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Part 128

Honestly, I can't tell which choice won It seems like Tapeta is voting for 1, which would put it at 5-4 even if Cheeseball didn't vote. If Cheeseball did vote for 1 it's 6-4, but if he voted for 2 it's 5-5 with the tiebreaker going to 2, but I'm not sure if Cheeseball voted and...

"...... Well, then let me ask you a question. If someone does things they know they shouldn't do, would that be a result of stress?"

"Doing something they know they shouldn't do? Is it a recurring problem or just an accident?"
"...... Well, it's more like an accident. It seems that the person really isn't that conscious."

"So you mean they're doing things while unconscious, so they can't stop themselves from doing it?"
"---That's right, they can't stop. They can't even get themselves to think about stopping."

"In that case, it sounds like a personality inversion."
"...... Personality inversion...... you mean their personality gets reversed?"
"Yes. For whatever reason, something triggers a change in the person and their entire moral spectrum, their whole attitude gets reversed."

"It may be termed a disease of the mind.
Don't you remember, Nii-san? Father was usually a very kind person, but sometimes he would just turn cold as ice."
"The old man was---?"

...... Come to think of it...... Tohno Makihisa was extremely kind one day and extremely strict the next.

Why... why does Hisui look so angry? ...

"Akiha-sama, please don't talk about any of that. Makihisa-sama was just a little manic-depressive, that's all."
Kohaku-san says this as she brings a silver tray with a glass on it.

"You shouldn't say bad things about those who have departed. And besides, Makihisa-sama is your father, too."

"I, I know......! I don't need you to tell me that......!"

Akiha joins Hisui in silence.

"Here you go, Shiki-san. Thanks for waiting."
Kohaku-san puts the glass of Lemon Squash onto the table.
Using a straw, I let the cool drink fill my body.

...... The rest of the time, Akiha and Hisui never open their mouths.
The only cheerful one in the sitting room is Kohaku-san.
...... I don't understand why everyone became so depressed, but the old man is definitely connected to it.

"...... I see. Well, I won't force you to answer. If you ever feel like it, we can talk about it."

"---No. This is not something that concerns you, Shiki-sama.

But... you... wub him...

"Shiki-sama, if you are going to live in this mansion, please do not ever mention Makihisa-sama again."

After Hisui's eyes flash for a brief instant, she heads back to the mansion.

That's cold, baby, real cold...

Music: stop

As usual, Arihiko is never far from Shiki's mind

As expected, the cafeteria is packed.
After waiting in a long line, I buy the tried and true meal set A and walk to a table.
The students' voices are pretty loud, so I am able to concentrate on just eating my meal.
I use my fork and eat in silence.

----And then.

For a moment, I see a terrible image.

"......? Is it the television screen?"
I gape at the large television mounted on the wall at the end of the cafeteria.
At my school, they record the morning news and replay it at lunch.
I just stare dumbfounded at the news broadcast that is several hours late.

"----No way..."
I watch the news in amazed horror.
Shown in the television is the alley that I saw last night in my dream.
The newscaster is talking.
On the screen, the words "Vampire Serial Killer's Ninth Victim" appears in bloody lettering.

Suddenly, I start to feel faint.

"How...... come?"
That was a dream. It had to be a dream.
But in reality, the same person as in my dream, in the same place as my dream, is killed in the same way as my dream.
"The vampire should be gone already."
I killed Yumizuka with my own hands.
Those killings, they shouldn't be happening anymore.

Yes, I killed.
Just like the time I killed Yumizuka.
While breathing hard, last night, that woman I've never met---

Didn't I tell you, Shiki-kun?
It's useless to resist it.

Quashing the urge to throw up my lunch, I stagger out of my seat.

I can't go back to class.
I somehow find myself running into town.

Since it's not even two o'clock yet, Hisui isn't waiting in the lobby.
I can say I got lucky. I don't feel like seeing anyone right now.

Giving a deep breath, I collapse onto my bed.

...... I just don't understand any of this at all.
I have dreams where I kill people.
In reality, the same killing has happened.
I am living today like living a normal life.
I was taking delight in killing people in my dreams.

-------Just which one?
Which is the real Tohno Shiki?

...... That voice again.

C'mon, let's continue, Shiki.

...... That voice that echoes inside my head. My voice.

Night comes every day.
For sure, we'll find the one we want someday, right...?

"Shut up----!"
I leap out of bed.
*pant* *pant* *pant*
I breathe wildly.

Just now,
I was lusting after Akiha.


*pant* *pant*
...... I feel like I'm going to vomit.

I'm with you on that one.

I don't ever think about these things normally, but when I try to sleep, these weird thoughts pop up in my head.

What... weird... YES! Shiki thinks it's weird to want to fuck his sister! Oh how long I've waited for this day!

It's almost as if there's someone else inside my brain.

I'll be quiet.