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by Seorin

Part 22

I'm cold.
The pain is numbed; it feels almost comfortable.
My body is ripped with canine bite marks and beak marks.

----Well, there's no mistake that I'll probably die like this.

I let out a deep breath.
I raise my chin and look up at the sky.

"-----The moon."
Only the pretty moon is in the night sky.
...... What is it?
It seems awfully familiar... like I saw a dream like this before.

Music: play track 8

My consciousness starts to fade.
And then,

Whack! Arcueid hits me on the head and forcefully returns me to consciousness.

"...... What... was that for?"

"That won't do. If you sleep with those wounds, you'll definitely end up dying. You can't sleep until we close them."

---Her argument is perfectly just.
It's so just, it makes me angry.

"...... Arcueid. Can I say what I've always thought from before?"

"Hm, what?"
"----Don't say such unreasonable things, you idiot."
I crash onto the ground.

That's GREAT logic right there, buddy.

"Shiki, you mustn't sleep----! We have to at least close your wounds and stop the bleeding, otherwise you won't wake up......!"

---Man, she's loud.
I'm going to sleep, so just do whatever you want.

"Eh, it's okay if I heal you? Why didn't you say that earlier?"

After she says this cheerfully,
I feel cold fingers, colder than even my body, touch my skin as if in sympathy.

"Well, I'm not too happy about using someone else's familiars, but in these circumstances, it can't be helped."

...... I feel like something is being plastered to me.
I don't know why,
but it feels awfully pleasant--

"As to be expected from the vampire called the primordial sea. Even after the destruction of the source, Nrvnqsr, the familiars still have their regenerative ability...... hm, in this case, all I have to do is give it a little hand.
First, let it live on me----once it's back to normal I'll put it back on you, Shiki----"

Ew. That's not what's supposed to be happening! This is an Hgame!

The fingers pull away.

"I guess this'll do. How is it? It's a non-polar life, so it can adapt itself easily to your body, right?
Hey, are you sleeping Shiki----?"

---Yeah, I'm asleep.

"Oh well. Your house is the mansion on top of the hill, right, Shiki? I'll make sure you get home."

---I look up only at the white moon as I sleep.

"...... You really did well, Shiki. And thanks. You really saved me tonight."

...... She thanks me without the slightest hint of heaviness in her words.

...... I can't hear her voice anymore.
I fall into a deep sleep without anyone interrupting me this time.

Music: stop


I feel the morning sunlight.
I keep my eyes closed as I try to fall asleep again, but the gentle sunlight keeps urging me to open my eyes.

---Slowly, I start to awaken.

A quiet atmosphere.
The air is comfortably cold, and yet it feels gentle.
I guess the weather will be great today.

---Then, I should get up and go to school.

That's right, I have to go to school.
The past three days, my life was in chaos and it made me forget I was a student.

Was your life in chaos or was Chaos in your life? *groan*

Music: play track 2

I take a quiet breath.
I fill my lungs with fresh air, and it feels like my chest is purified.
I hear the clock ticking.
Small birds chirp in the woods outside.
I stay on my warm bed, aimlessly feeling the relaxed passage of time.

-----Ahh, I'm back.

Even though there's nothing special about this morning,
Right now----I feel like there's something almost holy about it.

Nrvnsqr was black?

I jump up in my bed.
Now that I look, Hisui is standing quietly at the side of my bed.
"...... Please excuse me, Shiki-sama, but since you did not notice, I spoke."
"Ah---well, I mean, I'm sorry, too."
Hisui respectfully bows to me.

---Sh-she surprised me.
My heart is still pounding rapidly.

"---Huh? But it's still before seven o'clock, Hisui."
"Yes. It is a bit earlier than your usual waking time, Shiki-sama."
"Well, yes---then why are you here, Hisui?"
"I came to wake you up. Akiha-sama wants to know what have you been doing these last two days so she wanted me to bring you no matter what."
...... I forgot.
Come to think of it, I skipped school last Saturday and was with Arcueid through all of Sunday.

"...... Don't tell me, Akiha's angry...?"
"I do not know. Please confirm for yourself, Shiki-sama."

---Hisui's voice sounds very cold.

"...... Wait a minute. Before that, why am I sleeping in my room......?"
"Shiki-sama, you returned around two o'clock in the morning. Nee-san found you sleeping in the doorway and carried you up to your room."

"---Alright. I'll head down immediately. Umm... and, if possible, I'd be happy if you tried to calm her down as much as possible."

"----I refuse."
She answers.
...... Maybe Hisui might be also angry at me.


