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Part 145

Music: play track 3

Akiha might be used to drinking, as she gulps down her glass as if she's drinking water.
Kohaku-san slowly drinks with Akiha while refilling Akiha's cup.
Seeing that their faces still look normal, I'm guessing they don't show drunkenness on their faces.

...... Incidentally, Hisui sits on the couch dizzily after drinking just one sip.

"...... Akiha really has quite a lot of tolerance."
Looking at the smiling Akiha and Kohaku-san, I gulp down my glass.
It is just water, as I only drank a mouthful of alcohol during the toast.
I take a bite of the smoked salmon on the table. It is exquisite. In the Tohno house, even the snacks are first class.

".................. Mmm."
Even though there might be a lot of problems, it is pretty enjoyable right now.
To be blunt, Akiha and Kohaku-san's conversation is outright boring. It's as if they were just discussing how the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
Despite that, it all seems rather charming seeing them laughing at those kinds of conversations.

Yes, drinking alone in the corner until you vomit is oh so enjoyable.

I sneak another bite of food.
I'm pretty weak against alcohol, so I prefer to eat the finger food instead.
...... And.
What happened?
Akiha stands up and walks over to me.

Christ, this woman never gives up on trying to get ahold of Shiki's trouser snake.

"...... Now look, I don't care if you get drunk, but you shouldn't try to make others drink at your pace. I'm not used to drinking a lot, so if you want to drink with someone, Kohaku-san can-----"
I try to point over to Kohaku-san, but...
She isn't there. It seems like she went to get some more alcohol from the kitchen.

"Well excuuuse me! I'm not the slightest bit drunk."
Raising her glass with one hand, Akiha leans forward.
"...... I see. Since Kohaku-san isn't here......"
I guess she's messing with me since she has no one to talk to.

"Kohaku doesn't have anything to do with this. We are talking about why you are not drinking."

"If I drink too much I might end up sleeping with my sister or something, and boy wouldn't that be awkwa... oh."

"...... Well, I have been drinking..."
"That's a lie. I, haven't had a chance to pour you anything.
I was drinking so that you could relax, but all you have been doing is munching away at the food Kohaku made. You haven't even had one glass, right?"
Akiha pouts.
Is it just me or is her step a little unsteady?

"...... Akiha, I've said this before, but you really are drunk."

"Sheesh----! You really are persistent. I told you I'm not drunk!"

Akiha yells and wobbles back.
...... Her own voice causes her to get dizzy, so what part of that isn't being drunk?

"...... Oh well. Have a seat, we can chat a bit, I suppose."
I pat the sofa next to me.

"Ah...... yes, I'll sit."

Akiha sits down on the sofa.

I don't know where all her bossiness disappeared to, but she just meekly sits down.
For some reason, I suddenly don't feel comfortable.

We're in the same boat then

".................. Hmm."
Resigned, I pick up my glass.
I take a light gulp.
The unfamiliar alcohol burns my throat; it doesn't taste good at all.
I feel the ground dip beneath me, as if I was feeling dizzy from my anemia.

"...... I'm surprised. You may have said differently before, but you sure seem to like drinking, Nii-san."
"What do you mean? I'm not a big drinker or anything."
"It doesn't look like it. You were drinking that rather happily."

"I was just thinking about how manly Arihiko looks when he drinks, and wondering if maybe I look like that... even a little... he's so dreamy"

Akiha leans over and takes a bottle from the table.

"I'll water it down, but do you have any other preferences?"
Akiha pours me some whiskey without asking.
Common sense demands that I stop her.
But she seems so happy, I throw aside any thoughts of common sense.

"...... Please water it down a lot. Otherwise, I won't be able to drink it."
"As you say. Well, then let's start, shall we?"
Akiha happily fills my glass.
"............ Man, I don't even drink this much when I'm with Arihiko."

"If I did, then I wouldn't be able to remember all the wonderful time we spent together, and that wouldn't do at all"

I lean back on the sofa. I down the glass with my neck tilted so far back that I can see the ceiling.
I drink what Akiha poured me slowly without letting my mouth go from the glass.

"---Phew. Well, are you satisfied, princess?"
I place the empty glass on the table.

"That's the way to do it. I have to take points off for not drinking it fast, but it's still a passing grade."
"You're pretty strict. That was my new record, you know. You told me to drink it, so I pushed myself."
"Really? This is pretty rare, you keeping me company like this, Nii-san."

