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Part 144

Earlier on Tsukihime...

Chapter 1

Young Shiki wanders out into a field in the middle of the night and witnesses the brutal murder of his mother and several unnamed others. The only thing he can think about is how pretty the moon is. Next, he wakes up in a hospital having survived a terrible accident. Following the accident he can see mysterious black lines covering everything, and if he runs a knife along those lines he breaks stuff. He meets a mysterious woman by chance and spends several afternoons with her, talking in a nearby field. Before she leaves, she gives him a pair of special glasses that make the strange lines disappear.

Chapter 2

8 years later, Shiki leaves the Arima home for the last time. He's only leaving for school, but afterwards he'll be returning to a different home: the mansion he grew up in. On his way to school he reminisces about the Arimas and also about the sister he left behind when he went to live with them, Akiha. He's eager to see her again upon returning to the mansion, but doubt also plagues his mind. His wandering mind almost causes him to be late for school, but he runs and makes it just in time. Except there's a strange noise coming from somewhere and he isn't sure if he should investigate...

Chapter 3

Shiki ignores the noise, instead hurrying off to class. He chats for a bit with his classmate, Yumizuka Satsuki. He's not too familiar with her because she's very popular and he's a whiny, emo loner, but she seems to have a thing for him. She expresses relief when finding out that, although Shiki is moving, he'll still be attending the same school. Shiki's best friend and secret gay crush, Inui Arihiko, greets him happily before class starts. The three students discuss the recent serial killings until class starts.

After class, Shiki needs to run off to the school office to get some moving details in order. On the way he 'accidentally' runs into a certain 'familiar' senpai by the name of Ciel. There is nothing strange about this at all. They agree to meet at lunchtime, in case Shiki ends up being a vampire or something..

If you're not gearing up for the Ciel path, choosing 1 is slightly different.

Uhh... very slightly.

Chapter 120

The cafeteria is full, but Shiki's gay lover, Arihiko, has made sure to save him a seat. Shiki tries to act upset about this so the other students won't think he's gay, but unbeknownst to him they've known it for a long time. Ciel shows up, too, and the three of them eat lunch together. Shiki explains to Ciel about his moving back to the Tohno mansion, where the Tohnos live, and then Shiki playfully argues with Arihiko like so many lovers do. After awhile, Arihiko chases Ciel away partly out of jealousy and partly out of worry for his lover's mood. Shiki assures him that everything is fine, although of course it isn't.

Chapter 4

School ends and Shiki stares at the sunset for awhile, reminiscing about the accident in his past. He doesn't remember much about it, but his life following it has made him hate the color red. Even way back in the first chapter of the fucking game he thinks it's pretty miraculous for him to have survived the accident, hint hint. Afterwards, he returns home because we want another Far Side path.

Chapter 5

The actual text I got here is slightly different from the linked post since we didn't eat in class, and that means Yumizuka didn't talk to us in the hallway. The differences are extremely slight (and covered during the hallway conversation), but I can post them if anybody cares.

He meets up with Yumizuka on the way home and they walk most of the way together. While they walk, she tells him a story about when they were in middle school. She and the rest of the girls from the badminton club were trapped in an old shed when Shiki came by and freed them by cutting the lock. It was then that Yumizuka realized, if she were ever in trouble, it would be a guy like Shiki that would come and save her. Before they part, she makes him promise that if she's ever really in trouble, he'll come save her. He feels a bit reluctant about it, but doesn't want to let her down and so he agrees. Their paths split there, so she goes a separate way to her house while Shiki returns to the mansion.

Chapter 84

Shiki slowly walks home through unfamiliar streets. His mind wanders through various subjects such as the Tohno Mansion (the Tohnos live there, you know), his younger sister, and the sudden death of his father, Tohno Makihisa.

New choice! Gee, I wonder where this leads....

Music: stop

I don't remember their names, but there were two girls who were twins.
The old man once said that they didn't have any relatives, so he took them to work as servants.
"...... That's weird. We played together so often when we were small, but I can't remember their names."
I close my eyes and cast my mind back.

Music: play track 9

She would often laugh and take shy Akiha's hand, trying to make her play with us.
Maybe she was older than the both of us.
She would guide me and Akiha to play together, but once we started playing, she would just watch over us.
Even Akiha's tutor, the harsh butler, would say "I don't mind, as long as ****** is with you guys", and let Akiha out to play.

