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Part 147

Music: Play Track 2

Huh. Looks like for once Kohaku gave Shiki a beneficial drug. Color me surprised.

After breakfast, I head to school.
I thought that I would see how Akiha is doing, but I stopped myself.
Hurrying things just makes things worse.
I decide to just go to school.

----School's just the same as always.
Nothing is especially different, nothing threatens me.
In the afternoon, everyone leaves and the school building becomes quiet.

For no reason, I just kill time until sunset.

Music: Stop

Music: Play Track 4

Well. That went from zero to 'fucked up' in record time. He didn't even get to think about Arihiko.

----*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*---.

It looks like I did it again.
I didn't really feel like it, but once I started, I just got into it.
It's a bad habit.
Well, what should I do with the dead body?

----*pant* *pant* *pant*, Thud---.

My voice is the only thing that echoes in the air.
But I hear a weird sound at the end.
"--------Who is it!?"
I turn around.

I hear footsteps along the path leading to the main street.

----*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*---.

Sweat trickles from my forehead.
...... It's not that I'm nervous.

My body is just so hot.
There's something wrong. It's so hot, I'm thirsty.

The dead body is horribly hot.
Biting its neck, I drink the blood.

But that isn't enough.

Surely running down the street carrying a dead body while you gnaw on its neck isn't suspicious at all.

----*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*----!

I escape to school.
No one will see me here.
I don't know what that was but---

"Damn it------"
It chases after me.
...... It's a real bother, so I'll just kill it. I grip my knife.

The red heat expands.

The footsteps of "someone" approach me.
A careless gait.
I don't know what it is, but I lick my lips in anticipation.

Music: Stop


My heart screams at me, telling me that I'm no match for whatever that is.
"Ha-------haha, ha."
I sweat.
Not because of the heat.
After instinct, my mind understands as well.
If that catches me, I'm finished.

"Haha, hahaha, hahahahahahahahaha!"
Scared, I escape into the school building.

Music: Play Track 6

Jesus christ, what the fuck is happening!? I don't like this path!

"Haa......... ha, haha, ha."
Taking a deep breath, I realize I'm still biting that dead body.
I open my mouth.
The dead body falls to the ground with a thud.
The arms and legs are still attached.
I am hungry right now, so I guess I'll take care of this right here.


I spin around.
There---there is that unknown person.

"I knew it was you, Nii-san."

That person speaks.
These hands are bloody. At my feet is the dead body.

I've been seen.
I've been seen where I killed someone.
There's no more reason to be afraid.
No matter who this is, I have to finish it here and now.
Gripping my knife, I run towards the enemy.
In that instant.


Kreeeeee! My arm disintegrates.

Stopping, I leap backwards.

I barely avoid that red heat.

"You, what the----"
There is nothing past my elbow.
It doesn't hurt.
There is no blood.
I can see the cross-section of flesh and bone, from there---a chill nausea enters my body.

"Haa...... ha, ah......!?"
I don't understand.
The enemy didn't do anything. It seemed like it only stared at my now missing arm.
In other words---just a look can kill.

Dry footsteps echo through the air.
The enemy is coming.
That's foolish.
If I fall in the enemy's line of vision, I will die.
"Hee............ heehee, heee............!"
In the dark, I run down the hallway.

I make it to the stairs.
The footsteps sound closer.
"Ha-----haha, ha----"
I open the window. This is the fourth floor, but I don't care.
The difference between my skills and the enemy's are just too great.
I have to get close to kill, but the enemy merely has to look.
The only way to kill such a thing would be through a surprise attack.
For now, I have to get away and kill the enemy later.

I stick my body out the window.
"---Ah, aaaaaaaaaah!"
Instantly, my body burns.
Before I burst into flames, I roll back in the hallway.
"Wha...... what was----"

The red threads are wrapped around the school building.

I don't understand.
There is nothing outside the building, but if I go outside, I'll go up in flames.

----I hear the footsteps.

"Damn it...... the window is no good......!"
I need to escape.
If I don't, I'll die.
I roll down the stairs.

I make it past the third floor to the second.
...... I can make it. I'm faster than the enemy.

No. There's already the red hair behind me.

I roll.
All of a sudden, my leg is vaporized.
"Gah----ah, ah.........!?"
I roll again. Backwards, away from the stairs.
From above, I hear the footsteps of the enemy walking down the stairs.
"*pant*----*pant* *pant* *pant*..................!"
With my remaining arm and leg, I escape down the hall.

"Ha-----ha, ah............!"
But I won't die with such a wound.
Like that, I enter a nearby classroom.

The enemy is about to walk past the classroom without noticing me.

I calm down.
If it's only an amateur with a ranged weapon, it's nothing.
...... The enemy passes the classroom.
Then it's simple. I just have to kill from behind.
I only have one leg, but that's fine.
I'll certainly slice open the brain faster than the enemy can turn around------!

I go out in the hallway.
I see the enemy's back.
...... How careless. The enemy doesn't even notice my presence yet.

Music: Stop

Full of confidence, I jump.


"---I'm surprised. You can still move with that body."

The enemy speaks.
Clang! My knife falls to the ground.
...... H o t.
What is this?
This enemy did not need to feel anyone's presence or to protect itself.

The enemy's surrounding is filled with heat.

Just getting close---my skin roasts, and it stops my movement.

It's because that red hair is wrapping around my limbs.

I look up.
The clouds part. The freed moonlight illuminates the enemy.

Is the enemy confident it's over? The fluttering hair falls down.


"Goodbye, Nii-san. You led me on quite the chase, but it is now over."

She looks directly at me.

The red hair shoots forth.

I can't escape from her gaze.

No. That is, wrong.

The piercing chill from the center of my spine. And then, the feeling of everything being taken.

So this is, wrong. I can still make it. Cut it. Cut that hair. Or, maybe...

Not being able to do anything, my consciousness fades.

This is a dream, so I can't see it right now.

"Why, did it end this way?"
Akiha mutters this like a curse.
"Good work fulfilling your duty as the head of the household."
With a smile, Kohaku-san says this.

We already had vampires, zombies, church ninjas, incest, and psychotic, drug-happy maids... now we've got time travel. Great. Just fucking great.