She chuckles.
Pouring herself another glass, she downs it.

Wow, and right after thinking about Arihiko, too. Vampire + sister is really tough to compete with


"? What is it, Nii-san. Is there something on my face?"
"Ah----nothing, it's nothing."
Without thinking, I pick up my glass.

"Another one? This time, we'll have something a little bit stronger."
Akiha fills up the glasses again.
...... I didn't really want another glass, but I suppose it won't hurt.

"........................ Mmm."
Trying to imitate Akiha, I drink it all in one gulp.
It wasn't that much alcohol, but I shouldn't have drank it that fast.
My head starts to spin and I fall back on the sofa.

"Nii-san---? Are, are you alright......!?"
"Ah, I'm fine. I just got a little dizzy, but I'm not drunk. I think I'll rest for a little bit. You go ahead and have fun."
Laying back on the sofa, I stare aimlessly at the ceiling.
Even though I feel completely drained, I feel incredibly good.

She seriously drinks like a goddamn fish. That's, what, 4 drinks in the last 10 minutes? ...and she was drunk when she came over?

...... That's odd. This isn't anything much, but---I feel incredibly relaxed here.

".................................................................................................................................... Alright!"
Taking a breath, I get up from the sofa.

...... Time passes by.
Hisui has fallen asleep on the sofa.
Kohaku-san never did come back from the kitchen.
The only ones still moving about are me and Akiha, but I am pretty drunk, so I wouldn't necessarily call myself moving about.
But still, I want to keep Akiha company until Kohaku-san returns.

Akiha told Kohaku to leave for awhile so she could guilt Shiki into drinking and you know it

Pot, meet kettle.

"...... Oh, Nii-san, you don't understand yourself very well. You are a very kind person, but at the same time, you are very cold.
...... Because you make no distinction between people. You don't have anyone that you like the most, no matter if you hate them or like them. Nii-san, you like and forgive everyone."

"...... But that is very cruel to the people who want to be closest to you. For you, everyone is the same. Me, Kohaku, Hisui... we are all the same for you.
That isn't kindness. Like an old dog that knows its time of death is near, you simply don't want to leave anything behind.
...... You were like that back then, but now, how do you say it...... you seem very dangerous, and that makes me uneasy."
Downcast, Akiha continues to speak, almost as if she was thinking aloud.
Her glass is empty. She doesn't fill it, and her quiet voice echoes in the air.

"Saaaay, did you know I could cut you into seventeen pieces of meat in under a second? Wanna see!?"

"...... Hey. I just thought that you were maybe inconsiderate and very lonely... I was just thinking something stupid like that.
There isn't anyone you hold dearest in your heart. Maybe you lost that person a long time ago.
Back then, I thought that if you just liked me, that would be fine. At least there wasn't anyone you liked the most, so that was good enough.
...... But now, it is----"

"Thank you for waiting! More food and more drink!"
With a smile, Kohaku-san returns.

Kohaku is having none of this incest thing. She knows when enough is enough.

Akiha suddenly swallows her words, and with a sigh, pours herself more to drink.

"No, I've had enough. I've had twice as much as normal, so please let me pass on this one. If I do drink more, I really will end up in bad shape."
"What are you saying? You haven't even had a bottle yet. It's way too early to say you've had enough. You said you'd drink with me, right?"
"Come on," she says and holds out my glass.
But, I really am at my limit.

"Now, now, Akiha-sama. You do have to realize that Shiki-san does not have the same tolerance as you do, Akiha-sama.
Shiki-san, you should say no or you'll be in trouble. Akiha-sama doesn't get drunk no matter how much she drinks, so if you keep drinking with her until she's happy, you'll end up drinking until dawn."

She's got our backs

"Wait a minute, Kohaku! You make me sound like some sort of an alcoholic!"
Angrily, Akiha takes another drink.


"...... Sorry, Akiha. I really have to stop now. You know my doctor says I shouldn't drink too much, right?"

Akiha descends into an apologetic silence.
"...... That, is true......"
"Don't look so sad. I can still keep you company until you're done drinking. How's that?"
She nods, but doesn't quite look satisfied.

"But... if I'm the only one that's drunk... how will I rape you?"

"Well then, I will pour your drinks, Akiha-sama. See, Shiki-san is still here, so isn't everything okay, Akiha-sama?"

"I, guess...... certainly having Nii-san keep me company is rare enough. I will let it go this time."

