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by Seorin

Part 109

I was just being silly about a prize, but since the correct choice was picked I'll see if I can't think of something fun. In the meantime, have another update!

...... I run up the stairs.
The heated air and sense of foreboding seem to stretch over the dark of night like glass.

----*pant*, *pant*, *pant*.

Breathing heavily, I reach the top of the stairs and walk down the hallway.
...... My back hurts.
This terrible feeling in the air gets heavier as I draw near Akiha's room.

"Doesn't Kohaku know by now that seafood gives Akiha terrible indigestion?"

Music: stop

They just had to go out of their way to mention Akiha has small tits.

But, there's something more strange.
Akiha's black hair. It has turned into a bloody shade of red.
"Akiha---you're really Akiha...... right?"
...... The hair looks red in the darkness.
But, it's definitely Akiha.
"Akiha, hey, come on......! What happen---"

I hear a noise.

I turn back.
The direction the sound came from---there's, someone standing by the moonlit window.

...... It seems to be someone wrapped in bandages.
"------Who are you?"
The man does not answer.
...... A cold chill goes through my spine.
I feel death in my nerves.

...... The person is just there, broken.
Abnormal eyes that seem out of this world.
But there is some intelligence. It seems the bandaged person has both intelligence and madness.

"---I asked you who you are."
I hold my knife and stare at the person.
The bandaged man appears to be smiling.

Music: play track 4

"I feel sad, Shiki. You don't even remember the person you've killed?"
He steps toward me.
I back up, holding Akiha in one arm.

"Can't you tell, Shiki? I'm the guy you killed."
"What are you saying-----"
Just listening to his voice gets on my nerves.
I hate him. ...... The hatred I was feeling since I entered the mansion is concentrated on him.
This hatred. Is my instinctual drive to remove him a homicidal impulse?


My heart beats.
From somewhere inside me, my body screams.
It screams that this person must be killed.

"----I see. You're the vampire."

Holding Akiha with one arm, I hold out my knife with the other.

The man laughs as it was really funny.
"Don't even try. I am you. There's no one who can truly kill himself."
"I'm taking Akiha back. She was mine to start with."
Another step.
The man comes closer.

"I won't stop. I came to get everything back from you. Name, position, power... everything was mine."
The man opens his arms and talks proudly.

"...... Well, I guess you forgot it. It's that old man. I bet he put a strong spell on you to make you forget."

"And I bet you yourself---wanted to forget about the ugly past, Shiki?"

"We were nine years old and YOU STOLE MY LUNCH MONEY, now it's time to PAY!"

He laughs.
My vision shakes.
Eight years ago, eight years ago, eight years ago-----

That's the time I was sent to the hospital from that accident.
That was the last time the three of us played together in this mansion.
That was the time-----that child was there, and all the blood----

Yes, why did I forget?
He was with Akiha back then. The third kid's name was certainly that.

"Yes, it's really been a long time, Nanaya Shiki. You finally remembered that you were an impostor."
The man's---SHIKI's lips turn up into a smile and he laughs deeply.

I've read different things on this so I'm not sure which is true, but the symbol on Shiki's knife either says 'Nanaya' or 'Nanatsu Soryu'.

Headache. I have a headache.
The lid opens.
Which was sealed shut. (By whom?)
I can't look at it. (At what?)
The box of forgotten memories.

Music: stop

Music: play track 9

I wish I could forget this fucking background image.

Tohno Makihisa.
Nanaya Shiki was adopted by the person who made him alone.
Probably, because it was amusing to him that I had the same name as his son.

It's something that happened ten years ago.
I was adopted.
I was brought into an unknown mansion.
My family were always people I didn't know.
My life in the detached building.
The boy and the girl I met.
The big garden we played around in.
A hot summer day.
Akiha getting attacked by a shadow.
I could only think about helping her, and the moment I used myself as a shield----

----I was commanded to forget everything.

By Tohno Makihisa.
By my own father.
He commanded me to live as Tohno Shiki and not Nanaya Shiki and---

Music: stop

Music: play track 4

"Bitch, you ain't my sister! Get back on the floor!"

"----Is it shocking? I bet it is. It should have been a big shock to know that you were an impostor, since you thought you were Tohno Shiki this whole time......!"
SHIKI laughs.

"But, that's nothing compared to me.
You know, Shiki, I was killed by the person I thought was my best friend and even had the name Tohno Shiki taken away from me. You even took Akiha---my Akiha......! Can you understand how I felt!?"

"Killed----? I, you----"

"Yes, the old man almost killed me afterwards, though.
The Tohno blood finally awakened inside me, but I was imprisoned underground, and lived in the dark for eight years.
---That damn old man. He said he'd let me out if I returned to being a human...! He thought it would be inconvenient for Tohno Shiki to be gone, so he made you into Tohno Shiki."

...... So,
the adopted kid that was here ten years ago was me.

Tohno Shiki SHIKI SHIKI Shiki Tohno SHIKI Tohno Shiki SHIKI Shiki Shiki SHIKI Tohno Shiki

A big impact.
I was blown out to the hallway with one strike from SHIKI.
My back strikes the wall.
I can't breathe.
My head, I---still can't think straight.

Music: stop