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Part 136

You're right, I must have been tired. I can't believe I missed that

I really recommend music for this update, for anybody who's able. It doesn't really have the full impact without the music. Also, the choice at the end of this (finally! A choice!) is quite a hefty one. Choose carefully!

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*......!

"Please excuse me, Shiki-sama......!"

Music: play track 2

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*

"...... H...... uh...... Hisu,i......?"

"Thank goodness...... You have awoken, Shiki-sama."
Hisui speaks to me in a clipped voice.

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*

"...... ?"
I don't understand why Hisui is looking at me like that.

Because she wubs you! ...hmm. Too early?

"...... What happened Hisui? Looking at me like that, did something happen?"

"............ No, it's nothing. Shiki-sama, please rest your body; you do not need to think about anything at all."
"...... Yeah, I'm already doing that."

We've noticed. Many times.

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*

"But Hisui, isn't it loud this morning? I can't sleep well with this wheezing sound coming from somewhere."

"...... Shiki-sama, that is..."

Hisui falls silent with a strained expression on her face.

"Man. It's not like I've caught a cold."

With tight lips, Hisui hangs her head.
It looks like she wants to say something, but she can't.
...... Hisui seems to be acting that way.

"Hisui, why are you so quiet? You haven't done anything wrong, so relax."

"---Yes. If there is anything I can do, I will try my hardest to do so."
"Um, you don't have be so tense, Hisui. As long as you're here, I can relax, and it's better for me if you smile."

"Yeah, you can relax even more if you want. ...... Could you bring me something to drink? My throat is so dry I can hardly breathe."

"Yes, I already have a drink ready for you."

Hisui disappears from my view.
The drink probably is set by the wall.
Hisui comes back with a silver tray and places her hand on my back to lift me up.

Music: stop

---In that instant.

As soon as I feel her hand on my back, it comes with disgusting speed.

I'm telling you, regular masturbation is the solution to that problem.

The glass falls to the floor.
Hisui sits on the floor where I pushed her away.
I start to wheeze once more.
My breathing is as ragged as that of a wild beast.

Hisui isn't mad that I pushed her; instead, she's even more worried.

"Pl, please forgive me...... I moved you without asking, I should not have done such a shameful thing---"
"No---that's not it. It isn't your fault......!"
...... The one to blame.
"That's not it at all. You haven't done anything wrong."
The one to blame,
is me, wheezing even more heavily, lusting after Hisui's body.

"It's okay; please leave...... I beg of you, just for now, please leave me alone."

"...... Shiki-sama, if that is what you wish."
Hisui's voice trembles.

She retreats from the room.

Music: play track 9


"Can't trust the clock. Clock's in on it, too. If I could move, I'd show that clock a thing or two."

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*

All I can hear is the wheezing of my breathing.
The distorted clock claims it is now noon.

Don't trust it, it lies.

The examination is around two, so I can protect my sanity by myself for a bit longer.

...... Well, but then...
If I am alone, then those "headaches" will return and they may rob me completely of all my reason.

"Excuse me."
Silently closing the door, Hisui enters my room.
Hisui enters carrying a tray with a glass of water and some sort of medicine.

"...... Hisui. It isn't time for the examination yet, right?"
"Yes. I just thought that you might be thirsty."

She locks the door with metallic clinking and draws close to my bed.

......... Locks, the door......?

"Can't trust Hisui. Hisui's in on it, too. If I could move, I'd show that Hisui a thing or two."


"Please, if you are unable to stand by yourself, just say so."

She quickly lifts up my body with a strong pull.
Hisui takes the medicine and forces it into my mouth.

My body falls to the bed.
...... I can't put any power to my movements.
I have no strength, but I don't feel bad, either.
Rather, it's more of a feeling of inconvenience.
My body starts to heat up from its very core.

---This is, like.
That feeling of being alive. How long has it been since I've felt like this----

"...... I can't believe it. Somehow, like this--"
I feel like I could even walk.

"You must not. My sister has told me that it would not work unless you slowly regain your senses of the body.
Please, rest some more, Shiki-sama."
"Eh...... Ah, okay. If you say so, but, what are you going to do?"
"I will take care of your body, Shiki-sama."

Date rape: the only guaranteed solution to unrequited love.

With that,
Hisui takes her cool fingers and crawls them on my chest.
I shiver.
Like the recovering body, what's been quieted down surfaces again.

"Hisui......! If you want to take my pulse, use my arm......!"

"No, I am not taking your pulse. I am checking your heartbeat."

Her cold fingers move from my chest towards my stomach.

Sliding downwards. From the opening in my shirt, her fingers feel my skin.

"H,H, Hisui......!"

"Please be quiet. If you move around, the medicine will not work."
"Eh---for... real......?"

"Yes. It is a medicine that is easily dissolved by your body, so if you move, it will dissolve quickly. My sister has told me that this will dilute the effects of the drug and that you should let the drug dissolve slowly for its full effect."
"U...... If Kohaku-san said so, then I guess it can't be helped."

Music: stop

I... I don't like where this is going...