Akiha holds out her glass to Kohaku-san.
Smiling, Kohaku-san serves Akiha another drink, who starts to sip it slowly.

Music: stop

Music: play track 1

And all of a sudden.

"...... Nii-san......?"
Akiha, with eyes full of anxiety, looks up at me.

"What is it? Are you feeling okay, Akiha?"
"No...... that's not it. I just got uneasy all of a sudden. ...... Hey, Nii-san. You won't go away again, will you?"
"No. ...... I don't know what will happen in the future, but I've decided to stay here for now."
...... At least until I've finished school, and until it seems that Akiha can manage by herself.

That would imply that I would leave sometime.

"Stop, I don't want to hear those words. This is your house, so no matter what happens, it is best for you to live here, right?"

After saying this, she downs her glass.
...... An amazing sight.
As if drinking down her uneasiness, she empties her glass.
Gulp, gulp.
Her cheeks are faintly flushed, showing that she has a buzz.

You can resist, Shiki! I know the lure is strong, but Kohaku is a sister that ALSO has a sister? eh? eh?

"...... Are you listening? As long as you are here, I am fine, but you always, always............"
Her eyes look straight ahead.
Her cheeks are red and her eyes are glazed.
This----all seems very erotic.


"........................ Aki, ha."
"...... N...... Nii-san, I...... feel, strange......"
She speaks aimlessly, as if she was someone else.
If this keeps up, I----

"Akiha-sama, your glass is empty. I'll pour you some more, okay?"
"Ah...... yeah, thanks, Kohaku."
Kohaku-san pours her another drink, which she downs promptly.

-----And then.

All of a sudden, Akiha looks very serious.
"...... Akiha?"
"...... That's odd, I seem to be drunk."

Kohaku to the rescue at the last minute with a drugged glass. What a gal

She massages her temple with her fingers.
"Seem to be drunk? ...... You've been drunk for quite a while."
"What are you saying? I'm drunk, so of course I won't make sense."
She places her glass on the table quickly.

"H, hey, Akiha......!? What are you----"
That is pretty obvious though.
".................. Hey."
There is no response.
Her breathing tells me that she is happily asleep.

Thanks, Kohaku

"Well, Akiha-sama does not usually get drunk. But when she drinks over a certain limit, I guess all the alcohol hits her, and she falls asleep. So for Akiha-sama, being drunk is the same as going to sleep.
I don't know if that is good or bad, but if Akiha-sama got drunk like most people, wouldn't that be scary? Shiki-san, could you imagine a rampaging Akiha-sama?"

...... Kohaku-san paints a very frightening mental image.

She's even trying to weaken Shiki's attraction to Akiha, what more could we possibly want? She's like meets

Deciding not to answer, I look at Akiha's sleeping face.
---Akiha is sleeping contentedly.

She is leaning with her whole body up against mine.
I can feel her breathing and body warmth.
...... I remember that strange feeling I felt before.
She must have been completely drunk, because she seemed like a totally different person.
I can't deny that I was utterly flustered.
Having her sleep so contently against me puts me in a daze.

Without a doubt, she is very beautiful.
I couldn't believe she was my sister when I met her after eight years.
But that doesn't mean anything.
All I can think is that looking at her resting up against me is a good thing.
Without a doubt, she is my sister.
One of the reasons I came back to the mansion was to protect Akiha----

...aaand then she takes Akiha away for us, too. There is too much for words.

"Well, if Akiha-sama is asleep, then we should end this party. I will take care of tidying things up, so please return to your room, Shiki-san."
I nod.
I really do want to help, but I'm a little too drunk for that.
If I helped in this condition, I'd probably just get in the way.

That's twice now they've had the perfect opportunity to make with the naughty and just ignored it completely. She's a patient psycho.

Music: stop

If the alcohol didn't do it, the morning glories would

Sitting down on a chair, I take a deep breath.


The night breeze blows against my skin.
...... There is nothing but silence.
All the other houses are far from the Tohno mansion.
Doing this, I feel like I'm in a mansion in the middle of the woods, and I almost forget that I am a normal student.

An empty, weak atmosphere.
A soundless scenery, of stagnation.
The small fragment of memory, about a garden.

There is no one there.
No father to yell at us,

no one to tie us down and lock us away,

Or even that person who curses Tohno Shiki...

A long time ago, it all wore away, declining into something worthless.

Thinking about these rambling ideas, my eyelids start to droop more and more.

Music: play track 8

"Shiki-san, if you sleep there, you'll catch a cold."

