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by Seorin

Part 130

Only Shiki could come up with this plan.

Music: play track 6

-----I go out into the night-shrouded town.

There isn't exactly a way to search for the serial killer.
The only thing I can do is wander the streets and look for anything suspicious---or I use myself as a decoy to bring out the killer.

Yes, Shiki, that sounds positively masterful

After what happened with Yumizuka, maybe I've become numb to danger.
Since the serial killer is just a human, I can roam the streets without any nervousness.

...... I don't see anything suspicious.
The clock has by now gone past midnight.

That's not fair! Why should my apartment be so unimportant!? I'm the heroine in this story!


*pant*...... *pant*...... *pant*...... *pant*

------I'm starting to get really annoyed.

Why can't I find anyone like that?

That's not the person.
That's not the person.
That's not the person.
Unable to stand it, I put my hand in my pocket, gripping my knife.

That's not the person.
That's not the person.
That's not the person.
That's not the person.
That's not the person.
That's not the person.
That's not the person--------

For a brief instant, I see the face of a man with bloodshot eyes.
...... It's nothing.
It is merely my reflection off of a show window.

Oh, I think you found the killer alright, Shiki

Gripping my knife.
Breathing out of control.
Unconsciously acting exactly like the killer in my dreams.

No. I didn't want to do these kinds of things.
"Damn it...... What am I doing............!?"
...... Seriously, what am I doing?
If I didn't recognize my face like that, I would---I would really, take anyone and...

Tell myself it is the killer and would have killed anyone.

I start to run.
I can't stay here.
I won't find out anything this way.
I---there's something wrong with me---

Music: stop

Another knockout plan from our lack of intelligence specialist.


I feel like I am being watched.
With bloodshot eyes, I look at the people walking down the streets.

I'm going to go ahead and guess that whole 'sleep deeply' plan didn't work out so well

---Maybe it's because of the time?
Compared to last night, there's hardly anyone around.

I pant heavily.

I should change my spot.
I'm going to stop looking in town.

Don't look!

I see a person walking alone.
A woman.
This time, there can be no mistake...
It'll be great if it's Akiha.

Preach it, brother.

Don't look at me.

No, it really doesn't matter.
Once more.
Once more, I want to taste that wonderful sensation----

Dammit, killer, you suck! How many times are you going to kill the wrong girl, huh!?

"...... Boring......!"
I start to get pissed off.
Even though I slice the body into pieces, I'm still mad.
This impostor pisses me off.

Stop watching me!


I've used up extra energy.
Soon, dawn will arrive.
Once it becomes morning, Shiki will awaken.

"I'm tired tonight. I'll start again, tomorrow."
Yeah, that'll do. That's what I'll do.

Now then.
Before the morning comes, before any one realizes, I must go back to school----

I cannot wake up.
Immersed in a dark dream, I can't wake up.

---I feel a chill go down my spine.
Without reason, without purpose.
I realize I will never be able to wake from this dream.

"Shiki-sama, please wake up. You will be late for school."

Music: play track 2

Hisui is in front of me.
This is my room, and there is surprisingly great weather outside.
"Hi...... sui?"

"Good morning, Shiki-sama. You do not have as much time today, so please hurry to the sitting room."
As usual, Hisui speaks in her detached tone.

With that, everything disappeared.
I embrace my recently awakened but still throbbing body.

You're supposed to wait until AFTER the maid leaves to do that.

...... I feel relieved.
The awful world I was in until just now has just turned into a dream.
"...... Thanks. If you hadn't woken me up, I might have never woken up."

"Shiki-sama......? If you are not feeling well, please tell me so."
"No, that's not it. ---Morning, Hisui. I'm glad that you're here."

"Eh----ah, thank you very much, Shiki-sama."
She blushes slightly and lowers her head.
"No, I'm the one who should be saying thank-----it's past seven-thirty already!? Sorry, I'll get up, so please go wait in the sitting room!"
"Yes, I will be waiting."

Right as Hisui leaves the room, I change into my school uniform.

"...... I made it......"
I breathe out and rest my body.
I made it just in time before they closed the gate, but I still have to make it to class.

"...... Whew."
The teacher hasn't arrived in the classroom yet.
I try to catch my breath as I sit down.
...... The classroom seems more lively today than usual.
Tomorrow is a holiday, so everyone probably feels like today is a Saturday.

Music: stop

"...... Yesterday's dream."
This is definitely the place where I saw someone get killed in my dream.
Even though I tried as hard as I could not to dream, I guess you can't run away from yourself.
I grind my teeth.
I feel pitiful about my weakness.
After all, it's all a dream.
Certainly there is something wrong with me seeing those dreams, but I think I'm still sane.

...... My old man is my old man.
I don't know about the Tohno blood.
But I don't want to become a burden on Akiha and the others while I'm sane.
I have to try and act as normally as possible, and try to find a way to solve all of this---

Music: play track 3

"Welcome back, Shiki-sama."
As soon as I open the door, Hisui politely greets me.
"I'm back. I'll be in my room, so it's okay if you return to whatever you were doing."
"Thank you. I will return to cleaning the sitting room. If you need anything, please call for me."

"...... Hisui is cleaning the sitting room..."
I don't see Kohaku-san, but she's probably sweeping the rear courtyard or going out to get groceries.
It appears Akiha hasn't come back yet, so I'll go back to my room.

"...... That's right, I didn't really have a chance to eat since this morning."
Not wanting to be late this morning, I was only able to eat just a little of what Kohaku-san made for breakfast.
I thought about eating at the cafeteria, but I lost my appetite as soon as I remembered what I saw at the cafeteria yesterday.