someone.
...... Is there someone in there?

The script actually says 'breasts'. I guess that word is too naughty for the non-ero version!

Kohaku stands there with a blushing face, but does not move.
Akiha presses her lips against the bared white chest.

Nevermind, now they switch.... the script says chest and the game said breast.


Kohaku looks down at her bare chest, and Akiha crouches so that she is burying her face in Kohaku's breasts.
A thin red drop makes a line down her breast.

To continue the comparison, the game said "and Akiha crouches down before her."

Heh, that's quite a photoshop. I don't want to make a habit of linking nudity, but this one is far from erotic.

It's kind of like breast feeding, only with blood.


This is a dream.
It's a dream, so I should hurry up and wake up.

Music: play track 1

"Akiha, and Kohaku-san...?"
Akiha. Akiha was drinking Kohaku's blood, I definitely saw it.
"Was I just dreaming...?"
...... Perhaps.
No, it must have been a dream.
There's no way that was real.

"...... But... it was so real."
It has to be a dream.
The smell of the tatami mats, the two's ragged breathing, the gulping I heard from Akiha's throat.
I get out of bed.

...... I feel dizzy.
But I don't care.
The detached building.
If I go out to the detached building, I'll know for sure whether it was a dream or not---

What was Kohaku doing over there?

...... The house is as silent as the grave.
I think it's empty.
Akiha isn't here.
Because she said she'd be out during the morning.
Akiha couldn't have been in a place like this with Kohaku-san.

I swallow hard.
I take a deep breath, and step inside.

"'What is it'...? What are you doing in a place like this?"
"What? I just thought I'd come and have one last look around before it's demolished."
"---No, I don't mean that..."

I stare at Akiha's body.
Hm? ---Come to think of it, Akiha's wearing her uniform.
Wasn't she wearing her normal clothes a while ago...?

"Akiha, you changed your clothes?"

"Yes, since I went to school during the morning. After leaving your room, I changed, and I only just returned."

Didn't Shiki mention today was a school holiday?

"...... Really? Yeah, of course, you weren't doing those things in here."
--Yes, it was a dream, after all.
...... But, something's odd.
It's odd, but... who's odd?
Is Akiha odd? Or am I odd?

I don't think those choices are mutually exclusive.

When I saw that sight, Akiha was wearing her normal clothes.
It would be strange to change clothes after that, and what Akiha just said, there's nothing strange about it at all.

Except for that whole school holiday thing, which you're going to conveniently ignore.

So---that makes me who saw that dream strange.

"...... Nii-san? What is it? You seem pale. You said you'd rest all morning, so why are you out in a place like this?"
"Ah, I just thought I'd go for a bit of a walk."

"...... Really? Well, I don't care about that, but I forbade you from coming here. It seems you couldn't keep your promise to me, Nii-san."
Akiha glares accusingly at me.
Her gaze seems to see right to the bottom of my heart, which jumps in response.

"...... You're right. From now on, I'll be careful."

"This building is getting very old, so there's a chance it may collapse. Please don't come here anymore, Nii-san."

---Is it just my imagination?
I think there really is something odd about Akiha's attitude.
For one thing, why would Akiha be in such a dangerous place alone......?

"Wait a minute, Akiha. There's something I forgot to ask yesterday."

"Something you forgot to ask?"
"Yeah. That clearing where I collapsed. Long ago, I used to play with you there, but I feel like there was someone else as well. Do you remember?"
"---There was no one else. You're mistaken."

You lie! You filthy liar! ...Akiha lies about so much

Answering clearly, Akiha leaves the detached building.

"...... But, Akiha, there was a third child. A child adopted ten years ago. Are you saying you don't know about him?"
Left alone in the Japanese-styled room, I talk out loud.
Is Akiha hiding the truth about that child, or does she really not remember?

----I can't tell.

"Boy that sure is strange, huh?"

Eight years ago.
The near-fatal injury I received in an accident, and the child that had to be here.
The scene I remembered in the courtyard. Undoubtedly, it was a memory from eight years ago.
If I've started to see dreams of killing people, there's no question why. It seems that same thing happened right before my eyes, a long time ago.

Yes, surely the dreams eerily similar to the continuing serial murders are related to a nearly forgotten childhood memory and not getting bitten by a vampire.

