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Part 108

"That's odd. You've killed so many people, yet you are frightened to die yourself."
Her breath blows into my eyes.
Her words make me dizzy.

I love how absolutely pissed off she looks.

My fingertips fill with strength.
But that's all.
My arms don't move at all.
...... I don't want to die. It's not that I'm willing to die since I'm a killer.
But if I don't kill Ciel-senpai, I'll be killed.
So right now, I understand that even if I don't want to kill, I have to.

So why?
Why won't my arm move----

"Aw, who am I kidding? I can only cut myself."

Music: play track 7

Oh, now that's low.

I wanted to talk more with you, Tohno-kun.
That's why I really don't want to die now.

Those words.

But, this is for sure the best way.
---So, don't cry, Tohno-kun. You did the right thing.

They force themselves into my memory.

I... I'm sorry, Yumizuka!


I see now.

"Like this, you'll die. So why? Why aren't you moving your knife?"

That's because...

"...... I can't."

"Why not? Even though you've killed so many people up to now?"

Never again.

"...... I can't do it."

"You just killed that corpse. After you've done it once, a second, or third time will not change anything. If you don't do it, I will kill you."
...... She's serious.
In a second, the killer called Tohno Shiki will surely be killed.
It's not that I'm not afraid.

Yeah, but still---

As I speak, tears flow.
It's not like something is sad, or someone's unhappy.
But the tears running down my cheeks don't stop.

Music: stop

Music: play track 8

"Eh---Sen, pai...?"

"See, are you satisfied? You're not a killer. Those words were true words.
So, all this is just a dream. Tohno-kun is Tohno-kun. Very gentle, thoughtful, and so sensitive as to cry over something like this. Just the ordinary, everyday boy I yearned for."

ehehe... yeah... certainly Shiki would *never* decapitate his dear Senpai.... No, definitely not.

Saying so, Senpai puts the dagger away.
Her scary tone of death disappears, and Senpai returns to her everyday gentle self.

Persuade 'im? She damn near killed 'im! ...yeah, that didn't work.

"I only break the ribs of people I like."


---And with that, I collapse.
All the things I've been thinking about up until now seem so foolish.
"Haha, ha---"
For some reason, it's funny and I laugh.
As Senpai says, my fear that I might be a killer has disappeared.

"...... Yeah, you're right. It feels like I finally got it. But that's terrible, Senpai. You went too far today."

"Yes. I've been going easy on you up until now, so I made up for that too."
Smiling, Senpai holds out her hand.
I take it.
With a grunt, Senpai pulls me up.

"Well then, I promised to tell you what I know. What do you want to hear, Tohno-kun?"
"What---well, that's obvious. I want to know everything about my dreams. Why do I have dreams about killing people... who exactly are you... there's a lot I don't understand."

"Ahh, I see. Well, let's start with the dreams you have, Tohno-kun.

"See, that's what I mean. When you sleep, you go into the killer's mind. Well, not exactly going into but more like being taken into.
So, even though your viewpoint was that of the killer, didn't you feel as though you were watching things from afar?"
That's---precisely right.
Even though I've had dreams about killings for a while now, they've all felt as if I were watching a "scene".

"Certainly, there is a killer. But it's characteristics are more like a vampire's."
"...... That's fair enough. Certainly, you could call someone like that a vampire."
I remember the scene in my dream.
That guy, while enjoying the killing, he ate their flesh and blood.

"Yes. I am the person who came to this town to deal with that vampire.
...... Although I can't tell you the details, the world has various defense mechanisms. Just like there are police to deal with those who break the law, there are also many organizations which deal with heretics who are inhuman.
...... Think of me like a member of that kind of organization."

It wasn't every night! It took her a few nights to find him

"...... Huh? So you've fought the vampire several times already?"
"Twice now. The first time it escaped, and the second time, our encounter was rather painful."
"Right? So, you've seen his face, haven't you? So didn't you know immediately I wasn't the vampire?"
"No. Unfortunately, I couldn't be certain. Since some vampires can change their bodies freely, you cannot rely on appearance to identify them."
"...... Really. That's a problem, then."

"But, now it's clear. So we've beaten around the bush, but this vampire is the serial killer then?"

"Yes. The dead bodies reported as victims of the serial killer are merely leftover food.
Usually the flesh is consumed completely, or the blood is drained and they become vampires too, so there shouldn't be any bodies left."
"...... Hold on. If people who get their blood sucked turn into vampires, then wouldn't they start multiplying?"

