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Part 125

The repetition part is all before the in-party choice... the rest of it (after the choice) is new. I guess I just thought the repetition part would be longer (it's hard to tell, looking at the flowchart).

Chapter 93

You know what? I'm not summarizing this.

...... Yeah.
I've decided not to have any regrets, and I don't want Kohaku-san to worry about me.
"I'm in favor. I'm not about to turn down my own welcome party, am I?"

"It's decided! Well, then, I'll prepare the food. Hisui-chan---can you take care of my work for today?"

"That will be fine. Sweeping the lobby and the east building?"

"Well then, I shall... what should I do, Kohaku?"

"Akiha-sama and Shiki-san should rest in their rooms. I'll prepare dinner early to make time for the party, so if you have anything you need to do, please try and be done by then, okay?"

Music: stop

I don't think I really have to ask, but I will do so in lieu of a bigger update. I won't be leaving this up too long, but I need to sleep before I do a bigger update.