That voice jars me from my sleepiness.

If it weren't obvious enough already, the rare genuine smile is proof that Kohaku planned all of this. You can't convince me otherwise.

"I guess I got a little carried away. Not thinking about your health, I forced you to do too much. It was very tough, wasn't it?"
Kohaku-san apologetically keeps her distance.
...... What is this? This doesn't seem like the normal, cheery Kohaku-san.
It was my decision to drink, so she shouldn't feel bad about it.

"It wasn't tough at all. Akiha was so happy, and it was fun. Kohaku-san, you're just thinking about it too much."
Staring blankly into the forest, I try to make my voice sound as gentle as possible.


A brief silence ensues.
Suddenly, like a rabbit poking its head out of a bush, Kohaku-san comes into view.

"Ah, so you are awake, Shiki-san. You got so quiet all of a sudden, I thought you fell asleep."
She says this, scolding me.
It sounds like she wants to tell me that I shouldn't sleep here.

"...... I'm fine, Kohaku-san. I'm awake, so don't worry. I'll go back to my room once I'm done cooling off, so you can go back inside."
"Mm, I refuse. I wanted to cool off as well, so I will keep you company until you are done."
With her usual smile, Kohaku-san looks longingly at the fallen leaves in the forest.

"...... Well, if you feel like it, then that's fine, Kohaku-san."
Kohaku-san doesn't answer, and she walks over the leaves, which crinkle as she takes each step.

Silence ensues again.

"...... Thanks, Kohaku-san. It was really fun today."
I really do mean it.
"What do you mean? Today wasn't something you should thank us for."
"...... Maybe, but it really was fun. Come to think of it, it was the first time we did something like that, and I finally felt like part of the family."

...... It isn't like we didn't do things like that when I stayed at the Arimas. It's just that when I lived there, I didn't ever want to be a bother, and I couldn't concentrate on having fun like today.

He knows her cheery attitude is just a mask! This game is a mountain of support for the Kremlinger-Gott theorem.

"But Shiki-san, as long as you stay at the mansion, you won't ever have the family you are dreaming about.
All your relatives shun you and your only ally is Akiha-sama.
That means that your life here will be very painful."

...... What she says is correct.
Eight years ago, I was treated badly enough to get me out of this house, so it's natural that they still think badly of me.

"...... Well, I'm prepared for that, but it doesn't really matter. Akiha put up with it for eight years. I'm her big brother, so I should be able to put up with it easily."
Those eight years.
Since she was little, Akiha had to endure a very strict upbringing.
Compared to that, my relatives disliking me really isn't that much.

"I see. Akiha-sama is really lucky, having a brother that thinks so much of her."
"I don't know. I don't think I'm a good brother to Akiha."
Still smiling, she continues to giggle.
...... Seeing her laugh so much makes me feel a little embarrassed.

"But, that is strange. Thinking only of Akiha-sama and not thinking of yourself like that."
"You too, have lead a bad life. Being disinherited and sent away, there had to have been some hard times for you, too.
And when you finally start to really get along with the Arima family, you come back here.
You were made to leave a normal family that suited you the most, due to a mere whim of the Tohno house."

This is both monumentally creepy and amazingly sweet at the time time.

"See, Shiki-san. Don't tell me that you never thought of that?"
No, that's something I shouldn't think about.

"...... Kohaku-san...... why are you---"
I wanted to ask her why she was bringing all this up now.
I wanted Kohaku-san, Akiha and Hisui to think that I came back here because I wanted to.

I hear her voice.
I can't ignore her voice, so I look up.

I can't answer.
I just stare at Kohaku-san, as if I was in some sort of a trance.

"...... Kohaku-san. About that subject earlier, isn't it natural for me to come back here to my own home? I couldn't leave Akiha all alone, and I couldn't burden the Arimas forever."
"So, that is your reason for coming back."
Kohaku-san seems like she understands.
---But, that is a lie.
There is another reason---something more important than Akiha.

"Shiki-san? What is it?"
"...... Oh, it's different, Kohaku-san. Really, there is another important reason."
"Really? Does that mean it is a secret?"
"...... I don't know. It isn't that it's a secret, but it's an important memory I have that I don't want to talk about.
I borrowed something when I left here, so I came back to return it."

...... But, it seems like Hisui doesn't remember it, though.

I get up from the chair.
"I've cooled down, so I'm going back to my room."
Raising a hand, I exit the courtyard.