...... I haven't seen Akiha since then.
Kohaku-san brought supper to my room, and Akiha has not come to visit.

"Well, I guess since I'm feeling better, there's no reason to visit, but..."
...... I still feel awkward when it comes to her.
If day breaks, and morning comes, and we say "good morning" as always, I bet the bad feeling will disappear.
"...... That's right. I'll just sleep today."

Music: stop

With the lights off, I curl up in bed.

But, Akiha is not beside me.
If I sleep like this, then...
I might dream about killing people again----

You know, Shiki, you just might be onto something...

I get out of bed.
...... I won't sleep.
I won't sleep tonight, I will stay awake.
Moonlight is streaming in through the window, so I can just gaze at the moon for a while---

"Huh? There's someone in the courtyard."
I look closely.
"Isn't that Akiha? What's she doing, standing in the courtyard?"
Akiha is standing quietly under a particularly large tree.

"...... Maybe she's taking a walk. It's past eleven already; she's so careless."
In fact, the first night I came back to the mansion, Akiha was walking about in the dead of night too.
......... Well, if I'm not going to sleep anyway...
If, like yesterday, I have Akiha beside me, I don't think I'll have nightmares---

God no, not yet, I'm not ready!

Music: play track 8

I walk in the moonlight.
The mansion's trees are painted in splendid autumn colors, and the falling leaves really look illusionary.

"...... Akiha? What are you doing, at a time like this?"
"What? I'm watching the moon. Just like you, Nii-san."
Showing no surprise at my appearance, Akiha turns and answers.

"Ah----well, I guess inside the mansion is fine, but it has been unsafe recently. You're a girl, so you shouldn't be wandering around outside at night."
"You're right. If you say so, I'll go straight to my room."
"Bah, it's fine now. ...... I, couldn't sleep either, so it'd be nice to spend some time together."
"If you'd like, then certainly, Nii-san."
Closing her eyes, Akiha nods quietly.
...... Akiha's nod seems as if she is praying for something.

No just god would ever answer that prayer

"...... I'm surprised. You're really nice tonight. Did something good happen?"
"Nothing wonderful has happened... but, I guess being able to talk to you like this might be something wonderful."
Akiha chuckles with a smile.
In response, my chest thumps.

"Nii-san? What is it? Your face is red. If you're still feeling ill, shall we move to the terrace?"
"No, I'm fine. I'd like to gaze for a little longer, so let's stay here."
"Yes... tonight really is beautiful. Of all the scenery around the mansion, this is my favorite."
Akiha smiles faintly.
...... Her behavior really surprises me.
Her atmosphere is terribly calm and gentle.
Amidst the red autumn leaves.
Tohno Akiha seems many times prettier then usual.

"Hey, Nii-san? Do you remember this place?"
"This place? You mean, this big tree?"
"Yes. When we were children, this was our meeting place.
When I was inside doing my lessons, I'd hear a stone at the window.
And then I'd slip away from my private teacher, and run out here."

"The people in the mansion were afraid of Father, so they wouldn't even talk to me.
...... But, that was natural.
I thought I wasn't meant to talk to anyone except Father.
There were lots of people, but to me the rules of the Tohno house were more important than any of them. So I was fine by myself, and I could bear Father's lessons."

"...... Yeah, I remember. He didn't care about me, but the old man was really strict with you. Shut up in your room all the time, doing lessons all day long. I really didn't like that."
"Yes. To be honest, I hated it too."
...... I guess she has sorted it out as something in the past.
Akiha laughs nostalgically.

"But, Nii-san, you were the one who let me notice.
...... You won't remember this since it was like an everyday thing for you, but one day, while I was waiting for the teacher in the courtyard, you came up, grabbed my hand, and began to run.
I asked what you were doing, and you said you couldn't play tag by yourself, so I should play too.
...... Really... Thinking back, you were a terribly pushy person, weren't you?"
Akiha giggles.

"...... Well, that's what children do. Please forgive my impoliteness."
"Yes... after that, Father scolded us, so it became harder for us to meet---"
"----Yeah, I became stubborn too. I decided I'd play with you once a day, and one way or another, I'd get you outside.
But, in the end, you slipped away yourself. But you'd just watch from far away and never come close."

