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by Seorin

Part 107

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

"That's odd. You've killed so many people, yet you are frightened to die yourself."
Her voice, tinged with disgust.
Her eyes, rimmed with contempt.

Her dagger, ready to kill me.

Music: play track 4


But, that's strange.
It had to have been the same time. But only I am alive. Senpai's head, HEAD, is the only thing rolling and rolling and rolling.


In other words.
From the very beginning,
Senpai never... intended... to kill me.

"A, haa, a, haahaahaahaa, haha!"

My throat seems stuck.
Senpai's body is so red.
The hallway gets wet.
Red paint coats everything.

That's... not paint.

That way of thinking is so macabre it's really, really funny to me. "Oh, look! A sprinkler!"

"----What's this? This isn't a big deal."

Yeah, it really not a big deal.
I thought there would be something more, but I only have this floating feeling.

"If it's like this... my dreams were more..."

Lively and real.

I stand up and start walking.
My feet splash with each step.
Before me lays the head of the woman named Ciel. Her eyes seem to stare at me.

"How stupid, Senpai. I don't know how much confidence you had, but there's nothing that can't die."

So, it was your mistake.

What's mistaken is everything.

The illusion is over.
Even though I desperately denied it until now, this confirms it.
I am just a killer.
With my own hands, I destroyed what shouldn't have been destroyed. The foundations of my being are crumbling away.

"Kk----what's this, Yumizuka? It's just like you said."

I start to laugh.
It seems I have gone insane.
The truth that I am the killer seems so funny to me.

...... The stage set in the dark forest begins.
I don't quite understand, but if I am a killer, I must act like a killer.
To begin with, let's go out into town and continue my dreams.

I catch a random person.
I take them to the alley and wait for the person to awaken.

After a while, the person's eyes open.
As gently as possible, I offer a welcome with both arms spread wide.

Damn do I ever love this dead end, even if it's amazingly fucking creepy.

Music: stop

Music: play track 3

"Just where do you get off killing me, mister?! You march back in time RIGHT NOW and you'd better not kill me this time!" <>

Music: stop