But I'm much more concerned about the other girl.

Now that we know the truth, this is like meets meets

She was the twin of that cheerful girl, but she would always gaze at us expressionlessly.
That girl would never try to leave the house.
All she would do was watch us with those cold eyes.
...... Was it because it bothered me so much that I thought she seemed so lonely? Most of the memories I have about the Tohno mansion are only about her.

---Well, in the end, I only ended up talking a little with her.

---Eight years ago.
After I was involved in the accident.
The day I was entrusted to the Arima family.

Right before I was to leave the mansion, the girl gave me this for some reason.

...... I'm just lending it to you, so be sure to return it.
Saying something along those lines, she ran off.
A promise made under a large tree.

The weather was beautiful that day. Looking up, there was a high, high blue sky I could just lose myself in.
It was my last memory of when I left the Tohno mansion, eight years ago.

I put the ribbon back in my bag.
"But it's been eight years, after all......"
Not only do I not know if they are still at the mansion, I can't even remember their names.
"...... Even so, this ribbon is precious to me......"
The time when my father had disinherited me.
Rather than being saddened over having been discarded by him, I felt a warmness inside when I thought she was waiting for me to return the ribbon.
That's why I want to keep the promise, as long as I still remember it.
I agreed to return to the mansion because Akiha is now there all by herself.
I left her there for eight years, pushing all responsibility onto her while I selfishly lived freely.

Somehow, this manages to be cuter now that we know for sure who gave him the ribbon, and that we're on her path

Music: stop

Chapter 120

Shiki is welcomed to the mansion by a cheerful maid wearing an unusual combination of a kimono and an apron. He recognizes her as the cheerful girl he used to play with as a child and she is overjoyed at his "recognition"... which, when you think about it, is pretty fucking creepy.

Chapter 6

The maid, named Kohaku, leads him to the sitting room where he is greeted by his sister, Akiha, but their reunion isn't exactly as he'd hoped it to be. She is cold and distant to him, immediately demanding that he adopt a lifestyle befitting of the eldest son of the Tohno family. He grudgingly acquiesces to her odd demands, and she introduces him to his new personal maid, Hisui.

Having a maid makes Shiki feel uncomfortable, but he allows her to lead him to his room anyhow. It only seems vaguely familiar to him, but Hisui seems to think it's the same room he had as a child. She sticks around long enough just to make sure Shiki has everything he needs.

Chapter 6

Shiki excitedly babbles at Hisui about how he used to play with her sister when they were children. Hisui is less than thrilled.

Chapter 6

Hisui leaves with a promise to call Shiki for dinner in an hour. He laments the lack of a television and, after some thought, Hisui informs him that her sister, Kokahu, has one in her room. Shiki brushes it off and simply waits for dinner.

Dinner is a painful affair, with Akiha clearly unhappy at Shiki's poor table manners. Unable to relax under Akiha's hateful glare, Shiki grows more and more depressed that he accepted the invitation back to the mansion. He's uncertain that he will be able to get used to life in the mansion. Pushing those thoughts aside for the moment, he thinks it's too early to go to sleep and asks his group of panelists what he should do after dinner.

We've done this, but it's her path so why not.

Chapter 7

Shiki sneaks off to Kohaku's room and, after making sure nobody is looking, she lets him in. They could do something naughty, but instead they drink tea, watch TV, and chat happily about the murders of nine young girls. Kohaku wants to escort Shiki back to his room, but doesn't want to get caught by Hisui.

Chapter 120

When Shiki returns to his room, he notices that Hisui has made his bed. Hisui informs him of the mansion's early curfew as well as her duties in the mansion. She asks if Shiki would like anything, but since his perversions don't involve maid-sex (yet) he only asks her to stop calling him Shiki-sama, which she promptly fails to do. Just as she is turning to leave, Shiki remembers something he wants to ask her and he grabs her shoulder. She freaks the fuck out and slaps him, then apologizes for it after she calms down. After all that, Shiki just asks her about his sister's school. After Hisui leaves, all Shiki can think about is how much has changed over the last 8 years.

Chapter 85

Shiki hears an incessant howling that interrupts him from trying to sleep. Despite that, he goes back to sleep.

Today's been a very long day.
I'm mentally tired from eating dinner in this unfamiliar mansion and my conversations with Akiha and everyone else. After all that, the howling is just background noise.
I close my eyes and gently fall asleep.

