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Part 119

It's intermission time! As a small break between the Akiha and Hisui paths, I bring you two of the game's three easter eggs. They're very difficult to capture in screenshot form, however, so I made videos. Of course, this is a screenshot LP and I'm not going to change that now, so I did what I could on that front as well.

First up: the staffroom! Watch the video!

Music: play track 3

The following scenes are based on true events, but names and places have been changed to protect the people involved.

First, we started translating the script.

"Heh... Heheh--Hehehahaha! Haahahahahahaha!!"

"Uhm... Everyone, shouldn't we be......"

As you can see, we were all going a little crazy over Nasu's writing style. It was bad, but it could have been worse. We found that out the hard way when we started editing the translations.

"You're standing in front of me, I can't see-nya!!"
"This part has not been proofed enyough."
"I'll edit it more."
"Who changed this script? It's all wrong!"
"No this part needs to change!"
"What are you guys doingnya?"

"Nya-nya nyaaaaaa~!"
"It needs to be rewritten-nya!"

Is that so? I seem to remember a quote involving "pain stuffing the meat" ( )

But after the rewrite was finished, a lot of work still remained. When we started the beta project---

Music: stop

The translation for the hex into ASCII is commented in the script file. The codes next to STOP read: H a i l A r c u e i d B r u n e s t u d. The codes next to ONSCRIPTER.EXE read: M e r r y X m a s

Music: play track 3

Ah---Aheheh, well...... Let's just forget about all that as quickly as possible, alright?
At this point we were almost finished, but there was one more milestone to reach......

And that is what you are seeing now! Having most of the raw materials ready, we still had to work for more than a month making everything ready for release.
Just about everything in the project took us longer than we expected, but in the end it came together quite well. Please enjoy the result to the fullest.

Only one more secret... and it comes after the game? That can't be right. Now what was that about Xmas? Let's find out! Watch the video!

Music: play track 3

"Nyaa, what is this? Shiki should go playing with me instead."

Oh...... Happy birthday, Arcueid-san.
"There's nothing happy if you keep thieving Shiki away!"

As you might guess, Nrvnsqr showed up briefly.

"Unyaaaaaaaaa she's attacking! Protect me!"

Denied. Come out and pay attention to class.
"............ Go to the Church if you like Christmas so much......"

H......... Huge......"

He showed up again here, too, and then Arihiko leaves. Following that, he says this:

"Well then, I shall be on my way. Good health to you, Princess. May we meet again soon.