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Part 137

Ahem. Thank you, Ciel-sensei.

Hisui straightens out her clothes and moves away from the bed.
"...... Hisui...... I"
"Shiki-sama. Please do not tell anyone of this. ...... I do not want you to say it even to myself."
...... Of course, Hisui must hate what she just did enough to not even want to be reminded of it.
"Shiki-sama. This was something that I did on my own. Please think that nothing happened. Otherwise, I will be unable to serve you any longer."
I don't know how to respond.
I don't have words to apologize to her, and I don't have the words to thank her either.

"Well then, please excuse me."

Hisui leaves.
All I can do is watch as she does so.

That was the creepiest date rape ever.

...... It's two o'clock.
Even though it's time for my checkup, Hisui probably won't come.
............ *sigh*
All I can do is sigh.
Just how did all of this happen?
Even though it was Hisui that started all this, what was I doing holding her head and coming in her mouth like that?

I'm not going to say it a third time, but you know how you could have prevented this

I have a headache.
...... I don't quite understand how, but what I did with Hisui helped me regain some of my strength.
But in exchange, my headaches have gotten much worse.

...... I hear a knock at the door.
It's probably...... Kohaku-san, I suppose.

Music: play track 9

The whole time, there is nothing but silence between us.
...... After doing what I did, I can't look at her in the face.
I think Hisui is like that too, but Hisui probably still dutifully and methodically carries out all her normal tasks because of her role as a servant.

And all of a sudden.

"Shiki-sama, how is your body's condition?"
She talks to me.
"Um, I, uh-----"
As far as my condition goes, I can move a little more than before because of what happened earlier, but---

"Shiki-sama, is there something the matter? Your face appears very red."
"My, my face is red... because---Hisui, you..."
"Yes? What did I do?"
Hisui tilts her head to the side questioningly.

"...... Do not worry, Shiki-sama. I must apologize as well, for doing that to your body without asking. It is only natural if you end up hating me."
"Wha---hate you? I have no reason to hate you......! No matter what happens, I won't hate you. ...... Besides, it is only natural if you end up hating me."

My whole body becomes heavy as I say this.
Even though I'm the one who said it, it should be about time Hisui is getting tired of hearing me.

I bet she's remembering what happened before and hating me even as I speak...... Huh?

...... That's odd.
Why is Hisui smiling so happily?
"...... Hisui. Why, are you smiling?"

"I'm just glad you forgot about the part where I raped you and you started feeling guilty instead."

"Shiki-sama, your words and mine were the same. I thought it was amusing."
Hisui giggles, as if it is really funny.

...... My head starts spinning.
Hisui's rare smile is so cute, I'm about to go crazy.

That might be why.
Her smile looks incredibly scary to me.

I think it looks scary to everybody.

"...... Anyway, I haven't said thanks yet. Thank you for before, Hisui. ...... The, method was a little problematic, but thanks to you my body is better. I may even be able to walk a little."

"Eh---ah, yes. Even though what I did is a small thing, I am happy that I could be of some use."
Hisui looks at me directly.
...... Seeing her like that makes me remember what happened, and I start to get a little uncomfortable.

"...... But, about before, I don't think it was really appropriate. I'm happy, but it's not quite right."

"...... Not quite, right?"
"Yes. That's, something that both parties should agree to... and even though you're a servant, you don't have to go that far..."

"I understand. As you say, I will ask for your permission before I touch you next time."
...... No, you're missing my point...

"Please excuse me. If anything happens, please call for me, Shiki-sama."

Hisui walks out of the room.

"...... She's really calm......"
I'm a bit taken aback.
Just seeing Hisui's face makes me blush, but Hisui acted just like she always does.
I don't get it.
Something doesn't feel quite right and lingers in the back of my mind.

That's just a side-effect of rohypnol.

Music: stop

*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

My breathing is ragged.
My body is burning.
My body. My body feels like it's roasting, erupting into flames.

"...... Wa...... ter......"
My throat is thirsty.
It's so hot, I can't even speak.
I can't even call for Hisui or Kohaku-san.
My empty room.
I start to feel down staying in this for so long.
This restless room.
This room I don't remember.
...... This room, it feels, like it isn't my room.

"...... Wa...... ter......"
I'm thirsty.
Water. I should go back to my house, and quickly, get some water to drink.

I need more air.

Still, I have to go.
I might die if I walk anymore.
But if I don't get any water to drink, I'll probably die anyway.
Then, I'll walk and go get some water.
I can't just stay and lounge on my bed forever.