I hear it again.
...... Inside the mansion...... from the lobby?
"-----Could it be a burglar?"
It's not impossible.
The mansion's contents are outrageously valuable. On top of that, with no one here now except Kohaku-san, Hisui, Akiha and myself, it's very insecure.

You know, with all of the bizarre, supernatural abilities these people have, that's actually not at all true. Anybody trying to break into the mansion would get nice and fucked up, in a real hurry, too.

I get out of bed, and slip out of the room quietly.

Music: play track 6

We've seen Akiha's spaced-out picture. Just imagine it here. Actually, I don't know why this script chunk is even separate from the Akiha path to be honest.

"...... What's she doing at this time of night......?"
I can murmur all I want, but there won't be any answers forthcoming.
After gazing at the lobby for a while, I decide to return to my room.

Music: stop

......... Well, she probably had something to do, or went to see Kohaku-san.
I feel bad about sneaking around and watching her, and I don't want to just ask her about everything she does.
"...... Sleep, sleep. There's school tomorrow."
I bury myself in bed and close my eyes.

---As I fall asleep,

my thoughts keep returning over and over to Akiha's hollow-eyed figure in the lobby, and how something seemed wrong.

Chapter 121

Shiki gets woken up by Hisui, which somewhat surprises him. He thinks to himself how much he likes her sister better, which is fine because that's who he's going to fuck soon anyway. Despite that, he decides to ask her about the ribbon she gave him. Naturally, she doesn't remember a damn thing. Funny, that. Shiki heads out to the sitting room where Akiha and Kohaku are drinking tea.

Yeah, we've done this, too, but it gets us brownie points with Kohaku. Besides, we've done the other choices as well. This one might be slightly different on the far side path.

Good boy, Shiki! Hit on the ones that are not your sister!

"Did you sleep well last night? I was worried that you might be inconvenienced, staying in an unfamiliar mansion and all."
"Ah, no, there were no problems. I used to live here, after all, and now I've got you to watch over me, Kohaku-san."

With all of the accumulated experience from the previous paths, this boy is gettin' pretty smooth

"Oh, you're quite good at this, Shiki-san."
"Eh? No, I'm just saying what I think... what is it I'm good at?"
Kohaku-san just looks at me, smiling.

That's the sign! Tear her clothes off, right now!

...... Somehow, I feel embarrassed when she looks directly at me, so I shift my gaze to the side.

---And then.

--I realize another stare, one which has been on me silently for a while now.

"Ah... hey there."
I give a light wave to greet her.
Akiha continues to stare at me... or perhaps, glare would be a better word.

This is nothing even remotely new.

"Well... um... good morning, Akiha."

"Oh? You don't have to force yourself to greet me. Please, go right ahead and ignore me. After all, it seems you'd prefer to enjoy the morning with Kohaku."

"Well, yes. She's nicer to me. And I want to fuck her. And I don't want to fuck you. Fair?"

Akiha's words sting.
...... It's not like I had intended to ignore her. I just said hello to Kohaku-san...

"Please don't tease Shiki-san too much, Akiha-sama. We don't have much time, and Shiki-san hasn't finished his breakfast yet."

"Well, that's Nii-san's fault for waking up late, isn't it? He's just getting what he deserves for leaving everything to do in a rush in the morning."
"Hmph!" Akiha sniffs.
...... It seems like my failure to greet her was another point she was unimpressed with, in addition to her objection to my late arrival.

Kohaku to the rescue! They make a great team

"That won't do, Kohaku. Nii-san has no time to eat breakfast at this time."
"Hey, listen, Akiha. It's only seven, so I've got at least that much. It's an easy thirty minute walk from here to school, so I can take it easy for at least ten minutes, can't I?"
"Are you saying you're going to finish breakfast in just ten minutes? You're not some starving dog, so if you're going to eat breakfast, I'd like you to take your time."
Akiha's words really do have thorns in them.

Chapter 86

Kohaku reminds Akiha that she has to leave, and Akiha grudgingly does so. Shiki briefly thinks about fucking his sister, then eats breakfast. He meets up with Hisui and Kohaku in the lobby where Kohaku gives him a small box left to him by his departed father. Inside of the box is an antique pocketknife with 'Nanatsu-yoru' engraved on the back. Shiki certainly wouldn't think of stabbing anybody so he pockets it and takes it to school.

