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Part 23

I love how even he knows it's a terrible idea. (I made this choice my first time through)

"Well then, Nii-san. This is very abrupt, but may I ask about these past two days?"
...... I knew it.
Since I left the house for two days, there's no excuse.
Time to honestly tell her all about Arcueid and these past two days.

"About that, Akiha."
"Yes, what is it, Nii-san?"
"These past two days, I was hunting a vampire. You know about the recent killings, right? They were the work of a vampire, so I helped the 'good vampire' I met recently, and I fought with the 'bad vampire'."

----Like that, I explain concisely.

Hahaha, I couldn't ask for a more amazingly bad explanation. I love this choice.

Akiha is taken completely by surprise.
...... Well, I guess it is a natural reaction.
In her head, she's probably thinking I'm making a fool of her, and anytime in the next instant,

"Are you making a fool out of me, Nii-san!!!!???"
She'll shout something like that to me--

Those eyes... oh god don't let her come near me

"No...... well, how should I put this..."
"A joke, right?"
"...... Well, I know it sounds like one, but..."
"---No, it has to be a joke. So please do not say such things in the future, even if it is a joke."
She stares at me, more uneasy than angry.

Since her stare looks so serious,
".................. Yeah."
I can only nod to her.

"Anyway, please do not leave the mansion by yourself often. Even without that, the city is dangerous recently.
Someone like you, who meanders about in a daze is just asking to be attacked by that serial killer."
"Serial killer?--Oh, those serial killings."

Those serial killings where nine victims have been found.
Their bodies were all drained of blood, so they call it the modern day vampire, but--

"Oh, that's okay. Those incidents, they won't ever happen again."

I can't believe he just said that.

"It means the vampire isn't around anymore. That killer--is caught already."
"Is that so......? Nii-san, how do you know about that?"
"Well, I just happened to see it, but for sure, such things will not happen again."

...... Yeah, at least there won't be any more people killed by Nrvnqsr.

And the winner is... VOWELS!

These past two days spent with Arcueid... so many things happened I really can't say just what is right and what is wrong.
But, the simple truth remains--I can say it was all for the best.

"Nii-san----? What happened? You suddenly seem very happy."
Akiha looks strangely at my face.
"It's nothing. I just feel that it's finally, finally over."
A smile unconsciously creeps over my lips as I answer.

Music: stop


"Shiki-sama, around what time will you be returning?"
"You don't trust me either? It's okay. I'll definitely be back in the afternoon."

Please stop pretending like you can make a decision like that without first consulting our group of panelists.

"--I understand. Then please be careful on your way."
Hisui bows deeply.
Feeling a bit embarrassed about it, I leave the mansion's gate.

"--Well, of course."
I probably won't ever see her again.
First of all, her goal was to execute the vampire, and with Nrvnqsr gone, there's no reason for her to stay around here any longer.

--Just a little bit, in my chest.

Things like regret... and lingering affection.
It is true she only brought trouble, but even still...... it was fun being with her.

"...... What, am I stupid?"
I almost got killed... What part of that would make me feel lingering affection?
The wounds from last night still hurt.
...... Remember back to when you almost became Nrvnqsr's food. You certainly don't want something like that to ever happen again.

The school bell rings.
"----Crap, I'll be late."
Shaking off my idle thoughts, I run to the school gate.

Music: play track 3

"...... Why should I have to tell you when I don't go to school?"

"Isn't it obvious? When you don't show, neither does Senpai, so it's bad unless I think of something ahead of time."
...... What's bad for this guy?

"But seriously--What happened? Since middle school, you've had anemia, but never skipped school. Well, you did that cool trick several times, leaving as soon as you arrived."
"It's kind of like that. I made it to the intersection and felt bad, so I went back home."
"Hmmm... Both you and Yumizuka seem to be acting like bad students lately."
"--Well, I'm guilty as charged, but...... is something wrong with Yumizuka-san?"

"Her? She's been absent lately. She was always such an honor student, so I think she might have been stressed out. But I bet she can't call a raise 'cause she has a bad hand."

Arihiko's words are always... very unique.

The homeroom chime rings out.

"Well, I'm off. Since you skipped Saturday, make sure you study hard today."
Arihiko leaves the room quickly.
In other words, he's going to skip class today.


"Oh? Tohno-kun, you're by yourself?"
"Yeah----Senpai, did you come here to eat?"

"Yes, I thought I would eat with everyone so I hurried over here, but----"
She stares.
Without any warning, she looks at my face intently.

I don't know what she's thinking, but she suddenly draws close to me.

Dude, you left for 3 days, woke up soaked in your own blood, and on top of that you forgot to bathe. Right now you probably smell like the zoo from hell.

...... What is she doing?
Senpai then gets away.

"...... Um, Senpai?"

"Tohno-kun, did something happen?"
She asks me with a serious look.
To be blunt, I don't know what's going on.
"Something...... uh, like what?"

Something like sleeping in a zoo, perhaps.

"I don't know. I don't know, that's why I'm asking."
She looks up at me as if she was angry.

You're not imagining things, that smell is real.

"Well, shall we get lunch? You are eating at the cafeteria today, right Tohno-kun? If we don't hurry, the seats will all be taken."
"Ah, yeah. You're eating at the cafeteria too, Senpai?"
"Yes, I want to eat something good today."
She grins and pulls me by the hand as she starts walking.

I don't know how she can have an appetite after smelling that.

In the end, I talk with Senpai about the athletic festival in two weeks and the culture festival shortly thereafter over lunch.

...... To tell the truth, Senpai saying, "I want to eat something good," and ordering curry leaves more of an impression in my mind than what we talked about.

Music: stop