Music: play track 4

"However, it will take more time, so let's talk to pass the time. ...... Yes. Let's talk about your beloved childhood, Shiki-sama."
Still standing,
she looks down at me as if she was staring at a dead body in a coffin.

On second thought, let's not talk and get right to the date rape

"Your eyes would always look at me and speak without words. 'Hurry up and come outside and play with us,' they said.
But I didn't leave the mansion. I didn't know how, I didn't even know what that meant."

---Hisui's voice is... far away.
Her uninterested voice. Her voice seems to be clear of dark tones, but still----

"I did not look out the window to find meaning.
I just didn't want to be in Makihisa-sama's room, so I was there, the only place I was allowed to be outside of his room.
Therefore, it meant nothing to me. The figures of SHIKI-sama and Akiha-sama playing in the garden were no different than the sun and the trees."


"Every day, I looked forward to that time. I would always see you looking for me.
Every day, those eyes would tell me to come play, to come outside.
...... Isn't it funny? Because you were there, I noticed for the first time that I had legs that could take me outside."

"Are you listening Shiki-sama? Even though the drug is working, please don't space out on me.
Since I was a child, I have always wanted to talk to you like this."

...... Hisui's mouth is distorted.
Happy. Her lips make the shape of a smile as if she is having fun.

"I would have been fine if I never knew what hope was. Then I never would have known despair either.
But you would always tell me with your eyes how simple it was, how much better it would be if I went outside.
...... Really, I would always look forward to the afternoons when you would play outside.
You were the only one I could let my emotions out on. ...... No matter what that emotion was, I bet you didn't know how much I thought about you everyday."


---I can't hear her voice very well.
She just keeps talking.
My mind is hazy, and I can't quite grasp what she's saying.
Just that----what Hisui is saying right now is a curse.


When I come to, my whole body is burning.
My pulse races, and my veins feel as if they will explode.
Even though I was that close to death, I feel vitality returning to my organs.

"H----hot, Hisui, it's really---"
Hot. It's so hot, I'm going to go crazy.
These sheets. These sheets are in the way. These pajamas are too hot too. I feel as if I am wearing a winter coat in the summer.
"Ha----a, gah----"
But I still can't move.

This body that hasn't been able to move for three days, can't start working that easily.

Script: Therefore, this drug can only restore your energy in this small part of you.

Music: stop

Hisui says this, and...
Hisui takes the fingers on my stomach and moves them downward.
Down there, which has been standing up from before, is what you could say is a pillar of myself.

My back starts to arch slightly.
Hisui's fingers crawl over the hot, hard bulge and slowly pull my pants down.
"...... ! Don't taunt me like this......! Why---I kept you away so this wouldn't happen, but if you keep doing this, I'll---"
I can't hold back my lust... any longer.

Music: play track 8

Script (before 'What am I thinking!?): I can't let her do this. But---with a mind of its own, my shaft starts to twitch, asking for Hisui's fingers.

"Shiki-sama. Are you holding back?"
"Of course I'm holding back......! For me to do this... to you---"
"Shiki-sama. The way your body is, you shouldn't strain yourself."

Hisui's fingers start to gently caress me.
Is there preliminary semen coming out already? A loose strand pools between her fingers.

"Please relax. Let's do something that you wish for. ...... I really don't want to see you stressing your body and heart, Shiki-sama."
That's---maybe that is the truth, but.

...... Hot.
Damn it, so hot----I can't sort out things calmly.


Today's scene will be brought to you by the produce section. C'mon, I've done enough original censorship that I can be lazy and cliche this once, can't I?

After saying this with a hesitating voice, she lowers her face towards my Butternut Squash.
Is it because of the medicine, or maybe her fingers?
Unlike the rest of my body, which is completely unable to move, my Good King Henry is fully erect.

A hot, erect pillar of flesh.
Her fingers continue to touch it with a bit of uneasiness.

"......! H,Hisui, this is---"
I start to tell her this is wrong, but before I can...
Hisui holds the base of my Banana with both of her hands, as if embracing something extremely important to her.
Hisui takes a deep breath.
And then, a different feeling of heat comes down on me.

------My body ignites.

I've never felt this sensation before. My heart starts to pound heavily.
Hisui's tender lips enclose my Prickly Pear.
With soft pressure, she slowly begins to suck.

My mind goes completely blank.
I had no idea anything could feel this good.
Just watching my Zucchini vanish between her lips makes my blood boil.

"Nn...... ha, n......"

----My heart pounds.

My pulse races even faster than before.
Her fingers grip me tightly.
Her tongue licks me hesitantly.

"Nn----ha, n ,......"
Her inexperienced lips are still weak.
But her tongue still caresses the tip of my Papaya.
Gradually, her tongue becomes more active.
"...... Kk...... Hisu... i......!"
This sensation shoots up my spine.

You know, every time I post one of these I worry that it's going to come back to get me one day.

----My heart beats.

...... Just a moment ago, the fact that Hisui is the one doing this set my body afire.
But that's ending.
Now her action seems like she's got the hang of it, growing more and more confident.