Hisui sees him off and, at her asking, he tells her that he'll be back around four o'clock. He notices a distinct lack of students heading towards school from the same direction he is and wishes Yumizuka were there to walk with him. When he arrives at school, the entire classroom is gossiping about a classmate that supposedly ran away. As it turns out, Yumizuka is the only one that doesn't show up for class.

Chapter 87

Unable to contain his curiosity, Shiki asks if the missing student ran away from home. The teacher unhappily nods, informing him that Yumizuka never returned home lastnight, according to her parents. Shiki is quite unhappy about this development.

Chapter 121

Shiki spaces out until lunchtime, then turns down his gay lover when asked to go eat. Ciel shows up, but he tells her he's not into women and she goes off to pester Arihiko. Some women never learn. Shiki rests in the clinic until school ends, then returns to the mansion amidst continuing thoughts of Sacchin. Hisui welcomes him home and accompanies him into the mansion, all the way up to his room. She departs after informing him where he can find Kohaku or Akiha.

We all know what the right choice is.

Music: play track 3

"Oh, welcome back, Shiki-san."
Kohaku-san faces me with a tender smile.
"Thanks. You're sweeping the garden by yourself?"
"Yes. The gardener will not be here for another three days, so I thought I should just straighten up these fallen leaves."
Kohaku-san holds the bamboo broom with both hands. She looks like she's really enjoying herself.
Cleaning up this large area by herself should be quite a huge task.

"You're really something, Kohaku-san. I'd complain if I had to sweep this whole garden."
"Oh no, it isn't like that at all. This is my duty, so I have to do it to put food on the table. That is why I must push back my tears and sweep this garden. Ahaha!"
Kohaku-san laughs and gives a care-free smile.
She certainly is cheerful.

...or at least she pretends to be

"Besides, there are some things I do in the back courtyard, so when I am not busy, I always check up on the garden."
"Eh......? 'Things you do'? Like what?"
"Well, let's see. Ever since I was a child, I've liked growing flowers. I gathered so many kinds of flowers on whim that it is more like a jungle than a flowerbed."

"Ahaha," Kohaku-san laughs brightly once again.
...... But I didn't know that. I rarely go back here so I didn't realize it, but I guess I have seen something like a flower garden from the second floor.

"Yes. It is also known as crazy eggplant, or datura. The flowers can be made into an anesthetic. The world's first general anesthetic, Tsuusensan, was made in Japan with the Korean morning glories as its main active ingredient. If you drink it by accident, it will cause dangerous hallucinations, so please be careful, Shiki-san."

...... Um, I don't really think I'd ever "accidentally drink" the flowers, Kohaku-san.

You'd like to think that, but these things have a funny way of happening when you're trying to get into the kimono of a revenge-obsessed psycho with pharmacist's training and a lot of free time.

"I also wanted to grow some cactus and other cute things like that, but Akiha-sama was vehemently against it so I had to stop. It really is too bad that I tell you all these things, but cannot show them to you."

Saying that, she takes up the broom again.
"...... I see. So you sweep the garden because you like flowers and stuff like that?"

Mmhmm... yes... she just likes flowers, that's it. All pretty girls should like pretty flowers

"No, that isn't really the reason. Actually, I'm terrible at cleaning inside the mansion. I don't know why, but I always seem to break something."

"I seem to break or rip the most valuable thing in the room. Well, but I don't do it on purpose, right? But Hisui-chan told me, 'Nee-san, maybe you should just stick to the family finances and cooking.' How mean of her!"
Kohaku-san is still smiling while acting angry.
But----this is quite different from my first impression of her.

"...... You don't mean... Kohaku-san, are you clumsy?"
My statement is more of a blurted outburst than a direct question.
Kohaku-san groans in disappointment.
"You're saying it too, Shiki-san? Hisui-chan is too cruel and says, 'Nee-san, you are too slow', while Akiha-sama teases me and says, 'You are not being careful enough.'
I don't mess up because I want to! They're so mean!"
"...... That's right. There really aren't too many people that mess up because they want to."
I didn't know what to say, so I tried to be somewhat neutral.

"Kohaku-san, is there another broom?"

"Yes, there are many in the shed. What are you going to use it for?"
"No, I just thought I'd sweep up some leaves too."
Kohaku-san's broom freezes.

"----That will not do, Shiki-sama. If you were to do that, I would be in trouble."
"Get in trouble? Who would get you in----well, I guess there really is only one person who would."
Kohaku-san nods quickly.