"No, there is a limit to those who are killed by having their blood sucked, yet 'remain' without dying. Most humans cannot separate the soul from the body, so the soul dies with the death of the body.
Only perhaps one in a hundred people can 'remain' without dying.
...... Like Yumizuka Satsuki did."
"Wha---Senpai, you knew about Yumizuka?"

"No. By the time I got there, you had already destroyed her.
...... I'm sorry. Back then, even though I knew you were in pain, I couldn't help you."

"----No, it's alright. I want to think that what happened with Yumizuka was for the best.
...... But, I see now. Yumizuka wasn't a vampire from the beginning. She was attacked by that vampire, and that was the result---"
"Yes, that's true.
But I don't think there are others like Yumizuka-san. It takes many years before a vampire can function as a vampire.
For her to be able to function immediately, Yumizuka Satsuki must have had amazing spiritual conception."

"Eh...? Spiritual conception? What's that?"
"A functional extent of the brain determined when a person is an embryo---or so it is said. Like how you use your ability, it is employing a section of the brain most people never use.
The same for Yumizuka Satsuki. She was naturally 'suitable'. So, instead of being under the control of her parent vampire, she became a vampire that could act independently."

I don't understand Senpai's explanation.
But, one thing occurs to me.

I love how she explains it as though to a third grader. "That's what we call 'supernatural powers', okay?"

"...... Special blood... you mean, the blood of the Tohno house...?"
"Yes, the Tohno bloodline is ancient.
But looking at the history of the Tohno family, one can see the abilities of its members are varied. Such as those who can receive divine inspiration, those unable to maintain their shape as humans and become killers, or those who never awaken to their power.
...... As time passed, this blood has thinned and probably most of these abilities do not occur anymore."

I'm aghast.
If what Senpai says is true, then not just me, but Akiha will also have something "broken" like my eyes...?

"Shall I continue?
Tohno-kun, you asked a while ago. Why are your senses merging with those of the vampire?"
"Ah... ah, yes, I did..."
"I think that is also related to your abilities.
Your brain has a larger channel than other people's. Because of that, when you sleep and your sense of self dims, your mind is drawn towards a vampire which has an easily connectable brain with you."

"Huh...? Senpai, what do you mean, an easily connectable brain? You can't mean they are made similarly, right?"
"No, that is precisely what I mean.
Have you ever heard of twins sharing experiences?"
"Twins sharing experiences...?"
"For instance, if the elder brother is injured, the younger brother who's miles away feels the same pain. I think that your dreams are similar to this.

"The brain is an organ that manages reception and transmission. Since every person's brain is made from a different blueprint, we have to communicate our feelings through language. But if two brains are precisely the same, thought will be transmitted without the need for language.
To put it in the previous terms, since the brain's channel is on the same frequency, the electric signal is received.
Since your brain is superior to others', you connect to the bodies close to you."

You're listening to S.O.U.L. October is killer month here on S.O.U.L. - grizzly murders, mutilation of the flesh, and occasionally even rape all beamed right to your brain while you sleep.

"...... It can't be. I don't have any twin."
"I know. But in your case, it doesn't need to be a twin.
It's not like you are merging with them, but more like you have similar brains. Since your brain has many channels, there is no need for you to be identical twins.
Simply the same roots, a similar body... that's probably all that is needed for you to be drawn in.
Probably a sibling with the same parents... Well, I suppose an exception could be made in the case of organ transplants; the 'flesh' might pull on your mind in that case."

"----It can't be. That's... that's wrong."
...... Senpai doesn't answer.
In my mind,
I see Akiha's figure, drinking Kohaku-san's blood.
"That can't be. I knew it, it wasn't a dream. I was the one who killed people and drank their blood.
Because, if I not----"
All together, it makes sense.

"...... I suspected you at first. But after meeting you, I decided you weren't it.
But I might have just been fooling myself. So, tonight was a gamble for me.
If you had killed me without hesitation, I would have known you were a vampire... But, you weren't, after all."

Ahehe, yeah, sure is good Shiki didn't kill you then, huh?

No, I shake my head desperately.

---I won't accept Senpai's words.
I can't accept them.

...... But, I remember.
In the detached building, the face of Tohno Akiha drinking Kohaku-san's blood.

"...... It's not Akiha. The one with strange power... is me."
"--You may be right. Just by looking, Akiha-san does not seem to have her power awakened. She is certainly contaminated with it, but only to a level that she can still turn back."
"...... No. It's not Akiha...! I'm the only one who has these troubles.
Akiha waited for me for many years, and just today, she said goodbye to me properly...!"