Kohaku-san just looks at me, dumbstruck.

This path is all about the emotional pairings. Now we've got cute and sad at the same time

Music: stop

I collapse on the bed.
It's probably the fault of the alcohol, as I start to feel very sleepy.
It's probably because I said those words to Kohaku-san.
I start to think about the promise I made eight years ago.

----You can never come back to this mansion ever again.

I still remember the time when my father said those words to me, and my feelings as I left my room.
That time when I realized that I would be all alone, just like I was before I met Sensei.
Not being able to keep my promise with Sensei, I guess I became empty inside.
That time, the girl I spoke with only once.
...... that was my only saving grace.
I don't know what kind of magic was in those words.

"...... Oh well, it can't be helped. It was just a promise we made as children."
It is a shame, but it really can't be helped.
Eight years is a long time.
Actually remembering a promise from your childhood is stranger than forgetting it, I suppose.
"...... Well, I should sleep."
Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes.

----I sink into a deep sleep.

I can't think clearly.
I feel the dirty presence of someone else in my room.
I decide to leave my room.

Music: play track 4

---The clock says it is past midnight.

Moving right along, all aboard the creepy train... next stop: WHAT THE FUCK!?

"------One, two, three people......"
I count aloud.
I point out each one with my finger, my red finger.
Both of my hands seem painted red.
Of course, there isn't any paint anywhere around me.
The only thing here is the flayed spaghetti (with meat sauce, of course) of three dead bodies.


On the ground---is my knife, engraved with "Nanatsu Yoru".

"............ This means......"

It doesn't even require thought.

"............ I, did this."

I pick up my knife.

...... I can't believe it, but what's done is done.
Now that I realize it, my once burning body has cooled down.
Now that I'm done, I should go back to the mansion.

"-------Kk. Someone's coming."
Someone comes down the pathway.
This place is already overflowing with spaghetti, and now I have to make some more meat sauce on top of that.

Music: stop

""-----That's surprising!""
Our voices overlap in the darkness.
We both put away our knives at the same time.

"I didn't expect to see my kind here after coming back. It's my first time seeing a killer."

He laughs as he says this.
A pure laugh without any bad intentions. It's like the laugh of a boxer that finally cut weight and steps into the ring to face his greatest lifetime rival.

I have the same smile on my face.

Music: play track 1

"Hey, gimme some money. I don't have any."
I'm not exactly rich right now, but I give him the biggest coin I have.
"I always wanted to try this."
He says this happily and buys two cans of coffee.
I get the change and a can of coffee.
He sits by my side and takes a drink out of the can.

...... For some reason, I think this is all I've been doing all day.

"...... Yuck. I don't think cigarettes and coffee are that great. I wonder why adults even drink these things?"
"They're training their endurance. Being an adult is pretty hard work."
"Ah, I see. You're pretty smart."
He chuckles, delighted.
I take a drink as well.
...... I can't help but agree with him. They must be awfully suicidal, wanting to drink something that tastes like poison.

"Well, anyway, you're a pretty awful guy. How could you just suddenly strike at someone's throat like that?"
"You're one to talk. You were trying to kill me too."
"Is that so? Well, what's done is done. We're both alive, so we'll call it even."

...... Well, he's right.
We both tried to kill each other, so even if one of us died, we'd still be even.
As a competition, that sounds right.

"Ah, I'll pass. They numb the brain. If you want to remain pure, you shouldn't take any poison."
"...... So says the guy drinking coffee."
"What's with you? You're pretty nit-picky for a killer. Humans eat poison everyday, so isn't this alright? You have some tolerance against it too, right?"
He laughs loudly.
I feel the exact same way, so I take another sip.

I speak with him for another hour.
We ramble about nothing as we watch cars go by.
The most pointless thing was probably our special powers.
My eyes that can see death.
His body that dies with great difficulty.
We began by discussing their principles.
"...... I see. Well, does that mean you can kill the five senses?"
He says such nonsense.

"I can't do that. I can't kill something so vague that needs an expression to be understood."
"Not at all. Look, if you wanted to kill sight, kill the eyes. Hearing, kill the ears. I can do at least that much...
But you're different. You can kill things without crushing them. The moment you see those lines, you can kill. Not the object, but its very meaning.
That's why----something beyond the five senses, like the sixth sense...... spirit and emotion, you should be able to kill those things too."