"Don't worry about it. I'm doing it because I want to. So it's wrong for Akiha to complain. If Akiha has any complaints, she'll have to blame me, not you."
"Oh, that is true."
"Isn't it? So relax. Besides, it's more fun if we both do it."

"...... Um. Shiki-san, you do not seem to understand Lady Akiha. If you did that, she would get angry for another reason, I think."
"...... I don't get it, but you're saying she'll get angry whatever happens?"

She has jealousy issues

"Shiki-san, did you really want to help me?"
"Yeah, if I won't get you in trouble..."
"Then, shall we go somewhere else? Akiha-sama will find us here, so I think it is better if we sweep behind the mansion."
"Behind...... in the backyard?"
"Yes. Akiha-sama will never find us there, so we can sweep all we want.
Here you go," Kohaku-san hands me the broom she had in her hands.

"I will go to the shed to get another broom, so please go ahead, Shiki-sama. Please don't let Hisui-chan or Akiha-sama spot you as you go, okay?"

Trot trot trot! Kohaku-san dashes with quick, light steps.

---She really looks like a mischievous kid.

Before I realize it, a grin creases my lips.
Akiha and Hisui don't seem to be the joking type, so Kohaku-san's brightness is quite charming.

The beginnings are always so cute ...and then everything goes to hell

Music: stop

Chapter 122

Shiki is relaxing with Akiha in the sitting room after dinner. Kohaku pulls him away to secretly tell him that a certain Sacchin showed up at the mansion looking for him. Shiki runs off to find her, mostly unsuccessfully. He does catch a glimpse of a red-eyed Sacchin, whom he undoubtedly thinks is hot, but he can't catch her no matter how hard he tries.

Chapter 123

He's just about to give up and go home when he hears a noise from a nearby alleyway. He decides to investigate and finds the alley a sea of blood and body parts. Sacchin shows up and, after teasing him briefly, admits she's the one responsible. She didn't kill them because she hated them, though, so that makes it okay. She vomits up blood painfully, then begs Shiki for help before running off and assuring him she'll become a great vampire. Bewildered, Shiki stumbles home.

Chapter 123

Kohaku greets him just inside the door, but doesn't get to say much before Shiki brushes her off and goes to his room to masturbate while thinking of vampires. Before long, "Hisui" shows up to give Shiki some "medicine" she got from her "sister". Shiki promptly passes out and dreams of a crying Sacchin and happy, pointless murder. This is surely not related to taking unknown drugs from a known psycho before bed.

Chapter 123

Hisui wakes Shiki up, which he's uncharacteristically grateful for. Akiha quite characteristically bitches him out when he gets to the sitting room. After mentioning to Hisui that he'll be returning home late, Shiki leaves for a half a day of school followed by several hours of Sacchin stalking. Unsuccessful, he returns to the mansion and acts like a zombie the rest of the night. Just after midnight, Hisui informs Shiki that Sacchin called and told him she'd be waiting in the park. After promising not to leave the mansion, Shiki promptly breaks that promise and flies off in hopes of sating his lust for vampire chicks. Sacchin is waiting in the park, as promised, and wants to know what Shiki thinks of her.

Only one of these is new. Not that any of them are long, or important.

I... can't answer.
Maybe this makes me a horrible person, but those are my true feelings.
I never had any special feelings for my classmate Yumizuka Satsuki.
I'm only here because what happened on the way home two days ago left such an impression on me, I couldn't just forget about it---


Chapter 124

Sacchin tries to bite Shiki's face off and make him her slave by injecting her blood into him. He takes out his knife and "kills" the blood (by stabbing himself, of course) then goes all Nanaya on her ass and erases her from existence. She tells him that she's happy because she was his "first time". Creeeeepy. Shiki feels guilty as all hell, as well he probably should. Planning to slice his wrists while blasting Nine Inch Nails, Shiki returns to the mansion.

...... My left arm hurts where Yumizuka wounded me.
The bleeding has stopped, and the gradual lessening of the pain tells me it couldn't have been too deep.
I reach the stairs.
I don't even care about treating my wounds.
Right now, I just want to stumble back to my room and sleep like a rock----

"Eh.........? Nii--san............?"

N-no... it's supposed to be Kohaku... oh god no

--And then.
From the middle of the stairs, I hear Akiha's voice.