Kohaku stands there with a blushing face, but does not move.
Akiha presses her lips against the bared white chest.


Kohaku looks down at her bare chest, and Akiha crouches so that she is burying her face in Kohaku's breasts.
A thin red drop makes a line down her breast.

Akiha's throat starts to move, swallowing something.
What---what is she drinking? There's no need to ask; I already understand.

Akiha, she's drinking, Kohaku's blood----

...... I feel dizzy.
My mind goes blank.
All I can do is stare at the strange event happening before my eyes, like in a daydream.
Suddenly, Akiha opens her mouth with her arms still around Kohaku.

Well, this conversation is going to go over like a lead balloon.

"Then, Akiha-sama."
"Yes. As the head of the Tohno family, I will kill my brother."

"Can't trust Akiha. Akiha's in on it, too. If I could move, I'd show that Akiha a thing or two."

----Those words send chills down my spine.

Akiha isn't playing around. Even Kohaku-san nods seriously.

"Then, Akiha-sama. We should let Hisui-chan know about this too."
"You're right. ...... But we shouldn't need her help. My brother can't move around as he likes, so we should be enough to kill him."

----*pant* *pant* *pant*
My breathing gets out of control.

"You understand, Kohaku? Don't let Nii-san pick up on any of this. It will all be over in a few days, so let's not trouble him."
"Yes, I understand. He can't even move from his bed by himself, so he will never find out."

"Can't trust Kohaku. Kohaku's in on it, too. If I could move, I'd show that Kohaku a thing or two."

-----*pant* *pant* *pant*

My fingers shake uncontrollably. Nausea permeates my being and I almost pass out.

But, I can't pass out here.

-----I have to get away.

If I pass out here, I'll surely be killed.
If they find out I was watching them, they'll kill me right here.


Yes, this is a dream.
Like always, this has to be just another one of my nightmares.
Then, I have to wake up quickly.
Before this horrible vision consumes me, I have to wake up and return to my normal life----

Music: play track 1

"Can't trust Hisui. Hisui's in on it, too. If I could move, I'd show that Hisui a thing or two."

"What are you doing? In your condition, walking is very dangerous."
"Hi...... sui."
"Please, lay down. If you push yourself, Akiha-sama will scold me."
"Akiha...... will scold......?"

Why would she get in trouble if I went outside?
...... No, I understand perfectly.
Akiha realizes that I'm the killer. So she plans to lock me in my room, and when night comes, kill me.

"----Please leave, Hisui."

"I won't let anyone in this room. Even you, no one will ever come in again......!"


I don't know where I got the strength, but I push her out into the hallway.
Then, I shut the door and lock it.

"Yeah, that's right. I showed her."

"Shiki-sama---!? Shiki, sama, please open the door, Shiki-sama......!"
She knocks on the door.
Ignoring it all, I crumble to the floor.

My heart has an invisible pipe sticking out of it.
My "life" is flowing along this pipe to him.

-----It, hurts.

So I can't make it.
No matter how hard my body tries to recover, he takes away everything.
So unless I take in something from the outside world, I can't live.

Intravenous drip. Nutrient supplement. Injection. Sedative. Moisture. Blood. Reason. Intelligence. Feelings. Memory. Sight. Sound. Taste. Touch. Smell. Bodily fluids. Love. Impulse.

The hero of the gods. The crossing of the threshold. The belly of the whale. Refusal of return. Hollow eyes. Dry pale legs. Howling on. Thru fields and graves. Language of the signs. Symbols to our sight. Guardian to thy throne. Take on form. Daylight. Hide the skin. Cut it off. Scatter ash in the wind. Shapeshifter rolling on winds of tyrants make. Fierce lore of fanged horn. Danger all the way. Night's sea reflection. The faces of bodies slain. Returning to the form of natural human's fate. Grown from the cold. Spirits unclean. Dealer of the days. The ice will thaw. As the soldier walks thru the crimson side. Researchers of aftermath. Dispelling disarming man. One-toed horses subject of Genesis. And the immigrants. Fundamental side of a human mind. Hulder folk and fairies. So believe. The hero of the gods. The crossing of the threshold. The belly of the whale. Refusal of return. ( Dominic White)

------Ha...... a

These drugs, all they can do is barely keep me alive.
This isn't healing me.
If there's something that will help me move, it's----

Knock Knock.
Knock Knock.
Knock Knock.