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by Seorin

Part 26

"Ooowowow...... Man, I think I hit my hip. Guess I shouldn't pull pranks like that."
"Exactly. I think I overdid it, but since it was your fault I will not apologize."
"Ah, I know, I know. Sorry Senpai, I interrupted your search. Well, this mischievous boy will now go back to his classroom."

Rubbing my butt, I start to head to class.

"Oh, wait Tohno-kun. Can you stand there as a punishment?"

I blush as the memories resurface.
With a piercing gaze, Senpai looks up at me.
"Senpai, um--"
"Tohno-kun, you pervert."

With a look indicating she wants to say more, Senpai quickly walks away.

You tell him, Ciel! He won't listen to me!


"Of course, food. But you seem to be in a great mood. Did something happen, Arihiko?"
"Yup. I just asked Senpai if she wanted to eat lunch together, and she refused."
That's odd.
"Senpai" must be referring to Ciel-senpai, but this guy seems to get happy when his offer is refused.

Because nobody else wants to be friends with a creepy pervert.

"Oh man, she really hates you Tohno! A rival's loss is my gain, so I'll treat you to lunch today!"
Arihiko happily slaps my back.
"...... I see. Senpai's still mad at me about this morning."
I have no idea why she's angry at me, but she definitely is angry.

Deep down, you know... YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.

"Hey, let's go Tohno. There's only seats enough for half the people using the cafeteria."
Arihiko takes me by the arm and drags me off.

"What a dangerous world we live in. Indiscriminate serial killers, drunken people stabbing people. A man can't even feel safe playing around at night anymore."
Arihiko seems like he is seriously watching the news.

"...... Well, certainly it is dangerous. But at least those serial killings won't happen anymore, so things should be like usual."

If you insist on saying such retarded things out loud, you deserve what you get.

"Oh really? Did they catch the serial killer?"
"No, they haven't caught him..."

---But Nrvnqsr is no longer in this world.
So the stupid title of the modern day vampire killings shouldn't be showing up in the news anymore and there will be no more of those meaningless killings.

"Dammit, NOW where am I gonna go watch movies, huh? Couldn't he have been murdered somewhere ELSE?"

"Hey----hey, wait."
I push Arihiko and look at the TV.
What I see is without a doubt,
the news reporting that the tenth victim of the serial killings was found last night.

Music: stop

"That----can't be."
He, Nrvnqsr, is dead.
So why----is there another dead body with most of its blood drained?

"Hmm, this modern vampire guy. I don't know anything about the person, but if it's like a sexy chick, I maybe wouldn't mind getting my blood sucked."

I know it gets engorged with blood, but she drinks from your neck, dude.

If it's like a sexy chick, he maybe wouldn't mind getting his blood sucked?
His stupid talk----might be right.

"----No way."
I don't want to think about it, but...
Even with Nrvnqsr gone, there's still one more vampire left, Shiki----


"----The serial killings are still happening."
I don't know what that means.
The only one who knows the answer is probably Arcueid.

I don't know.
I'm not involved in any of those incidents anymore.
Once I settled things with Nrvnqsr, I came back to the ordinary world.

The world where you want to fuck your sister is NOT ordinary.

Then----I can only be insane to want to go back to that abnormal world once again.

"I shouldn't----be involved."

I understand even if I don't say it.
That's probably my second most correct choice.
But a long, long time ago, someone taught me the most correct choice.

----Listen, Shiki. Every person's life is filled with pitfalls.
You have more power to do something about it than most people, so you've got to get it together----

So I just can't pretend I didn't see it.
This incident isn't over yet.
It seems once I got involved in this incident, I have to see this out to the very end--

Following the first two lines in that screenshot it showed a series of screens that were hard to take good pictures of. He does actually go up to her room and check for her (how he opened the fucking lock I don't know, but he does).