"I only hunt vampires. Whoever it is, I cannot overlook them."

Unable to speak, I only bite my lip.
...... I don't understand.
If... if Akiha is such a thing, what should I do?
Should I pretend not to realize, or should I fight Senpai to defend Akiha?

Shiki's good at not realizing things

...... It's useless.
No matter how much I think, I can't find any answers.

"---I won't ask what you'll do now. We'll part here."
Her eyes emotionless, Senpai extends a hand.
Saying nothing, I take her hand.

For only a brief moment.
Senpai and I exchange a hollow handshake.

With just a goodbye, Senpai departs.

Music: stop

...... I return to the mansion where Akiha awaits.
I know from the conversation with Senpai that what I see are just dreams.
But, the fundamental problem is still unsolved.

The vampire--the truth, that thing which kills people every night.
If it's really Akiha, what can I do? What should I do?
I don't know.
Regretfully, all I can do is bite on my lip.

Music: play track 7

More color!

----Because we stole everything from you, Nii-san.

The reason why Akiha is crying is something that has already ended for me in the past.
...... It would be a lie to say I didn't hold a grudge.
But, a six year old girl can't feel responsible for that, and it can't be something she would apologize so desperately for. In the first place, she didn't do anything wrong.

---I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Nii-san.

...... Why didn't I notice?
From the very first time I met Akiha, she was always apologizing to me.
In this big mansion, the only one who cried for me.

---Thank you. But, that's enough.

Smiling, I stroked Akiha's head.
Akiha looked up at me, bewildered.
Then, for the first time, I felt strongly...

---You don't have to cry, Akiha.
From now on, we're brother and sister.

...... I remember Akiha's face laughing happily.
I made a promise then.
We would be a real family.
Since I was the elder brother, I would protect Akiha, whatever happened.

Music: stop

Such thoughts.
I had a time where I held on to those thoughts as if I was dreaming.

Music: play track 2

"Shiki-sama, what time did you return last night? Akiha-sama was waiting in the sitting room."
"...... Yeah, I was tired yesterday. I knew Akiha was waiting in the sitting room, but I went straight to my room."

Answering, I feel depressed from self-loathing.

...... Last night.
After parting from Ciel-senpai, I returned to the mansion and went straight to my room to escape Akiha.

Although I denied it to Senpai, I was afraid to ask Akiha.
I can't just ask Akiha, "Are you a vampire?" If the answer was the worst possible, I wouldn't know what to do.
Thinking about that sort of thing, I can't face her, and I can't talk to her.

"Hisui. Is Akiha already in the sitting room?"

"Yes. She has been waiting for you for some time."
"...... I see. That's bad..."
Right now, I have no confidence that I can talk with her as I usually do. I'm not sure I can manage even a casual greeting.
"Hisui. Sorry, but could you stay with me today? Until I leave, I'd like you by my side."

"Well, if Akiha's going to be pissed off anyway, I might as well have a cute maid follow me around. I've always wanted to order her to do this...."

Although her expression does not change, Hisui looks at me in shock.

In the sitting room, Kohaku-san is drinking tea with Akiha.
"Ah, morning, both of you."
Somehow, I greet them naturally.

Maybe she's mad at me for going straight to my room; Akiha glances only briefly at me, saying nothing.

She's thinking, "Hisui is so fired."

I know what they're going for, but I can't help but imagine a super happy Shiki on the stairs gleefully diving face-first towards the bottom floor.

"Well, I'll go and prepare breakfast. Please wait with Akiha-sama."

Kohaku-san goes into the kitchen.
Akiha says nothing.
Feeling an unpleasant atmosphere, I sit down on the sofa.

An uneasy silence rules the sitting room.

There's something strange about Akiha's attitude.
It's obvious she cares about last night, but she's different from usual.
Usually, she would at least say "Why didn't you tell me when you came home?" Instead, she looks incredibly nervous.

As do I

"Akiha-sama, Shiki-san! Breakfast is ready...!"
Kohaku-san's voice comes from the dining room.
"Well, shall we go, Akiha?"

"---Yes, let's go, Nii-san."

Somehow, Akiha seems awfully meek this morning.
...... And now, I hate myself even more.

Before, I was thinking how difficult it would be to see Akiha, yet I'm thinking if she is this subdued, I want to talk with her more.

