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Part 157

That's pretty much it. I can honestly say that making this thread has been a truly enjoyable experience for me, thanks solely to all of you that have been reading it and commenting. Every day I looked forward to the various comments you would post, the links to crazy doujin and fanart, and the photoshops. I was especially flattered at the fake update made for me when I got really busy during the beginning of summer and started to slip on my update schedule. I'm actually starting to get really sad and depressed that the thread is over now and I won't be able to update it again tomorrow. It's been a long four months, but throughout it you all have been the best readers I could ever ask for.

For completion's sake, and in thanks, I have a couple of things to leave you with at this thread's end. First I made a couple more videos:

Credits! This game actually has credits. I'm not posting a screenshot version of these because it's just a bunch of credits set to the only music track yet to be played (Track 10).

Easter Eggs! I did promise one more round of easter eggs at the end, and here they are. While the screenshots for these are below, at least one gag is completely ruined if you don't at least see it in video form. If nothing else, watch the video to see where to click to get these easter eggs on your own game.

With nothing else left to give, here's the screenshot version of the easter eggs. Enjoy, and thank you all very much for following this thread


It looks like I somehow ended up in the park.
"......... Was I even here today?"
The pain still attacks me.
It doesn't look like it'll stop.

Until I see her.



My pulse races.
My veins and arteries spring into action.
My nerves split, one after the other. My spinal cord goes berserk, as if it is about to leap out of my back.



I-I can't breathe.
My fingertips tremble. The blood isn't reaching them.
My whole body feels cold, like I'm freezing to death.



My heart beats in a rush, urging me to hurry up.
I can stand it no longer and unintelligible words escape my mouth.

Music: stop

These easter eggs abruptly cut from one to the next. We're moving on to the next one now. That one was titled 'Shicueid'.

Music: play track 3

"Eh? But, I have all my luggage already. The things I used while I was at the Arimas' house all belonged to them, so all I've got are my own clothes..."
"Really? But this was sent here, nonetheless..."
Kohaku-san hands me small wooden box.
It's not heavy at all.

"...... Kohaku-san, I've never seen this before."
"Well... apparently it was left to you by your departed father. It was to be given to you in the will."
"...... By my old man?"
...... I can't feel anything about that.
What's the old man who expelled me from this mansion eight years ago doing leaving me things?

"...... I get it. You want to know what's inside, right?"

"Oh, not at all. I merely wondered for a moment."
...... Like I said, you do wonder what's inside.
"Alright, let's open it. One, two... three!"
With a dry sound, the wooden box opens.
Inside, there is----a computer game.

"...... It's... a computer game."
With bright and gaudy packaging, it has finger marks all over it.
...... The old man must have really hated me to leave me a piece of junk like this.

"No, Shiki-san. It's an eroge!"

Kohaku-san takes the case out of the box.
"See, isn't it one of those dating games? One, two... three!"
With a "pachink!", she opens up the case.
...... I see, it certainly is an eroge. Wait, an eroge!?

I don't want to think about the kind of eroge Makihisa would leave for Shiki

"Nee-san, there is no era by that name. It just says 'Nanatsu-yoru'."
Surprised, I turn around.
Hisui, who had been silent until now, was looking at the game over my shoulder.

Naughty girl, trying to sneak a peek at the eroge like that. Naughty girls need to be punished

"P-please excuse me. Uh---That game looked so beautiful that I could not help myself."
"Beautiful? You really think it's beautiful? It looks kind of beat up to me."

"---Not at all. The cover art is masterful. I think it is an eroge with its own proper storyline."
"Really? It looks to me like a piece of junk..."

But since Hisui seems so convinced, I begin to feel the same thing.
...... Hmmm. In its own way, I guess it's not such a bad inheritance.

"'Seven nights'...? Maybe that's the name of this eroge?"
"Maybe... I think I can imagine what would be happening during those seven nights."

We all can, Shiki... we all can.

I skim the back of the case. Apparently, it's about a lot of imouto and some guy named "TakaJun".
At any rate, it's obvious that it's an antique.
"Well, I believe in taking what's given to me..."

Music: stop

I can't tell if this is a reference to one of the translators (TakaJun), Kana Little Sister, or both (depending on where that translator got his name from). Anyway, that easter egg was called 'eroge'.

Music: play track 4

That's cold, baby

---I fall forward.

I felt from before that if I turned and ran, my heart would be shot from behind.