"It's fine. I was happy just with that.
---Yes, I really was happy.
You took me out to play, and Father would scold us afterwards.
Father's scolding got worse day by day, right? So, I began to think. He won't come today. He shouldn't come today. I don't think he'll come today...
But, you always betrayed my expectations. Every time we were scolded, and I thought you wouldn't come anymore, you always appeared, smiling.
You always said Father didn't scold you, but it was a pretty bad lie."

"...... But, that was the happiest time.
When you went away, life returned to normal again, but I didn't suffer.
But, the memories of you were stronger than anything else, Nii-san.
...... You say you left me alone, but that is wrong. I----I was always saved by you.
Because I had memories of you, I was able to remain as Tohno Akiha."

And, like an illusion, Akiha smiles.

"---There's something wrong with me. If I was always clinging onto you like a child, I could hardly be head of the Tohno House."
"...... Stupid. That has nothing to do with it. It's okay to depend on someone when you need to. We're brother and sister, after all."
"No, that was only when we were children. It was decided that I would be the heir of the Tohno House. So, I cannot depend on anyone; I must manage on my own."

"...... What's with that? Just because you became the heir of the Tohno House, does that mean you can't make your own decisions?"
"That's what it means to become the heir of the Tohno House. Long ago, that's what I was taught to believe.
---But, I'm still no good at it. After all, I'm showing weakness like this, aren't I?"

As she speaks,
Akiha jumps forward with light steps.
As if dancing, she walks amidst the fallen autumn leaves.

...... My chest hurts.
I don't know why, but right now, I want to embrace Akiha tightly.
...... Is there some magic in the light of the moon?
Even though she's my sister... no, because she is my sister, I really want to protect this girl.


Music: stop

It's unnecessary.

It's something unnecessary.

Red hair. The image of blood. A demon that drinks blood.

----That is not human, therefore...

It, must be eliminated.

This... sister?

-----No, I'm not going to kill yet.

I'll enjoy this woman's body first.
Her slender arms. Her beautiful hair. Her small breasts.
Her body, perfect like a beautiful doll; I'll violate it.

No, bad vampire, bad! Vampires don't have sex, especially not with sisters!

---My throat is hot.
It's just like...
when I kill people in dreams. Hot.

"Nii-san, please hold on. I'll help you, so let's go back to the mansion."
Voice. I can only hear Akiha's voice. No, I mustn't see her face. If I do, I'll...
"---It's okay. I... won't touch, your body."
No. I can't touch it.
If I touch it---I don't know what I'll do.
"...... I'll go back first. Make sure you come in too, Aki, ha..."

With what little reason I have left, I run from Akiha.

Aww, he didn't kill her. But... he didn't fuck her either. I'm okay with this outcome.

Music: play track 6

I don't understand myself anymore.
Memories of eight years ago.
Akiha, and a boy covered in blood.
An event I can't dismiss as a dream or as reality.

-----Tohno Shiki, like a killer.

I can't deny it.
After all, those in the Tohno family have problems.
Death by madness. Death by violence. Disappearances. Psychotic episodes.
Akiha drinking Kohaku's blood.
Me, seeing homicidal dreams.

Thinking about it, I have to smile at my foolishness.
Why should Akiha be strange?
Akiha is normal, and that's just what I imagined.

Yes, I'm the only one that's mad.
Only I am---wanting blood tonight as well---

Music: stop




-----Once aroused, my body can't be calmed with something like sleep.

Tonight too, I shall relieve my thirst.

Music: play track 4

---When did I unknowingly fall asleep?

Long hair swaying.
Wandering the town at night.

----I'm having another homicidal dream.

It seems I found new prey.
Anyone will do tonight.
Killing a strange man, dragging him into a back alley.

It's growing more and more conscious, Shiki is dragging men into alleyways now

----It's the same again.

An obstruction appears.
I throw the body aside and rise.
Someone. Someone is watching me.

----The black figure appears.

Shaking my hair loose, I look up at the moon.

From rooftop to rooftop.
From shadow to shadow.
The figure follows.

----The black figure looks a lot like Ciel-senpai, matching the fiend's unnatural speed perfectly.