"Since today's Saturday, I'll be back a little early... Ah, but you don't need to wait out here. Since I may go to play for a bit, please wait in the mansion."

When you're eight years old it's normal to 'go play'. When you're 17 it means something completely different.

Affirming her consent, Hisui bows and we leave the gates of the mansion behind.

Clearly Hisui has no problems with Shiki getting his mack on.

"...... Hey, Akiha."

"Ah... ah. Yes, what is it, Nii-san?"

"I give up. Are you a vampire? A simple yes or no will do. Well, maybe just a no. I might have a few more questions if it's yes."

"What is it...? You... you seem really odd this morning. You're not even angry about last night and you seem really distant."
"Eh---does it seem that way?"
"...... Yeah, it does. Are you still feeling bad? If so, you should be resting---"


"...... Um, Nii-san, you don't really look well either."
"Ah----no, that's..."
I shake my head, to throw off the unpleasant image.
...... There's something wrong.
Since Akiha suffers from the same frailties as I do, there's nothing strange about her taking a day off school.
I have to trust Akiha, so I can't let my imagination run away with me like that.

"I'm fine. More importantly, what's wrong? Somehow, you seem really feminine this morning, not like yourself at all."

Hahahaha, this man can compliment a woman like no other. He has a supernatural gift alright.

"...... You just said something really terrible, Nii-san."
"Ah, yes, that's a little more like it. I'll feel uneasy if you're not like this, Akiha... Well, being calm isn't that bad every once in a while."

I think it's the hate-filled glares.

"...... Well, it's okay. If you say there's nothing wrong with you, I won't ask anymore. Come on, let's go inside."

Looking like she wants to say something more, Akiha follows me into the school building.

"See you later; since school finishes early today, we can have lunch at the mansion."

"Hm? What is it, do you feel bad after all? If so, I'll take you to the nurse..."

"No, I feel fine. I don't feel bad at all. But there is a reason I just... feel completely lost this morning."

I'm guessing that's the closest art file to 'flushed cheeks' they had for Akiha. Not counting ones where she's naked. ......

...and this is the calm, gentle, polite, proper lady, huh? Yeeeeahhh....

"What's this all of a sudden? When we were children, that was eight years ago. You say promise, but there's so many promises I made to you.
Even if you ask me like that, I won't be able to remember."

"That's... true, but... aren't there some things you want others to remember? Last night, I had a dream about when we were small, so I wondered if you would remember."

"Akiha. You think I can remember everything just because you saw a dream from your childhood?"

Music: stop

"...... But, it was nostalgic. Don't you remember, the first time you called my name, and stroked my head under that tree?
Back then, I would cry easily, right? Everyone would try to calm me down when I cried, but you would be sad with me. So it caused me to cry more, but afterwards, I really felt like there was nothing sad anymore.

From that time, I----Nii-san? What's wrong? Do you feel ill...?"

Yeah, that wasn't suspicious at all.

I part from Akiha, feeling sick.
...... Why?
Why is the result always the worst possible?
Being drawn into the vampire's mind as I sleep.
Last night.
I didn't want to know I was dreaming the same dream as Akiha instead of the killer's dream.

Music: play track 1

"Oh, you're early, Tohno. You look pretty pale this morning; you alright?"
"Arihiko? ...... Honestly, you, Akiha, you all keep saying the same thing. Do I really look that bad?"
"Uh? Nah, actually, you look much like you always do. I guess you just look really down, huh."
"......... Down, huh."

"Arihiko can always tell when I'm feeling down."

Certainly, I feel down.
If Senpai came and said,
"Wasn't it like I said?"
I wouldn't be able to say anything back.

"---Arihiko? Have you seen Senpai today?"

"Eh? Which Senpai?"
"Which...? The only Senpai we both know is Ciel-senpai, right?"
"Who's that? 'Shieru'? Were there any foreign students at this school?"

----My mouth falls open in astonishment.

"...... Arihiko, you..."
My broken voice gets that far. But I can't get any further.

" don't love me anymore?!"

"You really don't remember Senpai...?"
"That's why I'm asking, who is this Senpai you keep talking about?"
I can't answer anymore.
I begin to understand the meaning of the goodbye she gave last night.

"Oh, old Kunifuji'll be here any moment. See you later!"

Arihiko returns to his own desk.
The teacher enters the classroom, homeroom begins, and after that, the first period starts with physics.

----I just observe vacantly.

Senpai has really disappeared.
She has not merely disappeared from before me, but she has vanished, without a trace.

----The spell has easily faded.