"But, that seems hard. If I do that, I don't know how much longer I could stay sane."
"Yeah. It's like trying to calculate as a god using the mind of a human. You'd cripple yourself for sure."
He says this as he walks toward the vending machine again.

Still looking at the vending machine, he holds his hand behind him towards me.
I toss him a coin, which he catches skillfully and uses to buy another can of coffee.

After drinking this, he turns to me again.

"It really has been a long time since I talked to another person."

That's really weird.

"...... That's strange, were you stranded on an island somewhere?"
"Huh? I'm still stranded on this island. It seems I'm out of alignment with society. They say someone who kills people for no reason is just crazy.
There's really no way someone like me, who's out of tune, could have a conversation with someone in tune."

"-----Heh, so are you trying to say that killers like us aren't evil?"
"...... Who knows? I don't know about good or evil. But if you think about it logically, we aren't the ones out of tune.
...... Let's see, how about using boxers as an example? It doesn't have to be boxers, but it is an easy example to understand."

"Boxers, their job is to punch people. But not just to punch people. They painfully cut weight, and train everyday to skillfully punch people. To effectively punch others, to efficiently defeat others. They diligently work on it everyday, like sharpening a blade.
What do you think of that?"
"...... Huh. There are people like that. And?"

"No, that's all.
They just punch each other, but they don't kill their opponents. Sure, some could die from accidents, but it isn't considered murder. Isn't that incredible?"

"---You mean it's okay to kill?"

"No, no. You aren't supposed to kill. But you could. Isn't that a huge contradiction? That's not all, because a boxer's fist is considered a weapon, they aren't allowed to fight outside the ring."

...... All that said, I don't necessarily hate boxing.
There are a lot of professions out there, but there aren't any others where you can be so stoic about your objectives.
You strengthen yourself by cutting yourself off from all temptations.
Humans are interested in strength they can easily comprehend. That's why competitions will never go away.
Of all of these competitions, the ones people like the most are where the contestants hurt each other.

Admiration of the strong.
A mindset that can only be drawn towards strength.
That is probably a very healthy mind.
As guys like him and I can think only of results, our colors might be similar, but our shapes should be completely different.

Something you can concentrate on and forget yourself.
That doesn't become an individual's free will.
Those that worship education, those who immolate themselves in art, those who advance themselves in business.
If an individual could decide that, then this world would be a pretty puzzle that could be understood.
But this puzzle is full of holes.
Pieces are missing, and a lot of pieces don't fit.

"Everyone wants something, but I haven't found anything worth dreaming for.
A fire within me that caused me to lose my mind---tonight was maybe my first time feeling that."
"Hahaha. That means you're a killer too."
"...... I don't know. I can't be sure yet. What about you, is killing fun?"
"----Are you stupid? If it was fun, I'd be doing it non-stop. There isn't any reason. Once you start, you just get hooked."

...... I see.
I think I understand a little bit.
In other words, it's not a matter of liking or disliking the murder. It's a matter of when he does kill someone, whether he can devote himself to that action.

That's probably the difference between being in or out of tune.

"Hey, didn't you ever take apart a radio when you were a kid?"
"Ray Dio......? I never killed any one like that."
"---Right, thanks for being a moron. To be honest, that was a joke. Animate objects and inanimate objects are completely different. Maybe people like us should be doctors instead."
"A doctor? I hate medicine. When you get a shot, don't you feel yourself getting diluted? It's like you're becoming a puppet, right?"

"-----Ahh, it really was a lot of fun."
He stands up.

And----with empty eyes, he looks down at me.

"---Well. We don't need two of us in this town, right? Two lions in a cage this small won't even be able to mark their own territory."
He looks like he is going for his knife.
The inorganic reek of murder.
He really does want a fight to the death.

"You shouldn't."
I say quite naturally.
"Well, as a living creature, you're stronger than me, but..."

----If it's a fight to the death.

"I'm superior to you."

He grinds his teeth.
After a twitching smile,
"Ha...... aha, aahahhaha......!!"
He laughs extremely loudly.

"I guess this is a good opportunity. Now that someone like you is here, I should probably leave town."
"...... I don't really intend to take your place."
"No, no, it's useless. You got hooked tonight, right? Then it'll be the same tomorrow. You won't be able to endure, even for a day.
Well, I hope we won't meet again."
Raising a hand, he disappears.

Hearing that we wouldn't meet again, I get a little sad.
At my feet, there are about ten cans of coffee that he drank.
In other words, he'll never pay me back for these.

Music: stop

...what the FUCK?