"H...... Hey, please wait, Nii-san! Just where did you go this late in the evening?"
Who knows? Besides, what is Akiha doing standing here at this hour anyway?
Trying to glide down the stairs as quietly as possible, it seems like she was going to go outside just now.

"...... It doesn't have anything to do with you, Akiha. I'm going to my room, so don't bother me."
"Bother, I---"
Akiha gasps and cuts off mid-sentence.

"Nii-san, you look---"
Her previously shocked eyes become calm.

"Your left arm is injured, right? Your clothes are pretty dirty too."
"...... Don't worry about it. It doesn't even hurt anymore."

"It doesn't hurt? That can't be true. You look like you could collapse at any moment, and there's blood clotted all over your left arm. Goodness, just what in the world were you doing, Nii-san?"
I can't answer, and only avert my gaze.

I couldn't possibly explain everything that happened tonight, and more than that---I don't ever want to talk about Yumizuka to anyone.

Coming from Akiha, is "I'll get mad" even a threat? Would you be threatened if I told you I was going to breathe?

Just like that, time passes without either of us speaking.
...... After some minutes pass, Akiha lets out a breath and drops her shoulders in resignation.

"Fine. I will let it go."
Akiha grabs my uninjured right arm and heads towards the sitting room.

"...... Hey, Akiha. I wanna go back to my room and sleep."
"No. I won't ask you any more about it, so you have to let me treat your injuries, okay? So come this way. I can't help but be worried if you go to sleep looking like that."

Still holding on to my arm, she drags me with her to the lobby.
Oh well. This is just how it is.
I resign myself to doing as Akiha says.

Music: play track 1

"All finished. This uniform is done for, so we will have to get a new one prepared tomorrow."
...... My mind is still numb.
Akiha really hasn't asked me any questions about what happened and simply took care of my injury.
I'm a little surprised. I thought she would let Kohaku-san or Hisui take care of it, but Akiha did it all with a smile.
...... Her gentleness is completely different from the way she was these past three days and I think back about Akiha from long ago.

"Nii-san? Hey, it's all finished, so please go back to your room. Didn't you say you would rather go to sleep than keep me company?"
She may still be resenting my words from earlier because she sounds very dissatisfied.
There's still something wrong with my brain, but I do understand how much Akiha worried over me.
"...... Yeah. Thanks, Akiha."
Is it because I'm still woozy? I let my true feelings show.

Akiha's face turns red and she shrinks away from me.

"----Oh? I, I don't think it was anything to thank me for. You would help me if I was hurt, right Nii-san?"
"That may be true, but it makes me happy."
Stuttering, I finally realize it.
I am quite emotionally detached right now, but I honestly am happy that---rather than Kohaku-san or Hisui, Akiha was the one that treated my wounds.


Akiha places her hand on my shoulder.
She peels back my shirt.
My exposed shoulder, and neck.
Yumizuka's bite marks and dried blood are still there.

"Nii-san, this--------"
In that instant,
the air freezes.

The fang shaped wounds on my neck.
I don't know how to even begin to explain that and descend into silence.
Akiha slowly leans her body towards mine.
"...... Nii-san...... there is still...... blood flowing, here."
Her voice is terribly taut with strain.
The grip of her hand on my shoulder becomes stronger.
Her body stops in a position somewhere between touching mine and not.

My voice fades away.
Akiha's face is right next to mine.

...... The sensation of rubbing.
...... A contact. Wetness.

Um... ew.

"Aki............ ha...... ?"
...... My numbed sense of reason can't grasp what's going on.

A hesitatingly touching tongue.
The red tongue that fearfully touches my neck.
Shaking. The shaking fingers that embrace me, the warmth of Akiha's body.

...... Akiha is licking the blood dribbling down my neck.
But, it really isn't anything to be alarmed over.
It's just like what you would do as a kid to stop the bleeding.
But it feels so sweet, I can't say anything.
Akiha must think the same way, as she just---for no reason, brushes her teeth against my wound.

Oh god, no, both a sister AND a vampire. There's no WAY Shiki is going to be able to resist that

----All of a sudden.

A sound comes from the lobby.

Left by myself in the sitting room, I reach my hand up to my neck.
Her warmth is still lingering there faintly.
"...... She didn't have to run away."