...... Looking somewhat sad, she said that.
Arihiko doesn't remember her. I'm sure no one else remembers either.
She was never a student here.
She was just sent here in order to observe me.
So, once she revealed her true character to me, there was no need for her to remain here.

Music: stop

Lunch comes, and all classes end.
Seeking to enjoy Saturday to the fullest, my classmates rush out of the classroom.

"Oh? What is it, Tohno? You're not going?"
"Ah, just staying a bit longer. I thought I'd wait a bit for someone."
"Hmmm? That'd be Akiha-chan, huh?"
"No way. If it were Akiha, I'd go and pick her up. I'm waiting for someone who has no reason to come, so I don't know if I'll get to see her."
"Right. Well, later."
"Yeah, and don't go playing around too much at night."

"I don't like it when you flirt with other boys!"

"Ahah! I'm done for if you have to tell me that."

"I mean it this time, Arihiko! If I catch you one more time, we're through!"

Arihiko goes, and the other students start to go as well.
I am left alone in the classroom, still waiting for Ciel-senpai.

Music: play track 8

Click, the hand of the clock hits 1pm.
As the sounds of practice begin to echo from the grounds, the classroom door slides open.


It is Akiha.
She comes over to my seat by the window.

"Nii-san? You're not going home?"
"...... No, I'll go. I just haven't seen Senpai today. I thought if I waited here, she might come by."

...... No, that's wrong.
I just want her to come by.
But, she's never going to appear before me again.

When we were small, Akiha was always crying.
And for eight years, Akiha waited for me.
And even now, Akiha simply accompanies me calmly.

...... When I was told that Akiha might be a vampire, all I did was to deny it.
The reasons are obvious.
Akiha is my important younger sister, so I didn't want to accept it.

...... The girl I promised to protect.
The reason I returned to the Tohno mansion.
My surprise when I met Akiha for the first time after eight years, now grown beautiful.

Whoa, hey, hold on... we went from 'dear little sister' to 'grown beautiful'... can we take a few steps back?

Akiha is important to me.
I think I love her.

I... guess not.

But what kind of love it is, I cannot put into words clearly.
We've lived as siblings for only two years.
During that time, the feeling of wanting to protect her was stronger than the feeling of family.

For the love of all that is good in this world, turn back! This line of thinking leads only to darkness!

I don't understand.
At times, I gaze on Akiha so much that I don't understand myself.
It's not that she's important to me because she's my younger sister.
She's just important to me.
Even if she's a vampire, I---

Still want to fuck her, yeah, I get it.

"Akiha, you----"
"Nii-san? What is it? You have such a terrible expression right now."
"...... Why? Why do you remember, Akiha? Everyone has forgotten Senpai, so why do you remember her...!?"

Akiha's expression freezes.

And then, she looks away from me.

"Akiha. Could it be... you knew from the beginning who Senpai was...?"
She doesn't answer.
...... The silence means "yes".

"Akiha...! Answer me, you knew Senpai was a vampire hunter from the beginning, is that why you didn't like her...!?"

"Vampire... Nii-san----"
Akiha looks at me, aghast.
...... Her face doesn't seem surprised at the word vampire, but it seems she's surprised to hear it coming from me.

"...... Akiha, answer me. If you don't, I---"
I won't be able to believe you.

What the hell kind of threat is that? If she doesn't answer, what is there not to believe?


"Yes. That's why everyone didn't think it was odd for someone to have a name like Ciel. Since I was unaffected by her, I realized there was something different about her."
Akiha explains herself.
But, she left out an important part.
If everyone was taken in by Ciel-senpai's hypnosis, why was Akiha unaffected?

"When the hypnosis is removed, those people affected by it will forget the person called Ciel. Since I was never affected in the first place, even though it has been removed, I remember her."
"...... I get it. But Akiha, why weren't you affected?"

"---Well, that's---"
"...... I see. Those of the Tohno bloodline aren't normal. Because of that, Senpai's hypnosis was ineffective."

"...... I heard from Senpai. That all those in the Tohno family have special powers. ...... And that among them, there are those who end up not being able to restrain themselves and kill others."

"But, I don't believe it. I don't want to believe it..."
"Please tell me, Akiha. You're---not a vampire, are you?"

Hahaha... well, ask a stupid question...

Akiha doesn't answer. She merely narrows her eyes painfully.