----The movement stops.

Since it's excited.
It seems ready to fight.
It seems tired of running.
It probably felt like playing.

----Ciel-senpai is coming.

----It's too cruel to watch.

Lifting her hands up, they too are skewered with pipes.
Hung like a crucifix, Ciel-senpai is stripped.

----...... I know it's laughing.

Sliding its tongue over Ciel-senpai's breasts, it laughs.

I'm pretty sure that's another script difference.

Ciel-senpai simply glares, doing nothing.
----Blue pupils like flames.
Looking into my eyes.

Music: stop

----Organs break.

----Like peeling off a scab,

I wake up.

Mother of all updates, a full chapter in one update and there's still more

I jump out of bed.
It's almost six in the morning.
"Even Senpai---why?"
...... No, that woman in priestly robes wasn't necessarily Senpai.

Because, there was something different about her.
The me inside the dream was strange, but that Senpai was even stranger.
Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and throwing swords like bullets.
It almost seemed like Senpai was more of a monster than the killer.

---So it has to be a dream.
Because when I opened my eyes, I was sleeping in my own bed.

"---I can just call it a dream?"
I laugh.
Whether or not it was a dream isn't the problem.
What I remember and how much I didn't want to kill are meaningless.

---All I know is, my body is still excited.

That happens to every guy, no matter what kind of dream it was. You get used to it.

The feel of breaking the man's neck,
of skewering Ciel-senpai's arms over her head, and licking her body.
...... I can still feel the heat of her breath.
So, whether it was a dream or reality makes no difference.
I killed someone and tried to rape Senpai in either case.

"Shiki-sama...? You seem pale. Are you still ill?"
"...... Nah, it's not that. I'm always like this in the morning."
I get out of bed.

...... My head aches, but I ignore it.

"I'll go to the sitting room. I bet Akiha's waiting?"

"No. It seems that Akiha-sama is not feeling well this morning either, so she shall be absent from school today."
"Eh---but, she was fine just last night."

"I cannot say. Since I heard this only from Nee-san, I do not know the details."
"---I see. Another fit, like before, I guess..."
"Nee-san is in the sitting room, so please ask her for the details."

With that, Hisui leaves.

Music: play track 2

"...... Just tired out? Really?"

"Of course. Oh, Shiki-san, you're panicking. She must be really important to you."
Kohaku-san laughs happily.
As she speak, I realize how tense I was getting.

"Ah... nah, I wasn't really worried about Akiha, I was just..."

She knows. You can't hide it anymore. KILL HER.

"Just what, Shiki-san?"
Her eyes stare straight at me.
I'm not good at lying, and I don't want to betray my feelings.

"---Ah, no, you're right. Akiha's important to me, so like you said, I was worried."
...... Though I'm embarrassed, I tell Kohaku-san my true feelings.

"Shiki-san, you're very honest today. Please, say that when Akiha-sama's here."
With an innocent smile, she says something pretty scary.

"... Oh, come on. There's no way I could tell Akiha that.
By the way, is she still asleep?"

"Yes, she took some medicine and went to sleep a short while ago. She said 'there's no need to visit, so Nii-san should just go to school'."
"...... Really. Well then, I'm glad."

I sit down on a sofa.
...... At least this is one less thing to worry about.

"Ah, Shiki-san. Last night, were you really talking to Akiha-sama in the garden?"
"That's right. I couldn't sleep yesterday, and when I looked out, Akiha was in the garden, so I went out and talked for a bit. Why?"

"Well, Hisui-chan said so, so I was a bit worried.
But, Shiki-san, you shouldn't be going outside late at night. It's very dangerous these days."

Music: stop

A man. A male victim.
The unknown man I killed in the dream.

Well you can expect a lot more men from here on out

...... Kohaku-san is saying something.
"Ah---no, it's... nothing."
That's all I can say as I stand in amazed shock.

It's hard to cut and walk.

I step through the gate.
There are people like me all around, going to class.
...... Every time I see them, I freeze.
They are people who never think of murder. And amongst them there are people like me, attending the same lessons.

"...... Yumizuka. At last, I know how you felt."
No, I can't compare my situation to hers. But perhaps now I understand a little of her feelings.