"...... Mn...... nna---n......"
Hisui starts breathing violently.
The sensation of viscous fluid.
She uses the tip of her tongue to lick the opening at the head of my Snake Gourd.
My hips jump a bit.
I desperately try to resist the sensation that is welling from my loins to my Coconuts.

"Hisu...... i, stop---"
My heartbeat rages in my ears.
The hot feelings start to accumulate and redouble...
"Nn...... na...... n---"
Hisui does not stop.
Little by little.
Her lips start to creep lower.


"...... N, ...... n, ...... u...... n."
Hisui's flowing hair.
Hisui's lips, which weren't moving before, start to move up and down.

With a slurping noise.
Hisui's saliva and my fluids continue sliding up and down beneath her lips----

It's like fanfiction. I just know one day I'll get a call from my grandmother asking, 'Did you write this?'

"Nn...... nn,n............!"
Hisui's fingers continue to grip me harder.
"-----A... ha......!"
...... My breathing is out of control.
...... I start to blank out.

"A...... n, nmu......"
Hisui's breathing almost sounds pained.
Her mouth full, the exhalations from her nose flow over my Dragonfruit.


My Ridged Gourd starts to get wet.
It's not just that, but Hisui's fingers are wet as well.
Those beautiful fingers are covered in two kinds of fluid, hers and mine.

-----My... heart... is pounding...

It feels like it's telling me to go crazy.

"...... Nn...... Shiki...... sama."
Hisui suddenly draws away from my Monstera... maybe the smell is too much for her.
A string.
A thin thread stretches from her lips, connecting the two of us.

The sound of breathing.
Wild breathing.
From me, not Hisui.


My heart is about to burst.
My body is about to shut down.
This---this kind of pleasure... I don't want it.
Not enough.
This is not even close to enough.

"...... Shiki-sama...... are, you feeling... better......?"
Hisui's voice is full of hesitation.
*pant*...... *pant*...... *pant*......
Still unable to move even my arms, I just breathe in and out.
"...... If that felt good...... then please, bear... just a little more."
Taking a deep breath, Hisui once again lowers her head.

Once again, she starts to caress me with the inside of her mouth.

-----My heart thumps.


"...... Not... enough......"
"Ah...... Shiki... sama......?"
"Hisui...... deeper......"
So saying.
My arms grab her head.
"......! Shiki-sama, what are......!"
"Hi... sui----"
I put some power into my arms.
And I forcibly push her head down.

Sorry, grandma. While I didn't quite write that half-rape scene, I do have to take some responsibility for it getting out onto the internet.

Yeah, the fruit was my idea, too.

"Nn-----n, n----!"
Opening her mouth, Hisui manages to take it all in.
There is no resemblance to the enthusiasm of before.
Now it feels like she is just trying to escape.

"...... Hisui...... does this hurt?"
"Nn----n, mu."
Her breathing flows against my Muskmelon.
I start to feel the pressure of her teeth.
"I see. Then I'll let go."
I pull my hands off her head.
"Nn...... ha, ah."
Breathing painfully, Hisui tries to lift her face.

"No. Hisui---move right there."
Hisui freezes.

Confused, Hisui hesitates and then.
"N...... nn,ha......"
Hisui swallows me deeper and starts to move.

That's it, though. I mean... the rest of it already existed. I just tried to make it funny.


"Nn...... mu, nn, n......"
Back and forth.
Her burning lips run up and down.
"A...... n, n, Ah......"
Instead of breathing in air, she's breathing in me.
The sensation of being inside a woman's mouth.

Hisui is no longer able to hold her saliva in.
It's flowing much more than before.
Sliding... Sliding.
Hisui's dirtied face.
"Ha----Hisui, it's really----"
Matching Hisui's sliding, I start to move my hips.
I hit the back of her throat.

"Ha---n, nnn---!"
It must really hurt her as she starts to bite down.
Hisui bites with enough power to leave tooth marks.
Trying to escape those teeth, I move my hips even more. "nn-----!"
Her gripping fingers.
Her hair sways wildly.
She continues to caress me.

Yes, I know rape isn't a very funny subject.

" n...... Hisui, more......!"
"Nn-----a, Shiki... sama---!"
I hear her voice.
The blood pounds in my Melon Pear.
Opening her mouth, she takes it all in.
The sensation of being sucked, up and down.

My Rapeseed starts to well up.
"Ha,a---I'm going to come, Hisui......!"
Hisui starts to pull back.
But my arms move on their own.
I start to come.
I don't try to hold back, and I don't let Hisui escape.

Really, I do. I know you're not convinced. Grandma, please don't hang up on- ...

In my ecstasy, I release everything into Hisui's mouth.

Hisui tries to pull back with a pained expression.
But my arms do not allow it.
I force her to take everything.

"----Ah, ah, ahh--!"
At the same time, her throat starts to move.
*pant*...... *pant*...... *pant*......
With that, I let her go.

After that, the next family reunion will be the very picture of awkward.

Music: stop

Hisui collapses onto the floor.


Be very careful what you wish for...