Why won't Akiha, even if it's a lie, say 'of course not'---

"--Say something! Why won't you answer, Akiha...!"
I cry out, since the silence is painful.
...... A little more silence follows.
As if nothing was wrong, Akiha walks gracefully to the window.
Her long red hair is transparent in the sunset.
Her red hair flutters as she turns around.


Akiha's gaze drills into me.
We're separated.
Even though she's away from me, there is a feeling of tension like she's right in front of my face.

"Answer me, Nii-san. I asked, if I were a blood-sucking demon, what would you do?"
"---Akiha, that's..."
"If I were to confirm that, there would be no need for me hold back. Do you understand, Nii-san?
I could stop being obstinate and become more honest with myself, right?"
With terrible pressure and a glint of cruel enjoyment in her eyes, Akiha gazes up at me.
I shudder as I look at her.
Even though Akiha is looking up at me, her gaze is so cold that she seems to be looking down on me.


Akiha's eyes are cold as those of a stranger.
"Akiha, you---"
My voice stops there.
Whatever happens---whatever happens, I cannot finish.

"Just a joke, Nii-san. I don't drink people's blood."
With a delightful smile at my hesitant state, Akiha releases her blade-like gaze.


"I... know...?"
"Yes. So, your question is meaningless. Because I am not what you think I am, Nii-san.
Well then, is that all? In that case, I am going home."
Akiha is about to leave.
But, no.
...... If I miss this chance, I feel there will be no more chances.
Having come this far, I can't let her go without asking her everything.

"...... No, there's still something I want to ask. About the other child, when we were children."
"You're really persistent, Nii-san. Didn't I tell you there was no other child?"
"That's not true. Our old man adopted a kid ten years ago."
Akiha raises her eyebrows.
It's not like her previous reaction, a hiding of guilt. It's more like anger.

"Troublesome girl... and here I was going to let her keep that pretty little head of hers."

"...... Akiha. There was a third child. Even I remember vaguely. Can't you tell me? He... why did he die?"
"No. That child did not die."
"But he was killed. ...... By your hands, Nii-san."
"Wha---I, killed---?"
Saying that.
Dizziness assaults me.

Music: stop

"See, Nii-san. Doesn't everyone have secrets they have to keep to themselves?"
"So, you should stop thinking about such things. It's enough if you just live at the mansion as Tohno Shiki."

---Akiha leaves.
I have no words to stop her.

The classroom in the sunset.
Only I am left, standing, unable to move.

Music: play track 1

...... Is it pointless?
It's undeniable that Akiha is something "different", and it's clear that there was a third child who is now dead.

Akiha says I killed the third child.
And I remember looking down at a bloody body in the courtyard.

"...... Kuh."
Akiha drinking Kohaku-san's blood.
Akiha saying the Tohno family is inhuman.
...... Senpai, saying it would not be strange for the minds of siblings to merge while they sleep.
So, there's no longer any doubt.
Even if I don't want to accept it, it's true.
At least.
At least, if I didn't see Akiha drinking Kohaku-san's blood----

...... Hang on.
When I saw Akiha and Kohaku-san, it was in my dream.
I saw Akiha and Kohaku-san in a dream.
That means, if I was merging with Akiha's mind, I wouldn't be able to see Akiha herself.

"...... Then, the person seeing that dream..."
It couldn't have been Akiha, who was being watched.
If Akiha is a vampire, she would never see that.
"--Yeah. There's no way Akiha could be the killer!"
Saying that, I jump off the bench.
Though I will be embarrassed later, I run around the park.

"She's not a vampire! She's just my sister! That means we can fuck after all!"

No, hold on.

Music: stop


The killer, was watching Akiha.
Inside the mansion.
Like watching its prey, from a dark corner.
As if he decided his next prey was Akiha.

My back freezes.
But this is no time to stand around.
Crying out, I run to the mansion with all my strength.

Music: play track 6


I gasp for air.
I catch my breath from running, then run into the mansion.

"...... Kuh."
I wipe it away.
In this boiling night, I grasp the door of the mansion.

I feel dizzy.
A chill runs through my bones as if my brain was being wrung out.

I don't think it would be the first time.

This isn't my normal dizziness.
My consciousness isn't blurred. Instead, it's sharpened, like a honed blade.

---I grit my teeth.

Without reason, hatred boils up.
The dizziness does not fade, and despite a violent headache, my body fills with strength.

There's no response to my cry.
The mansion is completely without power.
There is no sign of anyone.
"Hisui, Kohaku-san...! Is there anyone here...!?"
There is no reply.
The only thing here is heat and silence piercing into my skin like needles.

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