Her sword flies past my head.
It seems really slow.
I evade her attack, move right beside her, and----

The instant I tried to run forward, Senpai's movement changed drastically.
In an instant, with a speed that makes her seem to have literally disappeared, she swings her weapon horizontally.

The rush of the wind fills my ears---and for some reason, I am standing many meters away from her.

She clicks her tongue and glares at me.

her body, explodes.

Well Nanaya would've closed ten, so nyah.

She's not in my vision at all.
Her whole body is below my knee-height, and explodes upward from there.

A thud.

From right beneath me, her bayonet accurately shoots directly for my throat.

I gasp.
Pain, is there pain? Yes, I can still feel pain.

Conscious, am I conscious? Alright, I still have that.

"A, aaaaaa............!"
My body. My body----is not okay.

If it was accurately aimed at your throat, then it would've hit your throat. It was either aimed at your shoulder or it was inaccurate, pick one!

"A, Aa, Aaaaaaah!"
It hurts.
It hurts so much the word pain doesn't come close to describing it.

"Haa, aaa, aggggg------!"
But, I'm alive.
Still, I'm alive.

My body. My body is away from her again.

Her figure plunges low again.

---She's coming.

Even though I know she's going to run towards me again, it's hard for me to even see her.

Oh, you crazy translators That one was called 'lastcurry'

This next one is the one that'll be ruined if you don't watch the video. If you're going to watch the video at all, watch it now.

Music: play track 6

This time, I do rush near her.
"Yumizuka, are you okay? Yumizuka...!"
I put my hand on her heaving shoulder.
I feel a chill.
Even through her clothes, I can feel the coldness of her body.

"Stupid, you're freezing! What are you doing out in the open on a night like this!"
"---Shiki, kun..."
Her voice is hollow as she says my name.
Yumizuka collapses against me.

As she pants, her warm breath brushes my skin.

"Yumi... zuka?"
"It's okay if you don't like me, Shiki-kun.
Because, I really didn't understand you at all until

The sound playing here is from Haruhi, which I know several of you are familiar with. If you didn't watch the video, it's too late now. You ruined it <>

That one's titled 'wasuremono'. ...and on to the next easter egg.

The animalistic breathing.

The figure bites into the doll.
The feeling of teeth breaking the skin.
The fat of the abdomen is not exactly what you can call grade-A meat.
The hot blood sticking to the throat.

---I feel a chill.
All these sensations are completely transmitted to me.

"Y, y y y y you again, Shiki!"
It screams.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it-----!"
It acts as a child throwing a tantrum.
Breaking all the desks, and pulling off pieces of concrete from the floor.

"I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you...... !"

Saying so.
It thrusts a knife in its own hand.

"Just you watch, I will kill you---"
He then takes the leg of a broken desk and impales his own leg.


"And I'll take back what you stole-----"
Using his own claws, he rips open his stomach and starts to pull out his intestines.


"These fingers, this skin, even these eyes!"
He pushes in his eyes.

---I start to go crazy.

A dream. If this is a dream, please, wake up!
It hurts. I'd rather. Die.
This pain is enough to kill me from shock, but I am not dying.


Music: play track 6

In the middle of the ultimate pain, I wake up.
"Ahhh----ghaa, aagh, aghhh----!"
A dream. That was a dream.
But my body is hurting everywhere.
Hand, thigh, eyes, skull.
They all hurt.
The pain I received during my dream, I have brought it back into reality.

But my body still can't move.
Even though I feel like there is a hole ripped in my palm, I still can't move my body.
At least if I could move---I could thrash around and maybe reduce some of the agony, but I can't even do that.

Music: stop

That one was called 'pizza'.

We've got just one left, and it's a good one.

............ My body is exhausted.
But, I can't fall into a deep sleep.
The wounds all around my body sting and wake up my mind as it tries to sleep.

I look at the clock as I lie in bed.
It's past three o'clock in the morning----already five hours of unsatisfactory rest.
"......... Damn it, I can't sleep."
Not being able to sleep when I want to... it's like torture.

Tick, tick, tick. The sound of the clock's second hand gets on my nerves.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, creak, tick, tick, tick, tick----

I think I heard something mixed in with the ticking.
It sounded like the door opening, but who would be coming at this hour?

Tap, tap, tap.

No, there's no mistake.
Someone came into the room and is coming near me.
Who is it? ...... If someone was to come this late at night, it would be---

Music: play track 5

Yeah, you guessed it, 'catend'.

Thanks again for reading! It's been a fantastic thread, and I very much enjoyed making it