Oh god, I think we've lost him forever

I murmur to myself and shake my head.
Licking the wound like that, I did a lot of that as a child. I did that to Akiha and Hisui when they got hurt.
...... But, that's just an act from child-like purity, only done as a child.
Both of us grown up like this now and being the opposite gender. We can't really use that method anymore.

"...... What was she doing? ...... She was acting pretty strange."
...... Well, I guess I'm also strange right now.
As if in a dream, I can't recall what exactly happened.
Even what Akiha and I just did, I feel like it'll all be a dream tomorrow morning.

"............... Ah."
I'm a little surprised.
The two fang marks. The blood really was stopped by Akiha's lips----

C'mon, think about Kohaku for a bit... please? Remember Kohaku? The one you're supposed to be hitting on?

Music: stop

Music: play track 2

I wake from a long sleep.
The sunshine from the window looks closer to mid-day than morning.
It must be because of how late I got back last night.
It seems I've overslept.

Dragging myself up from bed, I look down at my hand.
----The sensation of how I stabbed Yumizuka remains.
Two nights ago.
When I met Yumizuka and saw that hideous dream.
"...... If only yesterday...... was just a dream."
But wishing it won't make it so.
I've no clue why or how Yumizuka became a vampire, and I couldn't do anything to help her.

Once Yumizuka had become like that, there was probably no way for anyone to help her.
She was already dead.
All I did was return that corpse somehow moving about as if it were a living thing back to being a dead body. That's the only way I can think of it.

But, still---

"Please excuse me, Shiki-sama."
With that voice I have become accustomed to, Hisui enters the room.

But, I feel relieved as well.
Because of what happened last night, the long night is over. Because I don't have to enter that unnatural world any longer, my heart can relax.
"...... Thanks, Hisui. You've always come to check up on me from early in the morning, right? Your concern means a lot to me."

"----Not at all. It is my duty to be concerned with your welfare."
There is a hint of happiness in Hisui's expression.

...... Moreover, I feel like I've been somewhat rescued.
While I've been sleeping in bed like this, Hisui came as always to wake me up.
With just that trivial thing, I honestly feel like I have returned to my normal life.

"Um...... Shiki-sama, this is somewhat difficult for me to say, but... can I?"
"......? Difficult to say? If it's about me sleeping in till noon, I really can't do anything but apologize."

"No, that is not what I meant, but it is perhaps related to when you went to sleep."
Hisui fidgets with her fingers as she struggles to come up with the right words.

"...... Um, I did not say anything, but Akiha-sama found out about last night."
"Eh...... about last night...... what?"
"I mean when you left late last night, Shiki-sama."
I unconsciously turn my eyes away from her.
I thought I'd managed to slip away undetected, but I should have known Hisui would still find out.

I love how so much of this is an obvious copy/paste with a token sentence added to make it fit.

"About that, will it be occurring again? I cannot stop you, but if you continue doing such things, I must tell Akiha-sama."
"----No, nothing like last night will happen again. Everything...... has ended last night...... There won't be any phone calls anymore."

---Yes. It really has ended.
With these words, it truly is over.
Yumizuka Satsuki is no more.
The vampire skulking the streets has vanished. I, with my own hands, sent away a classmate who said she liked me, for all eternity.

Hisui looks at me with a painful expression on her face.
...... Geez, if Hisui is making that sort of face, then I must look terrible right now.
"---Well, I should get up sooner or later. Hisui, is Akiha still here? She's an awfully busy person, so does she have a routine on her day off?"

"Yes, she does have plans during her day off, but today she is still in the mansion."
She has plans, but she's still here......?

"I don't quite get it, but...... well, I'll go and get changed, so please head to the sitting room before me."
"Yes. Well then, please excuse me."

As usual, Hisui walks away without a sound.

---But, I forgot something really important.


Chapter 124

Shiki heads to the sitting room, where Akiha bitches him out for oversleeping on his day off. Shiki is a pansy and a half, so he asks Hisui to wake him up earlier. Of course, she refuses, then goes on to explain that she won't do it because Shiki looks so darned cute when he's sleeping and Hisui LIKES to watch . The conversation shifts to that of the recently deceased Sacchin, a topic which Shiki is less than thrilled about. Kohaku notices he is depressed and proposes that they hold a welcome party. Since Shiki's been hitting on her and bitch doesn't take no for an answer, there isn't any choice in the matter and a party is to be had.

Chapter 125

Everybody runs off to do separate things, leaving Shiki to wonder just what he should do.

