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Part 117

This from the guy that killed Yumizuka.

So if I live up to my belief, I cannot kill myself.
It's not like Akiha has died either.
If she's alive, she might get well again one day if I take care of her.
I know that to give away your life that easily means you have an illusion that death is honorable.

"------But still."

Still, I want Akiha to be happy.
I just want Akiha to be much happier than I am.
I was dead eight years ago and Akiha has given me this dream this whole time.

So this is just about giving back what used to be hers.
There's nothing to be sad about and there's nothing to lose.
It's an end where everything goes back to where it came from.

The autumn leaves fall.
Akiha lies on the red ground.
Her hair on the ground is red. It flows through the red leaves as if melting in them.
Her face looks peaceful, as if she's having a happy dream.

She ripped SHIKI's heart out and can gnaw through your bones with her bare teeth. If I had to guess, she doesn't really have to worry about catching cold.

"...... I have to return what I have borrowed for so long. I've borrowed it for too long, but I can still give it back to you in time. Right, Akiha?"
...... If this body is being kept alive by Akiha,
then if I am eliminated, the life should go back to its original owner.

I place the knife on my body.
My heart screams loudly.
I am still scared.
Since I'm scared, I look at Akiha's sleeping face so that I can go away calmly.

As I start to pass out, I watch the falling autumn leaves.

They lay thick like snow.
It might be because it is so beautiful.

My mind goes blank as if I am going to sleep.

Music: stop

Music: play track 2

-----Warm sunlight.

I feel the bright sunlight coming in from the window, and I open my eyes slowly.

So much for suicide.

I hear a knock on the door.

"Excuse me."
Hisui comes in with a bow.
Hisui shuts the door as if she had a lot of experience doing it.

...... A quiet morning.
Looking at her acting like it was natural for her to come into this room---I feel for a while that this is my own room.

Did she say... Akiha?

"It is true, right? I'm going to get changed and go to the sitting room. Can you go tell that to Kohaku?"
".................. Yes. Excuse me, Akiha-sama."

Hisui exits the room quietly.
The room suddenly feels lonely.
...... Nii-san did not bring any of his belongings here; there is only a bed and a desk.

"............ Really, how could you sleep in such an empty room, Nii-san?"
I am surprised.
I would have obtained for him anything he wanted, but Nii-san did not ask for anything.
...... I guess he was reserving himself a bit, but he was basically a person with no desires for things.
He was like that from the time we were small.
He said with a smile that he did not want anything and he was happy if we were with him.

But that made me uneasy.
He did not leave anything and he was not restricted by anything.
And he let me know as a child that to be free is to be lonely.


I look out the window.
The view Nii-san was always watching.
The forest is illuminated under the blue sky.

Music: stop

Music: play track 9

Yes, since I was a child.
That load that was there since I wished to save my brother, was gone, as if it never existed.
...... That load was painful for me, but it was also a load that relieved me.
I always had only half of my energy and I always felt a load, but I was happy.
Because that load was Nii-san, and I could feel Nii-san as long as I felt the load.

I just have to point out that she did, indeed, feel her Nii-san's load.

But that started to feel really light.
I looked around the garden.
I could not see Tohno Shiki anywhere in that night of falling leaves.
Then, I understood.
Why I was able to live.
Why Tohno Akiha returned to the original Tohno Akiha.

Music: stop

Music: play track 2

"Hmm? What is it, Hisui? Would you like to relax too?"
Hisui looks at me with an angry expression...... no, it's more like she's staring at me.
It is a bit unusual for that calm Hisui.
"...... It does... not seem like you would like to join me for some morning tea. Is there something you would like to say?"
"...... Yes. Please forgive my rudeness, but why did you transfer schools again, Akiha-sama?"


"Why do you ask? I transferred to that school since Nii-san was there. Now since that reason is gone, it is only natural for me to go back."

It does not look like Hisui is convinced.
"Or what is it? Are you saying I should have stayed at that school even though Nii-san isn't there?"
"............ Yes. it is not like Shiki-sama has died. If such a thing is done, Shiki-sama will feel sad."

"Impossible. How can someone who's not here anymore feel sad, Hisui?"

I get up from the sofa.
...... It's still a bit early but I should leave.

So cold...

I leave the room.
I walk to the lobby, feeling Hisui's eyes on my back.

