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Part 127

Because you wub her!

"...... Ah."
That reminds me. I still need to give her back the ribbon.
Hisui said she'd forgotten about it, but the ribbon is hers. There's really no point in me holding on to it, so I should give it back.

Music: play track 8

"Hisui, can I have a minute?"

"Ah---Shiki-sama. Yes, what is it?"
"I know we talked about this earlier, but I thought I should give this back."

I pull out the ribbon Hisui gave me eight years ago.

"Hisui? So, you honestly don't want it......?"

"......No, I will take it. It is important to me, after all."
Taking the ribbon, Hisui becomes silent.

I can't talk to her.
The Hisui in front of me right now looks very much like the Hisui from eight years ago, distant from the ones around her.

"Shiki-sama, is this all you came to do?"
I can't seem to speak, so I just nod.
"In that case, please return to your room. I still have some work remaining."

Hisui walks towards the center of the room.

"...... Hisui."
Did that ribbon have any special meaning?
This eight year period. I think I may have finally fulfilled my promise, even if it was too late.

"...... Then, I'll go to my room. See you later, Hisui."

With that, I leave the room.

Something about that scene is just so... melancholic.

Music: stop

Music: play track 1

I'm not really tired, but my body feels sluggish.
It seems like I've finally gotten used to life in this mansion.
Expressionless Hisui, bright and cheery Kohaku, and Akiha, who worries over me constantly.

That's a rather flowery way to say "uptight bitch".

...... Certainly, getting used to this lifestyle... is fun. It seems like I've returned to the me that existed eight years ago.

Nanaya: The me that existed eight years ago.

I never had a chance to relax this much when living with the Arimas.
The Arimas have a child in middle school as well, but we were always distant and we never really had a chance to talk.
"Nnn...... I really am sleepy."
Changing into my pajamas, I lie down in bed.

I'll go to bed early, wake up early, and give Akiha quite a surprise---

It's not going to be sex again, is it? Because that surprise sucked.

Music: stop

I walk through the empty town.

I pant heavily.

For some reason, I'm out of breath.
With bloodshot eyes, I am looking at people walking down the street.

Foolish people.
Walking the streets so carelessly even though the killer has not been caught.

----Do they think that they're special and won't get killed? Or maybe, they want to die but are unable to kill themselves and want someone to kill them?

Well, it's probably the latter.


---A group of people that I don't know continues to walk by.

That's not the person.
That's not the person.
That's not the person.

I still can't find that person.

This person?

I definitely heard what this person looks like, but I can't seem to find that person.

This person.

I'm getting a little annoyed.

I start panting even more.

It's really ticking me off.
Why isn't that person here,
why isn't that person here,
why isn't that person here,
why isn't that person here,
why isn't that person here,
why isn't that person here-----!?

"Ku-----haha, ha."

I've decided.
Tonight, I'll change my plan.
Anyone will do.
If I can kill, anyone will do.
Once more.
Once more, I want to taste that wonderful sensation----


A girl with long hair walks by.

"Aki, ha!"
Yeah, that is Akiha.
Akiha. Akiha. My sister. My beautiful sister, only mine.

That is what I want.

My sister, only mine.
She is definitely mine, and mine only.

Akiha's dead!

Heavy breathing.

Biting into her neck, I suck her blood.

-----My breath becomes wild.

This murder is different than the others.
Akiha. Just thinking this is Akiha makes it feel so wonderful.
My brain becomes numb.
I get fully aroused.

I thought we were done with the sister lust! Well, the sisters that are not other people's sister lust.

As I suck her blood,
sucking every last drop of blood, I ejaculate over and over.


When it's all over, I realize it.
"...... Who is this person? This isn't Akiha at all......!"
I'm angry.

Me too

I've used up extra energy.
The night isn't that long.
Once it becomes morning, Shiki will awaken.

"I'm tired tonight. I'll start again, tomorrow."
Yeah, that'll do. That's what I'll do.

Now then.
Before the morning comes, before anyone realizes, I must go back to my own bed----

My forehead is hurting.
"Dre...... am."
I had a terrible dream.
A dream where I killed someone.
A dream where I ejaculated over and over as I killed.

I... uh... wouldn't go spreading that around.

"Ho...... t..."

You would think that.

My throat is burning.
My body feels like lead, and my hands...
The feeling of breaking someone's neck still lingers on my hands.

"That... can't be."
That can't be.
That was a dream. Unmistakably a dream.
But are dreams really that vivid?
I remember it so vividly.
The street in the dead of night,
the feeling of snapping someone's neck,
the stickiness of blood gurgling down my throat,
the face of the woman so cruelly killed-----

But it's merely a dream. Since I'm here, it had to have been a dream.
But the problem is...
I am dreaming that I am having fun killing people.

---You and I are the same, Shiki-kun.

Before my eyes, the world starts spinning.

---Someone who can't resist the pleasure from killing.

And that crazy speed.

Music: play track 2

"Excuse me," Hisui says as she enters the room.

"Good morning. It seems that you have already awakened, Shiki-sama."
"......... Ah. Morning, Hisui."
The world stops spinning.
As soon as Hisui spoke, the whirlpool I was trapped in disappeared like an illusion.

"...... Shiki-sama?"
"Eh-----what is it, Hisui?"
"How are you feeling this morning? You are not saying anything."

"Haha, no way, Hisui. I can't skip school. It's nothing---really. So don't spoil me like that."

"No, please rest. I will tell Akiha-sama so please rest."
Hisui is unusually persistent.
...... Does my face look that haggard?
"Hisui, you worry too much. It really is nothing at all, so don't worry about it... I'll just wash my face, so please wait for me in the sitting room."

Getting out of bed, I walk past Hisui, who seems like she wants to say more.

Leaving the room,
it is a little painful seeing Hisui watch me with such uneasiness in her eyes.

I look in the mirror in the bathroom.
"...... I don't look like I'm sick. Why is Hisui worrying so much?"
I splash cold water onto my face.

---Just thinking about the dream I had last night makes me want to puke and not go to school.

But if I stay home from school because of that, that will just be like confirming something, which makes me feel uneasy.

Akiha and Kohaku-san are in the sitting room, and Hisui is standing nearby.
As usual, I'm the last one to enter the room.

"Good morning, Kohaku-san, oh, and Akiha too."

"Wha... What do you mean, 'Akiha too?'"
"Well, 'Akiha too' means 'Akiha too'. That should be enough for someone who's so surprised to see me get up early when you tell me to get up early every day."

"----I see. Nii-san, you wake up early for once and now you triumphantly walk around with your head held high."
"Head held high, Akiha---"

Head. Neck.
I remember the sensations from my dream and feel like vomiting.

"...... Nii-san? You're not arguing back. Are you feeling alright?"
"...... Geez. You and even Hisui, what do you think I am? I just woke up early and my throat is dry, there isn't anything wrong with me...!"
Trying to resist the urge to vomit, I shout back.

I think that 'Quiet Unsociable Person' apron needs to make a comeback.

"...... I'm sorry, Nii-san. But there is obviously something wrong, and I want to help."
"Ah---no, that's not it. The fact that you're worried about me makes me really happy. I just had a really bad nightmare last night and my mind is elsewhere, that's all.
...... I'm sorry, Akiha. I'm the one who should apologize."

I sit down on the sofa.
I know that something's wrong with me, but I can't do anything about it.

1: In my wet dreams, I kill people.
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