It's only natural to go and help the girl whose kimono he's trying to get into.

"Shiki-san, is there anything I can do for you?"
Kohaku-san peeks her head through.
"...... No, I was thinking maybe I could help or something----"
But, it seems like I've entered a world where I shouldn't be.

No, no... you SHOULD be here. NOT with your sister.

"Ah, that really helps. To tell the truth, I was thinking of going to ask you for some help."
"R, really......? But, I don't really have any cooking skills, so I'm unsure if I can even help, Kohaku-san."

"Not at all, it is something anyone can do. Come on, please lend me a hand."

Kohaku-san takes my hand and pulls me with her.
Not really understanding what's going on, I end up helping Kohaku-san.

...... After calming down a bit, I realize that the kitchen is actually pretty small for a mansion so large.
They probably had a much bigger galley when there were many people living in the mansion, but with just Akiha, Hisui, Kohaku-san and I, they had this smaller kitchen prepared.

"Here, please wash your hands and use this apron."
I don't know whose tastes this is a reflection of, but she hands me an apron that says "Quiet Unsociable Person" on it.

I love that apron.

Whick, whick, whick.
The sound of a knife lightly hitting the cutting board.
Kohaku-san's humming fills the kitchen.

We were young then, and we didn't even think about how we were of the opposite gender.
We were just in this spacious mansion, and all we knew was the continuous fun of every day.
We played around so much, we forgot about all the things that bothered us before.
...... Or maybe.
Maybe, in order to forget the bothersome past, we tried to pass our days with as much fun as possible.

"If that was true I would be very happy. But both Hisui-chan and I are merely normal, so we have our faults too.
Hisui-chan's sense of taste is a little strange, so even when she makes things that she thinks are delicious, for Akiha-sama or I, it tastes really strange."
I see, so that's why Hisui doesn't cook.
Hisui's sense of taste is a little odd; Kohaku-san...... what's her fault, I wonder?


"...... Well, come to think of it, you and Hisui are different in your own ways.
Kohaku-san, you were always cheerful, while Hisui stayed in the mansion back then."
"Oh, did I look that cheerful? I thought I was always watching you all though."
"Yeah, I remember. You would always run around with us, but you would tell us to stop doing dangerous things and look out for us."

Music: play track 9

Trying as hard as we could to catch my old man's carp in the pond.

"Hey, remember that time, the time where we left the mansion from the gate, right?
We didn't know the way to get back, and you ended up calling the mansion and one of the mansion's servants had to come pick us up."

"Yes, and after that Makihisa-sama really did yell at you. Everyone was playing with you, but somehow you ended up being the only one. We did so many things, but in the end, you always saved Akiha-sama and me from getting in trouble."

She giggles as she speaks aloud nostalgically.

"...... What's this? Talking about old times, I really feel like I have returned now."
That's right.
I really don't have too many memories of this mansion, but talking about old times honestly makes me feel nostalgic.
But, my memories aren't just happy ones.

"...... But, I did treat Hisui poorly."
...... That girl who was always in the corner of my heart.
In the end, I was never able to have a true conversation with that girl by the window.
"...... That girl, she was always watching us from the window. Always, it struck me. That lonely face looking down, I always thought it would be great if she could come and play."
But still, before I left the mansion, she gave me that one parting gift.

Just when they were talking about old times, too... oh.

Music: stop

"How embarrassing. I am supposed to be such a good chef. Ahaha!"
Kohaku-san gives her normal laugh.
"This is no laughing matter. We have to take care of it right away......!"
"It's fine. It isn't life threatening or anything."
"But doesn't it hurt? It's cut pretty bad!"

"No, not at all. If I think it doesn't hurt, then it won't hurt. If I think this isn't my finger, and that it's just a finger of some doll, then I won't feel pain, right?"

With a smile, Kohaku-san says something pretty outlandish.
Well I'm sure if you think that way, it won't hurt as much, but you can't get rid of it all.

Chapter 93

The party begins. Kohaku proposes a toast and drinks are poured for all. Akiha drinks whiskey and orange juice, while Shiki and Hisui drink wine. Everybody clinks their glasses together and tosses down a drink.

...and that's it for the repeat paths! We are now on the Kohaku path proper, so no more summaries. We shall leave Sacchin behind and begin earnestly pursuing the inside of Kohaku's kimono. For sex!

Side note: I'd add a bit more, but this post is 49,998 characters.