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by Seorin

Part 115

Know why I hate the other decision? It's the exact same as one of the results of this decision, except the Ciel lesson says "go back and get the same thing again because this one doesn't qualify as an ending even though it is one!"

Unrelatedly, I love seeing you guys participate in my running jokes

Music: play track 8

What---could I do about it?
No reason, no intelligence, a girl that's just there.
There's no crime.
Akiha is not the one to blame...

-----Please kill me.

I recall those words.

---Please kill me with your hands.

What a cruel wish.
She could only ask for that---she couldn't even ask for help.
If you asked---I would have been on your side until the very last moment, even if the whole world was against me.

---Please keep our promise.

...... What severe treatment.
I did leave her for eight years, but I never thought I'd be retaliated against in such a way.

Akiha said...
Not knowing who you are and going around killing people out of instinct is more frightening than death.

Senpai said...
If you become something that just kills because of instinct, sometimes death is the only salvation.

I grip my knife.
Surprisingly, I feel no sadness.
It's like my mind has gone empty; I don't want to feel any emotions.
I step on the dead autumn leaves as I walk towards her.
Akiha notices me and greets me with a smile.

---Death can be salvation.

I walk.
Akiha does not run away, but waits for me happily.

----Please kill me.

The autumn leaves fall.

---That was your last wish.

Akiha is laughing.
There's no more distance to cross.
Now all I have to do is stick out this arm.

----No matter how painful it is for me,

"I have to kill you."

Music: stop

Saying that,
my eyes suddenly overflow with tears.