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Part 27

"----Damn it. What am I doing!?"
Not understanding my own feelings, I curse and start to run around aimlessly.

"............ Damn it."
It's so, frustrating.
Of course, I knew it isn't easy to just randomly find someone in town, but I still felt optimistic I would find her.

"Where did she go......?"
...... Why?
I just wanted to ask her about the serial killings, but once I find out I can't see her, I----

...realize just how much I want to give her my White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Surprise...

"Ah, stop. Stop. I should just stop."
I stand up from the guardrail and start walking.
It'll be midnight soon. Searching for Arcueid any longer really is just useless.
But, if I've gone this far, I can do just a little more.
There's one last place I need to check. If she's not there, then I'll go back to the mansion.

"...... That's right. It's not like I can conveniently find her."
I breath out a sigh and slump my shoulders.
"...... How stupid. Why am I so disappointed?"
I don't understand it myself.
Just, once more----I think maybe I wanted to see her smile.

Arcueid's shoulders are indeed real, and I quickly pull my arms back.

"I most certainly wasn't looking for you to suck your blood and leave your discarded corpse in an alleyway."

...... I forgot. She really is kind of like a cat this way.

...what the fuck does a cat have to do with anything?

"...... Well, I guess it works out. To be honest, I wanted to see you too. So meeting here, um----"
I was about to say it makes me really happy, but I frantically choke those words off.

"----Anyway, I want to have a serious talk. I want to talk about it somewhere else since I feel uneasy here, so is that okay?"
"Sure----but talk about what?"
"You'll see. ...... Let's go more to the back of the park."
Telling her to come on, I start walking.
Tilting her head in curiosity, she follows me obediently.

Music: play track 1

Now where's Arihiko when you need him?

"Is---isn't it strange, Arcueid?
Nrvnqsr is dead. So why are these incidents still happening? Don't tell me, that, you---"

"Ohhh, right, ANOTHER vampire. Ok, cool, I just wanted to make sure... wait..."

"Suck blood? He ate humans and---oh."

I see.
Why didn't I notice such a simple mistake?

Because you're a moron.

The victims of the serial killings are found with their bodies drained of blood.

But Nrvnqsr was different.
He didn't leave any dead bodies behind. He not only drank the blood, but also ate the meat, leaving no trace.
To prove it, the people eaten by him in the hotel were treated as missing people, not killed people.

So---that means, it is something completely different.

I gasp in shock.
But---it really is just as she says.
She said her purpose is to kill vampires, so I just thought it was Nrvnqsr she was after----

"...... So what is it? Killing Nrvnqsr that night, was pointless.........!?"

Yes, going after the guy who's left 10 victims is much more important than the guy that devoured a hundred in half an hour.

"...... In other words, those vampire killings had nothing at all to do with Nrvnqsr and it was the work of another vampire......?"

"Yeah, that's right. But, that's my problem so you don't have to worry about it. But more than that, hey."

Music: stop

With an extremely happy smile, Arcueid looks up at me as I still stand there in surprise.

"How was last night? Who came?"

Music: play track 3

It looks like a LOT is missing from this path. I guess you're really supposed to pick Arcueid, because if you don't then you don't hear the explanation of her sending you a succubus dream familiar as thanks for killing Nrvnsqr.

"Come on, tell me. You can at least tell me who you dreamed about."
She asks like a curious kid.
Every time I turn away she keeps jumping in front of me, saying "Come on, come on."

"...... Please, just let it go. There was something wrong with that dream. ...... Even now, that---"
I don't know why I saw that dream.
Arcueid says it's my greatest desire, but I don't want to think that's what it was.

Actually, she didn't say anything of the sort.

You're damn right it turned into a fucking nightmare!

"......? Writes the story to her liking? What do you mean?"
"I'm saying she interprets your desire in her own way. That dream familiar I sent you is just a child, so she likes to play pranks."
"----I see."
...... That's a relief.
That's right, that dream---It couldn't have been what I wanted.

I really fucking hope not

Well, there's a half-assed explanation at least... long after it would've been useful.

Being happy, being angry, she changes her expressions so quickly---It's actually kind of charming.

...... I said she was a vampire, but,
she really does seem like a human, enough to even make me forget that fact.

"...... In the first place, why did you send me that dream familiar thing? Are you still angry at me for killing you?"

...and there's a second explanation. Yeah, this dialogue makes a lot more sense if you picked Arcueid.

Music: stop

"Hey, hold on. Where are you going?"
"It has nothing to do with you. Don't follow me!"
Is she really that angry? Arcueid walks away without even turning around.

Where does she plan on going anyway?
Maybe I did say too much.
No matter what the results were or the methods used, she really thanked me with good intentions. I start to feel intense regret and think that maybe I should have just accepted her gift happily.

I'll be back with more later. The next update is going to be the longest one yet, by about triple.