Ugh, one problem after another?
The owner of this mansion is Akiha, so does this mean that if Akiha's angry, no one is there to defend me?

Well, time to get up.
I can't do anything staying in bed.

As soon as I stand, pain shoots throughout my entire body.

"----Last night's--wounds?"
...... Oh yeah. If there's anything to be surprised about, it's the fact I'm still alive.
Even though I was that wounded and bloody, I still managed to wake up normally. It just isn't natural.

Ohhh, right... I should be DEAD. Hmm, how 'bout that.... My, what an embarrassing thing to forget.

Hisui suppresses her words.
--I'm thankful.
It lets me calm down.
...... The reason for the bleeding is clear.
But since I can't tell her why, I have to lie to make her not worry.

"Shiki-sama, your body----"
"...... I'm fine, nothing hurts. See, didn't I come back late at night? Truth is, I was in a fight, and that's why I came home late.
These wounds are from that fight, and they're just scratches, so don't worry about them."

They just LOOK like bite marks... and... beak marks. The, uh... thugs around here... are really... odd.

Hisui's eyes implore me, saying, "Please do not tell lies."
But from her standpoint, she probably can't ask me any further.
...... I feel sorry, but I'll have to stick with my lie.

"Thanks. Ah, I have another request. Do you have any disinfectant? I have a lot of scrapes all over my body so I want to take care of them."

"Ah----Yes, I will bring some right away."

What is it?
She looks really uncomfortable all of a sudden.
In any case, I'm glad she went to get me some disinfectant. Once she brings it here, I can take care of it by myself.
It's only slight pain, so anything that hides the blood is good.

It's okay to be naughty? Well, why didn't you say so sooner?

Painful for the one hitting and the one getting hit, huh.
Kohaku-san's words hit me pretty heavily.

"...... Yeah. That's... right. Hitting... is only painful."

"Isn't it? I am disappointed you have those wounds. No matter what the situation was... I will be disappointed in you if you keep on doing these kinds of things, Shiki-san."
Her words penetrate sharply into my chest.

----Deep inside my heart, I want to apologize.

Sorry, Kohaku-san.
I probably----did numerous things to make her disappointed in me.

Yes, you must be so terribly disappointed. I need to be punished.

"----Yeah, I'm an idiot and I regret it. I won't ever do it again."
"As long as you understand, then that is fine. I'm going to examine your wounds, so please take off your clothes."

Kohaku-san pads over and grabs my shirt.
She's telling me to get naked here.

Can't the punishment wait 'till later? No? Well, that's okay.

He can do it by himself.

"----How terrible. Did you get into a fight with a Doberman, Shiki-san?"
"...... Yeah. Well, something like that."
Kohaku-san sighs in amazement.

"Geez, now I really can't let you handle it, Shiki-san. Come on, please hurry up and take off your clothes. With your clothing on, I can't take care of you!"

Please take care of me, Kohaku-san...

"No, I said I can do it myself! They aren't a big deal, I don't need to be naked......!"

Goddammit, Shiki.

"----I see. You must be embarrassed, Shiki-san."
With a smile, she goes ahead and tries to remove my pajamas anyway.

"I am already used to seeing your body, Shiki-san. Please just take off your clothing."
"...... 'Used to', Kohaku-san?"
"I have already changed your clothing once so I know every detail of your body."
"Let's go, we haven't much time. If you take too long, Akiha-sama will notice."

Hooo yeah, that would be pretty awkward if she walked in on us. Don't worry, I won't take long.

I can't argue with that.
But, to get naked in front of Kohaku-san, it's......

"...... I guess it can't be helped. Then, I will only examine your upper body. This way, there isn't anything to be embarrassed about, right?"
Even that's embarrassing, but I guess that's the best compromise.

That's it, Shiki. You and I are no longer friends.

"............ I guess so. Then, please do."
I sit down on my bed and take off my shirt.

"Now we have to stick on this compress patch. It may rub off, so let's bandage it."
She puts a compress over my bruised chest and wraps a bandage around it.

"All finished. Are you sure you don't want me to do your legs?"
"Yeah, I can do the rest. ...... Thanks, Kohaku-san. I know you're busy and all."
"No, no. Please do not worry about it. Then I'll be going back to the kitchen. When you are finished, please come to the dining room, okay?"

Kohaku-san walks to the door.

"Ah, Kohaku-san."

"Um----sorry. Like you said, fighting is just stupid. It's just a big bother, and nothing good ever comes from it."
Kohaku-san looks at me in amazement and then suddenly starts to laugh happily.