"-------Yes, I would think so."
I nod and feel that I can not hide anything from Kohaku.
The only reason I came back to the mansion was because my father wanted me to.
Now that Father is dead and I do not have responsibility as the successor until I graduate, there is no reason for me to come back to this mansion.
Because when I graduate, I will live in this mansion for the rest of my life.
It's stupid to let go the last free time of my life.

"But I won't hire anyone else. Please keep up your good work, Kohaku."

"Yes, please come back here at least once a month, Akiha-sama."
"----Okay, I'll try."
It's time.
My driver knocks on the door to tell me it is time to leave.

"...... Akiha-sama? Is it really alright?"
"What are you talking about? Are you going to say what Hisui has said to me too, Kohaku?"
"---No, it's alright then. Take care, Akiha-sama."

Kohaku bows.

Leaving her in front of the gate, the car starts to drive down the hill.

Music: stop

Music: play track 7

---Are you going to forget about Shiki-sama?

Should I have answered that it will never happen?
I know it is impossible for Nii-san to be alive.
Because the only way for me to turn back is for Nii-san to give back his life.
I know that fact more than anybody----but still, I am believing in him just like Hisui.

"...... Because it's still there."
I look up at the sky.
...... The heartbeat that was there since I gave Nii-san half of my life.
The load that felt like I had another heart in me.
The beating is still there.
...... It is really weak and faint, but it is still there.
It does not beat and it feels like a rock, but I am certain it is still there.

So while I am disagreeing, I believe more than Kohaku or Hisui or anyone else in the world that Nii-san is still alive.

He is going to come back one day.
I should go back to my normal life since there are no problems-----

Music: stop

Music: play track 8

"...... He really is an idiot. I told him so much to kill me, and still----"

Nii-san chose to sacrifice himself.
I knew he would have chosen to do that.
That is why I made him promise, but Nii-san did not listen to a word of what I said.

"Yeah, he was like that since he was a kid. Nii-san only did what he believed was right. ...... He always sacrificed himself for others."

Whenever Hisui or I were scolded by Father, Nii-san took our blame.
When I was about to be killed by SHIKI, he saved me.

Music: stop

And when I could not turn back.
I didn't even ask him to, but----

"...... I really won't forgive him this time."
But when the person to say that to is not here...
To where should I release my emotions?
Nii-san is not here.
There is no feeling that he is going to come back.
The warmth in my heart is gone, and only the weight of what seems to be dead remains---

"-----That's the only certain thing in me."

I feel uneasy when I think about it.
I feel like giving up thinking that it might be useless no matter how much I try.

"---But Nii-san, if it's this quiet, I feel like I might forget someday, and I---"

...... I am waiting for Nii-san.
But it is hard to keep my belief in him.
The load still in my chest.
While it might be a proof that Nii-san is alive, I am scared that it might be a proof that Nii-san is dead.

"...... Geez, I can't let anyone see me like this."
I let out a breath and decide to head back to the mansion.

---And then,

I hit something with my feet.

"............... Huh?"
I could not see it under the leaves, but something is there.
"..................... Hey."
Some metal blade that shines in the setting sun.
...... Is it a hand sickle or something?
It's dangerous for Kohaku to leave tools lying about---
No, it's not.
As I notice, I forget to breathe as I pick it up.

Yes, only once.
When I grabbed the knife, what was dead inside me came alive.

...... I do not know what kind of connection it was.
Was there a special connection between him and the knife?
But still, for a moment.
I could feel his heartbeat inside me as I used to. No, stronger than ever before.

Music: play track 7

I take a deep breath and swallow my words.
...... I can believe.
That heartbeat is enough.
No matter what happens in the future, I feel like I can believe in Nii-san and wait for his return.

----That makes me real happy.

"...... Yes, I will hold on to it for you, Nii-san."
I put away the knife that said "Nanatsu Yoru", and turn my back to the forest of memories.

Music: stop

Now that was cute, wasn't it?

Music: play track 9

This is actually blatantly false. You can get Arc's and Kohaku's endings regardless of their opinions of you (as long as you are on their paths, and they DO have to like you for that jump). For the other three you get no ending at all (except a dead-end) if they don't like you enough.

Music: stop

Next up: the game's only 'normal' ending! Hint: it's anything but normal.