...... The way I am now, I can't be here.
I have killed many people already.
It doesn't matter if it's a dream or not, but with desires like that, I must not be here.

Music: play track 3

I'm so surprised, I can't speak.

"Hm? What's wrong? Your face is red, Tohno-kun."
I forgot.
Thinking only about myself, I forgot about Senpai.

"...... Senpai, um---"
I don't know what to say.
I should apologize for last night, but I still don't know myself whether that was a dream or not.
But, more than anything---

"I dreamt about raping you. Sorry."

"Yes? What is it, Tohno-kun?"
"No, you... you seem the same as ever, Senpai."
---More than anything, Senpai is the same as ever.
So, either last night's events were just a dream, or the figure in black wasn't Ciel-senpai.
The person who was skewered with an iron pipe last night would not be attending school today... and if Ciel-senpai was the figure from yesterday, she should not be smiling warmly at the killer.

Script: "The gleam of naked skin, its soft texture. My fingers gripping her soft breasts with most of the red blood flowing over her like a tattoo."

...... This is bad. I remember too much, it's too real.

"Tohno-kun? You've really been strange for a while. Maybe you should get some medicine from the nurse's office before going to class?"
Is she concerned? Senpai peers up at me.

"Uh---wait, Senpai..."
If she gets close, I'll remember last night's dream.
...... With Ciel-senpai's face appearing before me, I can feel my face going completely red.

"Ahh, you seem really ill."
Dropping her shoulders in amazement, Senpai stretches out her hand.

Senpai's hand touches my forehead.
Her warmth and gentle touch is too much.

"Wait, Senpai... it's nice, but, right now it's a bit---"
"Hmm, it doesn't feel like you have a fever."
Senpai ignores my words, pressing her hand against my forehead.


As she takes my temperature, I catch sight of a bandage under the sleeve of Senpai's uniform.
...... The bandage goes a little way down from the base of her palm.
There's no mistaking it.
That is where she was skewered last night.

Hello there, Mr. Convenient Plot Device. Let us not question why Miss Heals All Wounds In Twelve Seconds is wearing a bandage and simply move on.

Music: stop

My body heat vanishes instantly.
I feel as if reality is collapsing around me.

"...... Senpai. That bandage on your arm. What happened?"

"Ah, this? Well, it's embarrassing, but it was my own negligence. It healed already, but I felt like putting a bandage on. It's nothing major, so don't worry about it."
Senpai speaks casually.
...... Why?
Because, I know it's a lie.

Just felt like putting a bandage over a fully healed wound, huh?

"Tohno-kun, do you have a moment?"
Saying so, Senpai takes my arm.
...... I can't find words yet.

Ciel-senpai says nothing, and she pulls me behind the school building.

This just makes me laugh. "Ohh, that was that iron pipe, right?" "*blink blink* We need to talk."

Music: play track 1

"I guess I made you skip class."
For some reason, Senpai sounds so normal.

I can say nothing.
I can only hang awkwardly on this ray of hope.
That in a moment, Senpai will say, "What are you talking about? Last night, Tohno-kun?"
That dream will be a dream after all, and Senpai will just be Senpai.

"...... Senpai, I..."
"Yes, I should show you this first."
Interrupting me, Ciel-senpai rolls up the sleeves of both arms.
...... Both arms weak, wrapped in bandages.

"...... Crap. It's real... it really happened..."
Senpai says nothing else, but merely stares at me.
At me.
She knows Tohno Shiki is the killer, then why...

Why does she...
"Why have you said nothing until now, Senpai...! You knew I was the killer, right? So why didn't you---"
I can't understand why she continued to be my ordinary school senpai.

"I've killed people. I did that to you last night. How can you face me like that, Senpai...!"

"It's not unusual. I'm your senpai, so why shouldn't I? Whatever you say, I haven't seen you out at night."
Straightening, she speaks frankly.
...... She hasn't met me at night----but yesterday we were fighting to the death......?

"---What are you talking about, Senpai! Twice now, you've interrupted me killing someone...!"
"That's true, but I've never raised a sword against you."
"Wha---that's nonsense, you've thrown loads of them at me! I saw it clearly. Or are you saying that figure wasn't you? Are you pretending not to know!?"